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  1. If anyone would like to sell me one at a resonable price. I am from Canada. Just an fyi
  2. Hi Is anyone selling one of these's ? Would like to buy one
  3. Any of you where a Platinum member ?
  4. I'm from Canada just an FYI I'm looking to buy a Analogue Super NT and some SNES games i want so i have a bunch of games for trade or sale PICTURES ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE ( my want list is at the bottom of the page ) ********************************************************************************************************************** Nes Games : Ask i have alot GBA Games : Gameboy Advance SP System Limited edition ( Platinum/Onyx ) No Charger** Final fantasy Legend 3 CIB Map and manual are rough** Final fanta
  5. I Have a lot of NES , GBA , Gamecube games for trade tell me what you are looking for. I was looking to buy or trade to have these's in my collection : Analogue Super NT system Earthbound Player's guide ( can be a bit beat up ) Castlevania Dracula X SNES Demon's Crest SNES Space Megaforce SNES Final Fight 3 SNES Kirby's Dreamland 3 SNES Dragon View SNES Adventures of Batman and Robin SNES Sunset Riders SNES Captain Commando SNES King of dragons SNES Legend SNES Axelay SNES Street fighter alpha 2 SNES P
  6. my psp kiosk and my NA shirt lol
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