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  1. @Californicationfreedom finger is a lot of fun!! That cover is hilarious. I have it on the switch digitally.. wonderful silly writing and the soundtrack is pretty great too.
  2. We got round 1 of the moderna this afternoon, it was kinda tense because a guy passed out right before we got our doses and started seizing.. really shakes the room up in a group setting. A lady noped out really quietly after another person started crying from anxiety. Whew. There was no way I was backing out because I wanna get this out of the way damnit! After we got ours, mandy passed out for like 20 seconds which she kinda expected.. still kinda scary and then I felt pretty woozy and had to lie down for a couple minutes. Sore arm now and feel kinda tired, ope. Kinda an adventure.
  3. That is @doner24! Agreed, they are beautiful
  4. No need for a coffee shop, they have their own stores.
  5. Naw the post, or rather thread you're looking for is right here: It's a little dusty but please feel free to bring it back into the spotlight.
  6. That trinitron is adorable!!!! Noice with the pi.
  7. Yay metal slug 4+5, really nice shape! Other xbox stuff, picked up another copy of fable with the bonus dvd included. Snagged this hat from eBay, nice leathery strap on the back.. haven't seen this style listed before, I am digging it! Finishing the week, mandy snagged the monster hunter rise pro controller and disgaea 1 complete for the switch and I grabbed the PlayStation stuffff.. never seen blockids before and turns out it was a 96jpn game released in the states in 03, puzzle/breakout clone. Have a great week everyone, thanks for looking!!
  8. Here goes this week! First up, 360. Local place has great prices usually all around but 360 and ps3 are at a real low lately. Mass effect trilogy for under 6, dark souls 2 for 4$, dante's and dragons dogma were 7$ a pop. Lot of $1 games in there, but everything was so cheap. Time to buy 360/ps3 commons is now!! Kinda glad I missed this gen because it really has been a bargain for me to collect and I love it. Continued in next post...
  9. Ah ha! Nice sleuthing, thanks for sharing with me!! Def interesting to learn.
  10. Around the time when the ps2 launched I couldn't find one in store and ended up getting the slim psone bundle instead (the one that came with the lcd screen). I thought that setup was super cool for the time.
  11. During the gamecube era I got the zelda collectors disc but regrettably missed out on everything after that. There was a bunch of good promo stuff for sure!!
  12. Bought a copy of this book on ebay from a san fran goodwill Condition is great! I was super happy to finally have a copy. Then I flipped to the title page.. Yussss, signed by author! Perhaps at the windows hardware and engineering conference (Winhec 06) held in Seattle, Washington May 23–25, 2006. This is super cool to me because the author lives abroad now, signed during the hey day of the book and at an industry event. Really happy to add it to my collection!!
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