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Found 15 results

  1. Below is a list of every video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the United States of America (USA) and Canada. This list comprises a total of 837 titles. 677 Licensed Titles & 160 Unlicensed Titles 677 Licensed Titles released in the USA 160 Unlicensed Titles released in the USA (of which 67 are Sachen titles) 64 Licensed Titles released in Canada Special Notes: Of the 72 officially licensed first and second party NES titles, only 8 went unreleased with specific Canadian variants. These titles were Anticipation, Barker Bill's: Trick Shooting, Dance Aerobics, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Mega Man 6, Short Order / Eggsplode!, Super Spike V'Ball / Nintendo World Cup, and Wario's Woods. There are various publishers grouped together. These publishers include Acclaim as LJN, Activision as Infocom, ASCII as Nexoft, Konami as Ultra, and Mindscape as The Software Toolworks. There are various titles that are compilations of various games that are published individually on the system. This includes Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet, Super Spike V'Ball / Nintendo World Cup, Donkey Kong Classics, and Sesame Street ABC & 123. There are various titles that are rebranded re-releases of games. These include World Class Track Meet (and subsequently, Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet) from Stadium Events, and Punch-Out!! from Mike Tyson's: Punch-Out!!. There are two titles that was completely remade into a new and unique games, yet preserved their original titles. These games are Pac-Man (first by Tengen, and then by Namco), and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (First by Taito and then by Ubisoft). There is one title that has had a major revision to gameplay, yet was not marketed as unique. This game is "Tecmo NBA Basketball" which in the final print run excludes Michael Jordan from the games roster. Special consideration may be taken to include this gameplay revision as a unique title. Further research is required to determine whether there are other similar situations in other games. There are four titles that have unlicensed counterparts released after their initial licensed revision. All four were released by Tengen. These titles are Gauntlet, R.B.I. Baseball, Pac-Man, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. There is one title that went through a minor title change yet remains functionally the same and is not considered a unique release. This title is "Athletic World" which was originally released as "Family Fun Fitness: Athletic World". The 1990 Nintendo World Championships cartridges (both Gold & Grey) are not included in this list as their release history is special enough to warrant their own category. The 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge cartridge is not included in this list as it was never intended to survive. The various "Test Cartridges" are not included in this list as they warrant their own category, including titles with actual gameplay such as The Legend of Zelda Test Cartridge, Duck Hunt Test Cartridge, and Gyromite Test Cartridge. Titles that do not have any form of gameplay are still included in this list. These titles are Taboo: The Sixth Sense, Color A Dinosaur, The Miracle Piano Teaching System, Videomation, and Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop. Sachen titles are included in this list, including Papillon Gals. Wally Bear and the No! Gang (AGCI), and Chiller (Sharedata) are included on this list despit no boxes or manuals yet confirmed to exist. Post market games such as Sunday Funday (Wisdom Tree), Cheetahmen II (Active) and Huge Insect (Sachen) are included in this list. Licensed North American NES Games # Title USA Canada 1 720 Mindscape 2 1942 Capcom 3 10-Yard Fight Nintendo Nintendo 4 1943: The Battle of Midway Capcom 5 3-D Battles of World Runner, The Acclaim 6 8 Eyes Taxan 7 A Nightmare on Elm Street Acclaim (LJN) 8 Abadox: The Deadly Inner War Milton Bradley 9 Addams Family, The Ocean 10 Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt Ocean 11 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragon Strike FCI 12 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance FCI 13 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar FCI 14 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance FCI 15 Adventure Island Hudson 16 Adventure Island 3 Hudson 17 Adventure Island II Hudson 18 Adventures in the Magic Kingdom Capcom 19 Adventures of Bayou Billy, The Konami 20 Adventures of Dino Riki Hudson 21 Adventures of Gilligan's Island, The Bandai 22 Adventures of Lolo HAL 23 Adventures of Lolo 2 HAL 24 Adventures of Lolo 3 HAL 25 Adventures of Rad Gravity, The Activision 26 Adventures of Rocky And Bullwinkle And Friends, The THQ 27 Adventures of Tom Sawyer SETA 28 Air Fortress HAL 29 Airwolf Acclaim 30 Al Unser Jr.: Turbo Racing Data East 31 Alex DeMeo’s: Race America Absolute 32 Alfred Chicken Mindscape 33 Alien 3 Acclaim (LJN) 34 All-Pro Basketball Vic Tokai 35 Alpha Mission SNK 36 Amagon Sammy 37 American Gladiators GameTek 38 Anticipation Nintendo 39 Arch Rivals: A Basketbrawl! Acclaim 40 Archon Activision 41 Arkanoid Taito 42 Arkista's Ring Sammy 43 Astyanax Jaleco 44 Athena SNK 45 Athletic World Bandai 46 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes THQ 47 Back to the Future Acclaim (LJN) 48 