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  1. Hmmm... I’m wondering if this guy is bs’ing me. He claims these were promo only and rare. They are probably rare but they were also retail items in Japan. Explained here: https://www.deviantart.com/coffiedog/art/Nintendogs-Chihuahua-Plush-Toy-with-Screen-Cleaner-851743974 I managed to find some on eBay for less. I’ll see what he says. Maybe he just doesn’t know any better.
  2. Isn’t DeepDiscount kind of sketchy?
  3. Added the Bravely Default II poster from yesterday. Also noticed a decent number of rewards were still in stock yesterday. Great to see. Also remember there's a promotion going on right now where if you stomp on at least 1 goomba in Super Mario 35 then you will get 350 platinum points, but you have to do it by March 2nd I think.
  4. I hope I'm not double posting anything, this has been a very busy week so I've had a hard time keeping track ha ha One of my LRG orders from a looooong time ago finally arrived: Made some random deals including picking up a first print BotW for Wii U: I asked on here if Oceanhorn was worth getting and someone told me to download the demo but then I found a decent deal on a used copy so here we are (still haven't played it though): Went to GameStop to return something (oh, you order something online and you don't get the pre-order bonus but they don't tell
  5. Get the Collectors Edition of Hey Ice King if you can!
  6. Yeah he literally lowered the prices on some items when I said I was interested, he wants it all gone! also lol: so does anyone know what the market is for one of these? How much do they actually go for?
  7. I’ve seen the DealTavern guy on FB in some collecting groups and even he says that when he sells out of something the price goes up. It’s all perceived scarcity!
  8. Oh there are some Bravely Default II rewards live now I'm so behind on points, it's bad news
  9. I'll admit this now, I bought that Zelda Phantom Hourglass promo art cel thinking it was something special, then checked eBay and realized it's a very common cheap promo thing (which I still want, but not for the price he had it for), so I requested to cancel and told him I would buy something else. And I did end up buying something else, and then something else after that...
  10. And I love the $0.01 sticker on the PS Zero guide, shows just how undesirable it was back then!
  11. lol yes I really really want those but that price is crazy. This guy doesn't know what his stuff is worth, some of the promo stuff is not employee exclusive and way expensive, other stuff is priced better than any collector would sell it for.
  12. I never had these before so here I am, enjoying that milk
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