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  1. You're just mad I pointed out your way of presenting this and your logic is sus lmao
  2. You asked the question and created the thread, so you misled everyone.
  3. The first picture is completely decieving and can easily sway what people think. In the follow up pics of this dish, you can clearly see what the dish is meant to be. By these "guidelines" then the dish is cleary not just a baked potato as the first pic can mislead one to think it is. Seeing the whole picture of the dish, the dish looks like chili with a loaded baked potato in the middle. It would make no logical sense to place a baked potato on the plate and then pour the chili around. It would make more sense to serve the chili and then place the potato and load it up. The cheese in the chil
  4. Hurry up and join up! The faster these games fill up, the sooner we begin!
  5. Game 1: Deathmatch FFA - Fog of War - Standard Map Game 2: FFA North America Game 3: Duos Big Map Game 4: Trios Big Map We are also going to try out a turn in of max 10 cards. This should at least stretch the games out just a little more. We will see how it goes!
  6. @Jeevan @fox @0xDEAFC0DE @B.A. @FireHazard51 @ZeldaFan042 @MashFan81 @Sumer @SpoonMan Abrams X @spacepup @Gloves @Scrobins @ninjistar @darkchylde28 @ChickenTendas If I left anyone out of the list, let me know as I general lose track of the "ping list"! Looking at starting a few new games. If you want to play in a FFA, Duos or Triads, let me know your preference. I will be hosting a game with Fog of War, so let me know if you want in on that game also if you would prefer ffa, duo or trio. Maps will vary from a few options this round. Sorry, the "House" is reserved for XMAS.
  7. XMAS FFA Winner 2020 (Winners Cup) 12/31/20 - 1/6/21 Winner: @fox Game Type: FFA Win Condition: Eliminate All Enemy Armies to Win Start: End:
  8. XMAS FFA 2020 12/30/20 - 1/6/21 Winner: @Jeevan Game Type: FFA Win Condition: Eliminate All Enemy Armies to Win Start: End:
  9. I would like to apologize for posting here late. I would also like to apologize to @RH if he feels he was stiffed from going through the adventure of putting together some gift in the traditional sense. I was not really looking to add anything this year, so instead I left open the possibility to a donation to VGS, Extra Life or something of their choosing. The good news is, @RH likes us and VGS, so he is in it for the "Long Haul"... see what I did there? Thank you RH for supporting this community! Hopefully you enjoyed your holidays and I wish you good things for 2021!
  10. XMAS TEAMS 2020 12/30/20 - 1/4/21 Winner: @ZeldaFan042 @B.A. Game Type: TEAMS Win Condition: Eliminate All Enemy Armies to Win Start: End:
  11. XMAS 2v2v2 Winners 2020 (Winners Cup) 12/31/20 - 1/3/21 Winners Team A: @fox @0xDEAFC0DE Game Type: Deathmatch (Duos) Win Condition: Eliminate All Enemy Armies to Win Other Teams Team B : @ChickenTendas @ZeldaFan042 Team C : @B.A. @Mega Tank Start: End:
  12. Can you provide some details on what the code is for and what gum has this promotion?
  13. Here is my list of games I would like to beat in 2021. NES Mega Man 1 Mega Man 2 Mega Man 3 Mega Man 4 Mega Man 5 Mega Man 6 River City Ransom Homebrews The Incident Hacks Super Mario 1-3 Xmas Versions (Closer to the holidays) XBOX Alien Isolation PC Halo Master Chief Collection - I have never completed the campaigns Starcraft 1/ Broodwar - I have never completed the campaigns Starcraft 2 - I have never completed the campaigns
  14. Thank you. Unless I am there when the game begins, then chances are I don't get the screen shot of the starting spots. I appreciate it!
  15. I thought you live in Taiwan... If you are talking about your family in the US, then I hope all will be well.
  16. Hello! If you get the first turn, please take a screenshot of the board so we can add it to the Record Books!
  17. 100%. We had an issue with our previous mail carrier. We first tried to speak to them nicely, then things got worse so when we talked to the Branch Manager or whatever they are called stuff really started getting quite irritating and ridiculous. My wife would get all of her mail in one day, then I would get all of mine another day. Packages that stated clearly "Do not Bend" were bent to be placed inside the mail box when it could have been placed differently without issue. Packages that could barely fit were shoved into the mail box, but from their end where they place the package there is no
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