Back to the Future II & III Acclaim (LJN) 49 Bad Dudes Data East 50 Bad News Baseball Tecmo 51 Bad Street Brawler Mattel 52 Balloon Fight Nintendo Nintendo 53 Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach Bandai 54 Bandit Kings of Ancient China KOEI 55 Barbie Hi-Tech 56 Bard's Tale, The FCI 57 Barker Bill's: Trick Shooting Nintendo 58 Base Wars: Cyber Stadium Series Konami (Ultra) 59 Baseball Nintendo Nintendo 60 Baseball Simulator 1.000 Culture Brain 61 Baseball Stars SNK 62 Baseball Stars 2 Romstar 63 Bases Loaded Jaleco 64 Bases Loaded 2: Second Season Jaleco 65 Bases Loaded 3 Jaleco 66 Bases Loaded 4 Jaleco 67 Batman Returns Konami 68 Batman: Return of the Joker Sunsoft 69 Batman: The Video Game Sunsoft 70 Battle Chess Data East 71 Battle of Olympus, The Broderbund 72 Battleship Mindscape 73 Battletoads Tradewest 74 Battletoads Double Dragon Tradewest 75 Beetlejuice Acclaim (LJN) 76 Best of the Best: Championship Karate Electro-Brain 77 Bigfoot Acclaim 78 Bill & Ted's: Excellent Video Game Adventure Acclaim (LJN) 79 Bill Elliot's: NASCAR Challenge Konami 80 Bionic Commando Capcom 81 Black Bass, The Hot-B 82 Blades of Steel Konami 83 Blaster Master Sunsoft 84 Blue Marlin Hot-B 85 Blues Brothers, The Titus 86 Bo Jackson Baseball Data East 87 Bomberman Hudson 88 Bomberman II Hudson 89 Bonk's Adventure Hudson 90 Boulder Dash JVC 91 Bram Stoker's: Dracula Sony Imagesoft 92 Break Time: The National Pool Tour FCI 93 Breakthru Data East 94 Bubble Bobble Taito 95 Bubble Bobble Part 2 Taito 96 Bucky O'Hare Konami 97 Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout, The Kemco 98 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, The Kemco 99 Bump 'n' Jump Vic Tokai 100 Burai Fighter Taxan 101 BurgerTime Data East 102 Cabal Milton Bradley 103 Caesar's Palace Virgin 104 California Games Milton Bradley 105 Captain America and the Avengers Data East 106 Captain Planet and the Planeteers Mindscape 107 Captain Skyhawk Milton Bradley 108 Casino Kid SOFEL 109 Casino Kid II SOFEL 110 Castelian Triffix 111 Castle of Dragon SETA 112 Castlequest ASCII / NEXOFT 113 Castlevania Konami 114 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Konami 115 Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Konami 116 Caveman Games Data East 117 Championship Bowling Romstar 118 Championship Pool Mindscape 119 Chessmaster, The Hi-Tech 120 Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers Capcom 121 Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 Capcom 122 Chris Evert & Ivan Lendl In: Top Players’ Tennis Asmik 123 Chubby Cherub Bandai 124 Circus Caper Toho 125 City Connection Jaleco 126 Clash at Demonhead Vic Tokai 127 Classic Concentration GameTek 128 Cliffhanger Sony Imagesoft 129 Clu Clu Land Nintendo Nintendo 130 Cobra Command Data East 131 Cobra Triangle Nintendo Nintendo 132 Code Name: Viper Capcom 133 Color a Dinosaur Virgin 134 Commando Capcom 135 Conan Mindscape 136 Conflict Vic Tokai 137 Conquest of the Crystal Palace Asmik 138 Contra Konami 139 Contra Force Konami 140 Cool World Ocean 141 Cowboy Kid Romstar 142 Crash 'n' the Boys: Street Challenge American Technos 143 Crystalis SNK 144 Cyberball Jaleco 145 Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine Acclaim 146 Dance Aerobics Nintendo 147 Danny Sullivan's: Indy Heat Tradewest 148 Darkman Ocean 149 Darkwing Duck Capcom 150 Dash Galaxy: in the Alien Asylum Data East 151 David Crane’s: A Boy and His Blob – Trouble on Blobolonia Absolute 152 Day Dreamin' Davey HAL 153 Days of Thunder Mindscape 154 Deadly Towers Broderbund 155 Defender II HAL 156 Defender of the Crown Konami (Ultra) 157 Defenders of Dynatron City JVC 158 Déjà Vu Kemco 159 Demon Sword Taito 160 Desert Commander Kemco 161 Destination Earthstar Acclaim 162 Destiny of an Emperor Capcom 163 Dick Tracy Bandai 164 Die Hard Activision 165 Dig Dug II: Trouble In Paradise Bandai 166 Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City Milton Bradley 167 Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs Mindscape 168 Donkey Kong Nintendo Nintendo 169 Donkey Kong 3 Nintendo Nintendo 170 Donkey Kong Classics Nintendo Nintendo 171 Donkey Kong Jr. Nintendo Nintendo 172 Donkey Kong Jr. Math Nintendo 173 Double Dare GameTek 174 Double Dragon Tradewest 175 Double Dragon II: The Revenge Acclaim 176 Double Dragon II: The Sacred Stones Acclaim 177 Double Dribble Konami 178 Dr. Chaos FCI 179 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bandai 180 Dr. Mario Nintendo Nintendo 181 Dragon Fighter SOFEL 182 Dragon Power Bandai 183 Dragon Spirit: The New Legend Bandai 184 Dragon Warrior Nintendo Nintendo 185 Dragon Warrior II Enix 186 Dragon Warrior III Enix 187 Dragon Warrior IV Enix 188 Duck Hunt Nintendo Nintendo 189 Duck Tales Capcom 190 Duck Tales 2 Capcom 191 Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements Taito 192 Dusty Diamond's: All-Star Softball Broderbund 193 Dynowarz: The Destruction of Spondylus Bandai 194 Elevator Action Taito 195 Eliminator Boat Duel Electro-Brain 196 Excitebike Nintendo Nintendo 197 F-117A Stealth Fighter MicroProse 198 F-15 Strike Eagle MicroProse 199 Family Feud GameTek 200 Faria: A World of Mystery & Danger! ASCII / NEXOFT 201 Faxanadu Nintendo Nintendo 202 Felix the Cat Hudson 203 Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge Acclaim 204 Fester's Quest Sunsoft 205 Final Fantasy Nintendo Nintendo 206 Fire 'n Ice Tecmo 207 Fisher-Price: Firehouse Rescue GameTek 208 