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  1. Game 1 invites sent! The sooner everyone accepts the invites, the sooner we begin! 1. @fox 2. @Mega Tank 3. @Jeevan 4. @MashFan81 5. @0xDEAFC0DE
  2. Game 4 invites sent out! The sooner we all accept and join the sooner we can begin this 2v2v2! 1. @Jeevan 2. @Mega Tank 3. @ChickenTendas 4. @ZeldaFan042 5. @B.A. 6. @FireHazard51
  3. Game 3 invites sent out! The faster we all join in the quicker we begin! 1. @Jeevan 2. @Mega Tank 3. @Sumer 4. @ZeldaFan042 5. @B.A. 6. @FireHazard51
  4. Games 1 and 2 are invite only, they are the winners of previous FFA and teams. Games 3 & 4 both need 1 player each. Interested?
  5. 1. @0xDEAFC0DE 2. @B.A. 3. @Mega Tank 4. @fox 5. @ChickenTendas 6. @ZeldaFan042 Game 2 invites out! Please accept them and let us begin this 2v2v2!
  6. 1. @fox 4. @MashFan81 5. @0xDEAFC0DE Can you confirm if you will be playing in Game 1, invite only? Thanks! 1. @0xDEAFC0DE 4. @fox 6. @ZeldaFan042 Can you all confirm if you will be playing in Game 2, invite only? Thanks!
  7. @fox @0xDEAFC0DE @Rooster @SpoonMan Abrams X @B.A. @0xDEAFC0DE @FireHazard51 2 spots left for games 3&4!
  8. They serve bagged milk in some schools. There is also bagged juice in the same form, not Capri Sun or imitations.
  9. John Candy was paid less money than the Pizza Delivery Guy for this movie. Also, this is a neat video explaining some of the special effects found in Home Alone.
  10. Some families leave up Christmas decorations until 3 Kings Day, so there is that.
  11. Glad you liked your gifts! On your website http://theunorthodoxdragonwarriorcollection.com/ you posted a pic back on Oct 12, 2017 which is where the idea came from. Also, thank you to @SNESNESCUBE64 for putting in the work as Santa this year! Special shout out to Bunny and @mog for their contribution! Also, it goes without saying, thanks to @CasualCart for being easy to work with and creating some great art as usual. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and let's not forget, Happy Festivus everyone!
  12. It's XMAS RISK time! Time for some RISK with some XMAS theme to it. My wife drew out the "Battle Plan" similar to the one from Home Alone (Greatest Holiday movie!) full of booby traps. The map layout is the map template that we will be playing for this XMAS version of RISK. The drawing added traps, but there are no traps in the game. They were added in the drawing to give it the Home Alone feel as the map is the layout of an actual house. See actual map below. Enough talk, time for the details! 4 Games will be hosted. 2 will have automatic invites for those selected as th
  13. I am going to host a new string of games for XMAS, two of which you will be invited to. I will post the details here in the next hour or so. You are free to join if you wish, but just let me know of you pass. No pressure.
  14. Triads Match - 3v3v3 - 12/12/20 - 12/16/20 Winners: Team B @ChickenTendas @fox @ZeldaFan042 Game Type: Deathmatch (Triads) Win Condition: Eliminate All Enemy Armies to Win Other Teams Team A : @FireHazard51 @Mega Tank @Sumer Team C : @0xDEAFC0DE @B.A. @Jeevan Start: Lost image. Sorry. End:
  15. I am not sure what other functions the wristbands might do, but I believe you do have to pay for them. I am disappointed that they did not implement something along the lines of the wristbands at Volcano Bay, the Tapu Tatpu, where they are loaned to you, but they have some features such as a virtual line, tap to pay (when hooked up to your account) and it also notifies you when some rides are available to "Ride Now". I know the wristband at Volcano Bay is much larger, but I would have figured they could have included some mini games or something fun to justify the price. Either way, I am excit
  16. Last I read Epic Universe, the new Universal theme park that is supposed to have Super Nintendo World, is on hold. The original anticipated year of completion was 2023ish. They did acquire land etc for it and you can find the layouts of the land online.
  17. At the moment there is no new game yet. I am waiting for the last game to end to then launch some XMAS Risk! I just blanked out the names and left the blank formats.
  18. Yes GG and well played! The record books have been updated! Stay tuned, we will be having some XMAS games popping up soon What did happen to @zi?
  19. Deathmath FFA - 12/12/20 - 12/22/20 Winner: @0xDEAFC0DE Game Type: Deathmatch Win Condition: Eliminate all Enemy armies to win Start: End:
  20. Deathmatch FFA (WITH Fog of War) - 12/16/20 - 12/22/20 Winner: @Mega Tank Game Type: Deathmatch with Fog of War Win Condition: Eliminate all Enemy armies to win Start: No pic. Fog of war limits view to one territory around own territories. End:
  21. I see in the game chat you got it fixed. The site can be buggy sometimes, so a quick refresh or reloading the page should do the trick.
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