Fisher-Price: I Can Remember GameTek 209 Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit GameTek 210 Fist of the North Star Taxan 211 Flight of the Intruder Mindscape 212 Flintstones, The: Rescue of Dino & Hoppy Taito 213 Flintstones, The: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak Taito 214 Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll Culture Brain 215 Flying Warriors Culture Brain 216 Formula One: Built to Win SETA 217 Fox's: Peter Pan & The Pirates – The Revenge of Captain Hook THQ 218 Frankenstein: The Monster Returns Bandai 219 Freedom Force Sunsoft 220 Friday the 13th Acclaim (LJN) 221 Fun House Hi-Tech 222 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Taxan 223 G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor Capcom 224 Galaga: Demons of Death Bandai 225 Galaxy 5000: Racing in the 51st Century Activision 226 Gargoyle's Quest II Capcom 227 Garry Kitchen’s: Battle Tank Absolute 228 Gauntlet Tengen 229 Gauntlet II Mindscape 230 Gemfire KOEI 231 Genghis Khan KOEI 232 George Foreman’s: KO Boxing Acclaim 233 Ghost Lion Kemco 234 Ghostbusters Activision 235 Ghostbusters II Activision 236 Ghosts 'n Goblins Capcom 237 Ghoul School Electro-Brain 238 Goal! Jaleco 239 Goal! 2 Jaleco 240 Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters Toho 241 Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! Toho 242 Gold Medal Challenge '92 Capcom 243 Golf Nintendo Nintendo 244 Golf Grand Slam Atlus 245 Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode Vic Tokai 246 Goonies II, The Konami 247 Gotcha!: The Sport! Acclaim (LJN) 248 Gradius Konami 249 Great Waldo Search, The THQ 250 Greg Norman's: Golf Power Virgin 251 Gremlins 2: The New Batch Sunsoft 252 Guardian Legend, The Broderbund 253 Guerrilla War SNK 254 Gumshoe Nintendo Nintendo 255 Gun.Smoke Capcom 256 Gun+Nac ASCII / NEXOFT 257 Gyromite Nintendo Nintendo 258 Gyruss Konami (Ultra) 259 Harlem Globetrotters GameTek 260 Hatris Bullet-Proof 261 Heavy Barrel Data East 262 Heavy Shreddin' Parker Brothers 263 High Speed Tradewest 264 Hogan's Alley Nintendo Nintendo 265 Hollywood Squares GameTek 266 Home Alone THQ 267 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York THQ 268 Hook Sony Imagesoft 269 Hoops Jaleco 270 Hudson Hawk Sony Imagesoft 271 Hunt for Red October, The Hi-Tech 272 Hydlide FCI 273 Ice Climber Nintendo Nintendo 274 Ice Hockey Nintendo Nintendo 275 Ikari Warriors SNK 276 Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road SNK 277 Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue SNK 278 Image Fight IREM 279 Incredible Crash Dummies, The Acclaim (LJN) 280 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Taito 281 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Ubisoft 282 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Mindscape 283 Infiltrator Mindscape 284 Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy SNK 285 Isolated Warrior NTVIC 286 Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's: Super Off Road Tradewest 287 Jack Nicklaus': Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf Konami 288 Jackal Konami 289 Jackie Chan's: Action Kung Fu Hudson 290 James Bond Jr. THQ 291 Jaws Acclaim (LJN) 292 Jeopardy! GameTek 293 Jeopardy!: 25th Anniversary Edition GameTek 294 Jeopardy!: Jr. Edition GameTek 295 Jetsons, The: Cogswell's Caper Taito 296 Jimmy Connors Tennis Ubisoft 297 Joe & Mac Data East 298 John Elway's: Quarterback Tradewest 299 Jordan vs. Bird: One on One Milton Bradley 300 Journey to Silius Sunsoft 301 Joust HAL 302 Jungle Book, The Virgin 303 Jurassic Park Ocean 304 Kabuki: Quantum Fighter HAL 305 Karate Champ Data East 306 Karate Kid, The Acclaim (LJN) 307 Karnov Data East 308 Kickle Cubicle IREM 309 Kickmaster Taito 310 Kid Icarus Nintendo Nintendo 311 Kid Klown in Night Mayor World Kemco 312 Kid Kool: and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs Vic Tokai 313 Kid Niki: Radical Ninja Data East 314 King's Knight Squaresoft 315 King's Quest V Konami 316 Kings of the Beach: Professional Beach Volleyball Konami (Ultra) 317 Kirby's Adventure Nintendo Nintendo 318 Kiwi Kraze: A Bird-Brained Adventure! Taito 319 Klash Ball SOFEL 320 Knight Rider Acclaim 321 Krion Conquest, The Vic Tokai 322 Krusty’s Fun House Acclaim 323 Kung Fu Nintendo Nintendo 324 Kung Fu Heroes Culture Brain 325 L'Empereur KOEI 326 Laser Invasion Konami 327 Last Action Hero Sony Imagesoft 328 Last Ninja, The Jaleco 329 Last Starfighter, The Mindscape 330 Lee Trevino's: Fighting Golf SNK 331 Legacy of the Wizard Broderbund 332 Legend of Kage, The Taito 333 Legend of Zelda, The Nintendo Nintendo 334 Legendary Wings, The Capcom 335 Legends of the Diamond: The Baseball Championship Game Bandai 336 Lemmings Sunsoft 337 Lethal Weapon Ocean 338 Life Force Konami 339 Little League Baseball: Championship Series SNK 340 Little Mermaid, The Capcom 341 Little Nemo: The Dream Master Capcom 342 Little Ninja Brothers Culture Brain 343 Little Samson Taito 344 Lode Runner Broderbund 345 Lone Ranger, The Konami 346 Loopz Mindscape 347 Low G Man: The Low Gravity Man Taxan 348 Lunar Pool FCI 349 M.C. Kids Virgin 350 M.U.L.E. Mindscape 351 M.U.S.C.L.E.: Tag Team Match Bandai 352 Mach Rider Nintendo Nintendo 353 Mad Max Mindscape 354 Mafat Conspiracy, The Vic Tokai 355 Magic Darts Romstar 356 Magic Johnson's: Fast Break Tradewest 357 Magic of Scheherazade, The Culture Brain 358 Magician Taxan 359 Magmax FCI 360 Major League Baseball Acclaim (LJN) 361 Maniac Mansion Jaleco 362 Mappy-Land Taxan 363 Marble Madness Milton Bradley 364 Mario Is Missing! Mindscape (The Software Toolworks) 365 Mario's Time Machine Mindscape (The Software Toolworks) 366 Mechanized Attack SNK 367 Mega Man Capcom 368 Mega Man 2 Capcom 369 Mega Man 3 Capcom 370 Mega Man 4 Capcom 371 Mega Man 5 Capcom 372 Mega Man 6 Nintendo 373 Mendel Palace Hudson 374 Metal Gear Konami (Ultra) 375 Metal Mech: Man & Machine Jaleco 376 Metal Storm IREM 377 Metroid Nintendo Nintendo 378 Michael Andretti's: World GP Sammy 379 Mickey Mousecapade Capcom 380 Mickey's Adventure in Numberland Hi-Tech 381 Mickey's Safari in Letterland Hi-Tech 382 Might & Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum Sammy 383 Mighty Bombjack Tecmo 384 Mighty Final Fight Capcom 385 Mike Tyson's: Punch-Out!! Nintendo Nintendo 386 Millipede HAL 387 Milon's Secret Castle Hudson 388 Miracle Piano Teaching System, The Mindscape (The Software Toolworks) 389 Mission: Impossible Konami (Ultra) 390 Monopoly Parker Brothers 391 Monster in My Pocket Konami 392 Monster Party Bandai 393 Monster Truck Rally INTV 394 Motor City Patrol Matchbox 395 Ms. Pac-Man Namco 396 MTV: Remote Control Hi-Tech 397 Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival Hi-Tech 398 Mutant Virus, The ASC 399 Mystery Quest Taxan 400 NARC Acclaim 401 NES Open: Tournament Golf Nintendo Nintendo 402 NES Play Action Football Nintendo Nintendo 403 NFL Football Acclaim (LJN) 404 Nigel Mansell's: World Championship Racing GameTek 405 Nightshade Konami (Ultra) 406 Ninja Crusaders Sammy 407 Ninja Gaiden Tecmo 408 Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos Tecmo 409 Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom Tecmo 410 Ninja Kid Bandai 411 Nintendo World Cup Nintendo Nintendo 412 Nobunaga's Ambition KOEI 413 Nobunaga's Ambition II KOEI 414 North and South Kemco 415 Operation Wolf: Take No Prisoners Taito 416 ORB 3-D Hi-Tech 417 Original Mario Bros., The Nintendo Nintendo 418 Othello Acclaim 419 Overlord Virgin 420 P.O.W.: Prisoners of War SNK 421 Pac-Man Namco 422 Pac-Man Tengen 423 Palamedes Hot-B 424 Panic Restaurant Taito 425 Paperboy Mindscape 426 Paperboy 2 Mindscape 427 Phantom Fighter FCI 428 Pictionary Acclaim (LJN) 429 Pin-Bot Nintendo Nintendo 430 Pinball Nintendo Nintendo 431 Pinball Quest Jaleco 432 Pipe Dream Bullet-Proof 433 Pirates! Konami (Ultra) 434 Platoon Sunsoft 435 Popeye Nintendo Nintendo 436 Power Blade Taito 437 Power Blade 2 Taito 438 Power Punch II ASC 439 Predator Activision 440 Prince of Persia Virgin 441 Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom Hudson 442 Pro Sport Hockey Jaleco 443 Pro Wrestling Nintendo Nintendo 444 Punch-Out!! Nintendo Nintendo 445 Punisher, The Acclaim (LJN) 446 Puss N' Boots: Pero's Great Adventure Electro-Brain 447 Puzznic Taito 448 Q*Bert Konami (Ultra) 449 Qix Taito 450 R.B.I. Baseball Tengen 451 R.C. Pro-Am Nintendo Nintendo 452 R.C. Pro-Am II Tradewest 453 Racket Attack Jaleco 454 Rad Racer Nintendo Nintendo 455 Rad Racer II Squaresoft 456 Raid on Bungeling Bay Broderbund 457 Rainbow Islands Taito 458 Rally Bike Romstar 459 Rambo Acclaim 460 Rampage Data East 461 Rampart Jaleco 462 Ren & Stimpy Show, The: Buckeroo$! THQ 463 Renegade Taito 464 Rescue: The Embassy Mission Kemco 465 Ring King Data East 466 River City Ransom American Technos 467 RoadBlasters Mindscape 468 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Virgin 469 RoboCop Data East 470 RoboCop 2 Data East 471 RoboCop 3 Ocean 472 RoboWarrior Jaleco 473 Rock 'n Ball NTVIC 474 Rocket Ranger Kemco 475 Rocketeer, The Bandai 476 Rockin' Kats Atlus 477 Roger Clemens': MVP Baseball Acclaim (LJN) 478 Rollerball HAL 479 Rollerblade Racer Hi-Tech 480 Rollergames Konami (Ultra) 481 Romance of the Three Kingdoms KOEI 482 Romance of the Three Kingdoms II KOEI 483 Roundball 2-on-2 Challenge Mindscape 484 Rush'n Attack Konami 485 Rygar Tecmo 486 S.C.A.T. Natsume 487 Section-Z Capcom 488 Seicross FCI 489 Sesame Street: 123 Hi-Tech 490 Sesame Street: ABC Hi-Tech 491 Sesame Street: ABC & 123 Hi-Tech 492 Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & Speak Hi-Tech 493 Sesame Street: Countdown Hi-Tech 494 Shadow of the Ninja Natsume 495 Shadowgate Kemco 496 Shatterhand Jaleco 497 Shingen the Ruler Hot-B 498 Shooting Range Bandai 499 Short Order / Eggsplode Nintendo 500 Side Pocket Data East 501 Silent Service Konami (Ultra) 502 Silk Worm Sammy 503 Silver Surfer Arcadia 504 Simpsons, The: Barman Meets Radioactive Man Acclaim 505 Simpsons, The: Bart vs. the Space Mutants Acclaim 506 Simpsons, The: Bart vs. the World Acclaim 507 Skate or Die Konami (Ultra) 508 Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble EA 509 Ski or Die Konami (Ultra) 510 Sky Kid Sunsoft 511 Sky Shark Taito 512 Slalom Nintendo Nintendo 513 Smash T.V. Acclaim 514 Snake Rattle n Roll Nintendo Nintendo 515 Snake's Revenge Konami (Ultra) 516 Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular Kemco 517 Snow Brothers Capcom 518 Soccer Nintendo Nintendo 519 Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship Tradewest 520 Solomon's Key Tecmo 521 Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos Sony Imagesoft 522 Space Shuttle Project Absolute 523 Spelunker Broderbund 524 Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six Acclaim (LJN) 525 Spot: The Videogame! Arcadia 526 Spy Hunter Sunsoft 527 Spy vs. Spy Kemco 528 Sqoon IREM 529 Stack-Up Nintendo Nintendo 530 Stadium Events Bandai 531 Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston Electro-Brain 532 Star Force Tecmo 533 Star Soldier Taxan 534 Star Trek 25th Anniversary Konami (Ultra) 535 Star Trek: The Next Generation Absolute 536 Star Tropics Nintendo Nintendo 537 Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge Nintendo Nintendo 538 Star Voyager Acclaim 539 Star Wars JVC 540 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back JVC 541 Starship Hector Hudson 542 Stealth ATF Activision 543 Stinger Konami 544 Street Cop Bandai 545 Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight Capcom 546 Strider Capcom 547 Sullivan Bluth Presents: Dragon's Lair Sony Imagesoft 548 Super C Konami 549 Super Cars Electro-Brain 550 Super Dodge Ball Sony Imagesoft 551 Super Glove Ball Mattel 552 Super Jeopardy! GameTek 553 Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Nintendo 554 Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt Nintendo Nintendo 555 Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet Nintendo Nintendo 556 Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo Nintendo 557 Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo Nintendo 558 Super Pitfall Activision 559 Super Spike V'Ball Nintendo Nintendo 560 Super Spike V'Ball / Nintendo World Cup Nintendo 561 Super Spy Hunter Sunsoft 562 Super Team Games Nintendo Nintendo 563 Superman Kemco 564 Swamp Thing THQ 565 Sword Master Activision 566 Swords and Serpents Acclaim 567 T2 Terminator 2: Judgment Day Acclaim (LJN) 568 Taboo: The Sixth Sense Tradewest 569 Tag Team Wrestling Data East 570 Talespin Capcom 571 Target: Renegade Taito 572 Tecmo Baseball Tecmo 573 Tecmo Bowl Tecmo 574 Tecmo Cup: Soccer Game Tecmo 575 Tecmo NBA Basketball Tecmo 576 Tecmo Super Bowl Tecmo 577 Tecmo World Wrestling Tecmo 578 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Konami (Ultra) 579 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game Konami (Ultra) 580 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project Konami 581 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters Konami 582 Tennis Nintendo Nintendo 583 Terminator, The Mindscape 584 Terra Cresta Vic Tokai 585 Tetris Nintendo Nintendo 586 Tetris 2 Nintendo Nintendo 587 Three Stooges, The Activision 588 Thunder and Lightning Romstar 589 Thunderbirds Activision 590 Thundercade Sammy 591 Tiger-Heli Acclaim 592 Time Lord Milton Bradley 593 Times of Lore Toho 594 Tiny Toon Adventures Konami 595 Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland Konami 596 Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop Konami 597 To The Earth Nintendo Nintendo 598 Toki Taito 599 Tom & Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse! Hi-Tech 600 Tombs & Treasure Activision (Infocom) 601 Top Gun Konami 602 Top Gun: The Second Mission Konami 603 Total Recall Acclaim 604 Totally Rad Jaleco 605 Touchdown Fever SNK 606 Town & Country Surf Designs Acclaim (LJN) 607 Town & Country Surf Designs II: Thrilla’s Surfari Acclaim (LJN) 608 Toxic Crusaders Bandai 609 Track & Field Konami 610 Track & Field II Konami 611 Treasure Master ASC 612 Trog! Acclaim 613 Trojan Capcom 614 Twin Cobra Sammy 615 Twin Eagle Romstar 616 Ultima: Exodus FCI 617 Ultima: Quest of the Avatar FCI 618 Ultima: Warriors of Destiny FCI 619 Ultimate Air Combat Activision 620 Ultimate Basketball Sammy 621 Uncanny X-Men, The Acclaim (LJN) 622 Uncharted Waters KOEI 623 Uninvited Kemco 624 Untouchables, The Ocean 625 Urban Champion Nintendo Nintendo 626 Vegas Dream HAL 627 Vice: Project Doom Sammy 628 Videomation THQ 629 Volleyball Nintendo Nintendo 630 Wacky Races Atlus 631 Wall Street Kid SOFEL 632 Wario's Woods Nintendo 633 Wayne Gretzky Hockey THQ 634 Wayne's World THQ 635 WCW: World Championship Wrestling FCI 636 Werewolf: The Last Warrior Data East 637 Wheel of Fortune GameTek 638 Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition GameTek 639 Wheel of Fortune: Featuring Vanna White GameTek 640 Wheel of Fortune: Junior Edition GameTek 641 Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Konami 642 Where's Waldo? THQ 643 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Acclaim (LJN) 644 Whomp 'Em Jaleco 645 Widget Atlus 646 Wild Gunman Nintendo Nintendo 647 Will Harvey Presents: The Immortal EA 648 Willow Capcom 649 Win, Lose or Draw Hi-Tech 650 Winter Games Acclaim 651 Wizardry Master Series II: Knight of Diamonds ASCII / NEXOFT 652 Wizardry Master Series: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord ASCII / NEXOFT 653 Wizards & Warriors Acclaim 654 Wizards & Warriors II: Iron Sword Acclaim 655 Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros...Visions of Power Acclaim 656 Wolverine Acclaim (LJN) 657 World Champ Romstar 658 World Class Track Meet Nintendo Nintendo 659 World Games Milton Bradley 660 Wrath of the Black Manta Taito 661 Wrecking Crew Nintendo Nintendo 662 Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth Asmik 663 WWF WrestleMania Acclaim 664 WWF: King of the Ring Acclaim (LJN) 665 WWF: WrestleMania Challenge Acclaim (LJN) 666 WWF: Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge Acclaim (LJN) 667 Xenophobe Sunsoft 668 Xevious: The Avenger Bandai 669 Xexyz Hudson 670 Yo! Noid Capcom 671 Yoshi Nintendo Nintendo 672 Yoshi's Cookie Nintendo Nintendo 673 Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Jaleco 674 Zanac FCI 675 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Nintendo Nintendo 676 Zen: Intergalactic Ninja Konami 677 Zombie Nation Meldac Unlicensed North American NES Games # Title Publisher 1 Action 52 Active 2 Cheetahmen II, The Active 3 Chiller AGCI 4 Death Race AGCI 5 Shockwave AGCI 6 Wally Bear and the No! Gang AGCI 7 Blackjack AVE 8 Deathbots AVE 9 Double Strike AVE 10 Dudes with Attitude AVE 11 F-15 City War AVE 12 Impossible Mission II AVE 13 Krazy Kreatures AVE 14 Maxi 15 AVE 15 Mermaids of Atlantis AVE 16 Puzzle AVE 17 Pyramid AVE 18 Rad Racket - Deluxe Tennis II AVE 19 Solitaire AVE 20 Tiles of Fate AVE 21 Trolls on Treasure Island AVE 22 Ultimate League Soccer AVE 23 Venice Beach Volleyball AVE 24 Wally Bear and the No! Gang AVE 25 6 in 1 Caltron 26 Bee 52 Camerica 27 Big Nose Freaks Out Camerica 28 Big Nose the Caveman Camerica 29 Dizzy the Adventurer Camerica 30 Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The Camerica 31 Fire Hawk Camerica 32 Linus Spacehead's "Cosmic Crusade" Camerica 33 Micro Machines Camerica 34 Mig 29 Soviet Fighter Camerica 35 Quattro Adventure Camerica 36 Quattro Arcade Camerica 37 Quattro Sports Camerica 38 Stunt Kids Camerica 39 Ultimate Stuntman, The Camerica 40 Adventures of Captain Comic, The Color Dreams 41 Baby Boomer Color Dreams 42 Challenge of the Dragon Color Dreams 43 Crystal Mines Color Dreams 44 King Neptune's Adventure Color Dreams 45 Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu Color Dreams 46 Menace Beach Color Dreams 47 Metal Fighter Color Dreams 48 Operation Secret Storm Color Dreams 49 P'radikus Conflict, The Color Dreams 50 Pesterminator - The Western Exterminator Color Dreams 51 Raid 2020 Color Dreams 52 Robodemons Color Dreams 53 Secret Scout Color Dreams 54 Silent Assault Color Dreams 55 Castle of Deceit Color Dreams (Bunch) 56 Galactic Crusader Color Dreams (Bunch) 57 Mission Cobra Color Dreams (Bunch) 58 Moon Ranger Color Dreams (Bunch) 59 Tagin' Dragon Color Dreams (Bunch) 60 Bible Adventures Color Dreams (Wisdom Tree) 61 Bible Buffet Color Dreams (Wisdom Tree) 62 Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land Color Dreams (Wisdom Tree) 63 Joshua & The Battle of Jericho Color Dreams (Wisdom Tree) 64 King of Kings, The Early Years Color Dreams (Wisdom Tree) 65 Spiritual Warfare Color Dreams (Wisdom Tree) 66 Sunday Funday: The Ride Color Dreams (Wisdom Tree) 67 6 in 1 Myriad 68 Bubble Bath Babes Panesian 69 Hot Slots Panesian 70 Peek A Boo Poker Panesian 71 RacerMate Challenge II RacerMate 72 Arctic Adventure, Penguin & Seal Sachen 73 Auto-Upturn Sachen 74 Bingo 75 Sachen 75 Challenge of the Dragon Sachen 76 Chess Academy Sachen 77 Chinese Checkers Sachen 78 Colorful Dragon Sachen 79 Cosmo Cop Sachen 80 Dancing Blocks Sachen 81 Final Combat Sachen 82 Gaiapolis Sachen 83 Galactic Crusader Sachen 84 Great Wall, The Sachen 85 Happy Pairs Sachen 86 Hell Fighter Sachen 87 Hidden Chinese Chess Sachen 88 Honey Peach Sachen 89 Huge Insect Sachen 90 Jovial Race Sachen 91 Jurassic Boy Sachen 92 Little Red Hood Sachen 93 Locksmith Sachen 94 Lucky Bingo Sachen 95 Magic Cube Sachen 96 Magical Mathematics Sachen 97 Mahjong Partner Sachen 98 Mahjong School Sachen 99 Mahjong Trap Sachen 100 Mahjong World, The Sachen 101 Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu Sachen 102 Metal Fighter Sachen 103 Middle School English Sachen 104 Millionaire Sachen 105 Olympic I.Q. Sachen 106 Padillon Gals Sachen 107 Pipemania Sachen 108 Po Po Team Sachen 109 Poker I Sachen 110 Poker II Sachen 111 Poker III Sachen 112 Poker Mahjong Sachen 113 Pyramid Sachen 114 Pyramid II Sachen 115 Q-Boy Sachen 116 Rockball Sachen 117 Side Winder Sachen 118 Silent Assault Sachen 119 Silver Eagle Sachen 120 Strategist Sachen 121 Street Heroes Sachen 122 Super Cartridge Version 1 - 4-in-1 Sachen 123 Super Cartridge Version 2 - 10-in-1 Sachen 124 Super Cartridge Version 3 - 8-in-1 Sachen 125 Super Cartridge Version 4 - 6-in-1 Sachen 126 Super Cartridge Version 5 - 7-in-1 Sachen 127 Super Cartridge Version 6 - 6-in-1 Sachen 128 Super Cartridge Version 7 - 4-in-1 Sachen 129 Super Cartridge Version 8 - 4-in-1 Sachen 130 Super Cartridge Version 9 - 3-in-1 Sachen 131 Super Pang I Sachen 132 Super Pang II Sachen 133 Taiwan Mahjong Sachen 134 Taiwan Mahjong II Sachen 135 Tasac Sachen 136 Thunder Blaster Man Sachen 137 Tough Cop Sachen 138 Twin Eagle Sachen 139 Impossible Mission II SEI 140 Chiller Sharedata 141 After Burner Tengen 142 Alien Syndrome Tengen 143 Fantasy Zone Tengen 144 Gauntlet Tengen 145 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Tengen 146 Klax Tengen 147 Ms. Pac-Man Tengen 148 Pac-Man Tengen 149 Pac-Mania Tengen 150 R.B.I. Baseball Tengen 151 R.B.I. Baseball 2 Tengen 152 R.B.I. Baseball 3 Tengen 153 Road Runner Tengen 154 Rolling Thunder Tengen 155 Shinobi Tengen 156 Skull & Crossbones Tengen 157 Super Sprint Tengen 158 Tetris Tengen 159 Toobin' Tengen 160 Vindicators Tengen
  2. Working list of Game Boy gray (DMG) carts that have a know ROM Variant. A ROM variant is identified by the Number beside the catalog code on the ROM Chip. I don't intend to look at the rom data to compare rom version as this is done at The Cutting Room Floor's site (tcrf.net). I have not found a list that documents all ROM versions so I will start with what I have in my collection. updated on 11/24/21 DM before posting. The Smurfs DMG-UP-USA F1 Racer DMG-F1-USA Hyper Lode Runner DMG-HL-USA the above games have been flaged as not having a non rom original. any help in proving they have a NON rom original will be rewarded with cash.
  3. Below is a list of various lists on the website. If you want your list added to this list, simply ask. The only rule is you must believe that your list is comprehensive. NES List of NES Games (North America) by @ThePhleo (Not your standard 768 This one has 837 different titles) Original 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar Ultimate 100% CIB NES Collectors Guide by @austin532 Sealed NES Game Contents by @Dr. Morbis NES Star Code Boxes, Circle T Manuals, and Star Code Manuals by @DoctorEncore USA NES Rarity & Price Guide by @ThePhleo (Thread Here) USA NES List of Stickers, Hangtabs, and Screw Variants by @ThePhleo (Thread Here) List of Confirmed 1990 Nintendo World Championships Cartridges by @ThePhleo Famicom + Famicom Disk System The Ultimate Famicom Software Guide by @fcgamer (In .PDF format only - Not hosted here on Video Game Sage) Super NES Super Nintendo Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar List of Super Nintendo Banners by @Bubbapauls Super Nintendo Promotional Buttons, Pins, and Patches Catalog by @Bubbapauls Super Nintendo Console Box Variants by @Bubbapauls SNES Master CIB List by Shortstop444 (Not a member here on VGS) Super Nintendo Kiosk Variants by @Bubbapauls Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar Full List of NTSC-J/Japanese N64 & 64DD Titles by @EdgeOfPortal Gamecube Gamecube Label Variants - A Visual Guide by @NintendoTwizer Gamecube Player's Choice Master List by @NintendoTwizer (Thread Here) Gamecube Japan: A List of Games Not Released in the West by @drxandy Wii Wii Set Master List by @NintendoTwizer Wii U Official Wii U Demo Kiosk Thread by @dewisp02 Nintendo Wii U List by @Lago Nintendo Switch The Switch Thread - An ongoing list of every Nintendo Switch release in the US by @Reed Rothchild A Complete Physical Switch SHMUP List by @MasonSushi Game & Watch Nintendo Game & Watch Collectors Guide by @Bubbapauls Game Boy The Complete List of Game Boy Games by @RH Game Boy Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar Complete List of NA(US) Game Boy Cartridge Variants by @RH (ASIA Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (FAH Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (CAN Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (AUS Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (CHN Region) Working List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS (USA Region) DMG Game Boy Manual Variants by @JVOSS (XXX Region) World List of World Grey Carts by @JVOSS Sega Genesis Namco: A Genesis Collecting Guide original SegaAge thread by @supergamboy and VGS thread posted by @RoyalT Acclaim / Arena / Flying Edge: A Genesis Collecting Guide original SegaAge thread by @supergamboy and VGS thread posted by @RoyalT Konami: A Genesis Collecting Guide by original SegaAge thread by @supergamboy and VGS thread posted by @RoyalT Canadian Sega Genesis: A Collecting Guide original SegaAge thread by @supergamboy and VGS thread posted by @RoyalT Sega Genesis Strategy Guide List by @acidjaguar Sega Genesis CIB Contents Spreadsheet by @supergamboy (Thread Here) Sega CD U.S. NTSC Sega CD Collector's Guide v3.0 by @final fight cd (here's v2.0 posted by @DefaultGen) Sega 32X U.S. NTSC Sega 32X Collectors Guide by @billybob884 Sega Game Gear US Game Gear Variant Label Guide by @MovieTom Sega Pico Sega Pico Complete USA Library by @PuppyWaffles Atari 7800 Atari 7800 Full US List with Variants by @captmorgandrinker Xbox US Xbox Collecting Lists and Information by @DefaultGen PlayStation 2 NTSC PS2 Game List & Info by @ALLKAPS Phillips CD-i Complete Phillips CD-i US Longbox Release Set & Rarity Guide by @Chaos Control Nintendo in General Official Detailed Nintendo Power Issue List by @acidjaguar VGS Rare Variant / Error Thread: Nintendo Edition by @Hybrid Nintendo Power Trading Cards 1992 - 1995 by @Bubbapauls Sega In General NA Sega Genesis / CD / 32X / CDX / X'EYE / Nomad Console Box Collectors Guide by @billybob884 VGS Rare Variant / Error Thread: Sega Edition by @Hybrid Specific Specialty Lists List of All North American Zelda Game Variants by @0xDEAFC0DE Dragon Quest Monsters Joke 3: Synthesis / Breeding Guide by @Makar Video Game Stamps by @DefaultGen
  4. This weeks list is the FOR CHINA ONLY CHN-FCO list. they differ from the Hong Kong version. thanks @fcgamer for this image. Conformed List DMG-101-CHN-FCO Super Mario Land DMG-102-CHN-FCO Dr. Mario DMG-103-CHN-FCO F1 Race DMG-104-CHN-FCO Tetris DMG-105-CHN-FCO Yakuman DMG-106-CHN-FCO Tennis DMG-112-CHN-FCO Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise DMG-117-CHN-FCO Elevator Action DMG-132-CHN-FCO Mario & Yoshi DMG-203-CHN-FCO Mega Man II DMG-205-CHN-FCO Kirby's Dream Land : Hong Kong Label DMG-216-CHN-FCO Takahashi Masato Adventure Island 3 DMG-217-CHN-FCO Bomber Man GB 2 DMG-401-CHN-FCO Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins DMG-404-CHN-FCO World Heroes 2 Jet DMG-406-CHN-FCO Nettou Samurai Spirits DMG-601-CHN-FCO 4-In-1: Nintendo DMG-605-CHN-FCO 4-In-1: Hudson Unconfirmed Set DMG-107-CHN-FCO Ganso!! Yancha Maru DMG-108-CHN-FCO Ninja Spirit DMG-109-CHN-FCO Match-Mania DMG-110-CHN-FCO R-Type II DMG-111-CHN-FCO Milon's Secret Castle DMG-113-CHN-FCO Bomber Boy DMG-114-CHN-FCO Daruman Busters DMG-115-CHN-FCO Blaster Master Jr. DMG-116-CHN-FCO Sagaia DMG-118-CHN-FCO Bubble Bobble DMG-119-CHN-FCO Chase H.Q. DMG-120-CHN-FCO Solar Striker DMG-121-CHN-FCO Genki Bakuhatsu Gambaruger DMG-122-CHN-FCO Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh DMG-123-CHN-FCO Zoids Densetsu DMG-124-CHN-FCO Miracle Adventure Esparks DMG-125-CHN-FCO Solomon's Club DMG-126-CHN-FCO NINJA GAIDEN SHADOW DMG-127-CHN-FCO Parasol Henbee DMG-128-CHN-FCO Lock'n'chase DMG-129-CHN-FCO Burgertime Deluxe DMG-130-CHN-FCO Super Chinese Land DMG-131-CHN-FCO Flying Dragon Cuff DMG-133-CHN-FCO Bubble Bobble Junior DMG-134-CHN-FCO Side Pocket DMG-201-CHN-FCO Gargoyle's Quest (The Demon Darkness) DMG-202-CHN-FCO Bionic Commando DMG-204-CHN-FCO Gb Genjin(Bonk's Adventure) DMG-206-CHN-FCO Metroid II DMG-207-CHN-FCO Carpenter Genzo: Robot Empire DMG-208-CHN-FCO Carpenter Genzo: Ghost Kingdom DMG-209-CHN-FCO The Three Kingdoms DMG-210-CHN-FCO Yu Yu Hakusho DMG-211-CHN-FCO Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-2-dan - Ankoku Bujutsukai DMG-212-CHN-FCO Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-3-Dan - Makai No Tobirahen DMG-213-CHN-FCO Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-4-Dan - Makai Touitsu DMG-214-CHN-FCO Super Chinese Land 3 DMG-215-CHN-FCO GB Genjin Land DMG-218-CHN-FCO GB Genjin 2 DMG-402-CHN-FCO Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land DMG-403-CHN-FCO Donkey Kong DMG-405-CHN-FCO Nettou Garou Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai DMG-407-CHN-FCO Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, The DMG-408-CHN-FCO Sd Flying Dragon Cuff DMG-602-CHN-FCO 4-In-1: Taito DMG-603-CHN-FCO 4-In-1: Tomy DMG-604-CHN-FCO 4-In-1: Irem
  5. Gamecube Japan: Not released in the West This list is dedicated to anything released in Japan that never found it's way to North American shores during the gamecube's lifespan. Retail Releases: Baseball 2003: Battle Ballpark Sengen Perfect Play Pro Yakyuu, The (J-PS2) Battle Stadium D.O.N. (J-PS2) Bleach GC: Tasogare ni Mamieru Shinigami Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Dassutsu! Hajike Royale Bokujō Monogatari: Shiawase no Uta Bomberman Land 2 (J-PS2) Captain Tsubasa: Ōgon Sedai no Chōsen Castle Shikigami 2 (J-DC, NA-PS2, J-XBX, PS3 download) Charinko Hero Derby Tsuku 3 - Derby Uma o Tsukurou! (J-PS2) Dōbutsu no Mori+ Dōbutsu no Mori e+ (*) Dokapon DX: Wataru Sekai wa Oni Darake (J-PS2) Donkey Konga (*) Donkey Konga 2 (*) Donkey Konga 3 Doraemon: Minna de Asobō! Minidorando Doshin the Giant (EUR) Dragon Drive: D-Masters Shot DreamMix TV World Fighters (J-PS2) Duel Masters Nettou! Battle Arena (NA-PS2) Eisei Meijin VI(J-PS2) Family Stadium 2003 Gakuen Toshi Vara Noir Roses(J-PS2) Gekitō Pro Yakyū(J-PS2) Generation of Chaos EXCEED: Yami no Seijou Rose GiFTPiA GT Cube (GT Pro Series NA-Wii) Hikaru no Go 3 Homeland Hudson Selection Vol. 1: Cubic Lode Runner (J-PS2, etc) Hudson Selection Vol. 2: Star Solider (J-PS2, etc) Hudson Selection Vol. 3: PC Genjin (Bonk) (J-PS2, etc) Hudson Selection Vol. 4: Takahishi Meijin no Adventure (J-PS2, etc) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 9 (J-PS2) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 9 Ketteiban(J-PS2) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 10 (J-PS2) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 10 Ultra Ketteiban: 2003 Memorial (J-PS2) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 11 (J-PS2) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 11 Ultra Ketteiban(J-PS2) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 12 (J-PS2) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 12 Ketteiban (J-PS2) Jikkyou Powerful Pro Major League (J-PS2) Jikkyō World Soccer 2002 (J,EUR-PS2, J-XBX) Kidō Senshi Gundam: Gundam vs. Z Gundam (NA-PS2) Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senshitachi no Kiseki Kiwame Mahjong DX II Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Go! Go! Mamono Fight!! (J-PS2) Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Yūjō Tag Battle Full Power Korokke! Ban-Ō no Kiki o Sukue (J-PS2) Kururin Squash! Legend of the Golfer Legend of The Quiz: Tournament of Champions, The Lupin III: Umi ni Kieta Hihou Mr. Driller Drill Land Momotarō Dentetsu 11: Black Bombee Shutsugen! No Maki (J-PS2) Momotarō Dentetsu 12: Nishinihon Hen mo ari Masse!(J-PS2) Monopoly: Mezase!! Daifugou Jinsei!! (J-PS2) Muscle Champion: Kinnikutō Kessen Mutsu Tonohohon Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 3 Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 4 Nintendo Puzzle Collection One Piece: Grand Battle! 3 (J-PS2) One Piece: Treasure Battle, From TV Animation Ohenro-San: Hosshin no Dojo Pool Edge Radirgy GeneriC(J-DC,J-PS2, Ultimate Shooting Collection NA-Wii) Rei Fighter Gekitsui Senki RoboCop: Aratanaru Kiki (NA,EUR-XBX, J,EUR-PS2) SD Gundam: Gashapon Wars (J-Wii) Shaman King: Soul Fight Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula: Road to the Evolution (J-PS2) Special Jinsei Game (Life) Super Robot Wars GC (J-X360) Tengai Makyō II: Manji Maru (J-PCE,PS2,PSP,PS3,DS) Tensai Bit-Kun: Gramon Battle (J-PS2) Viewtiful Joe Revival (*) V-Rally 3 (EUR-GCN,NA, EUR-XBX+PS2) Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution (J,EUR,NA-PS2 J,EUR-PS Zoids Full Metal Crash Zoids Vs. Zoids Vs. III Pre-order bonus, demo, promo, test, club nintendo, or any other non retail release disc: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean: Special Experience Disc (Demo) Biohazard: Special Edition Demo Biohazard 4 Trial Edition (Famitsu Magazine/Biohazard double feature) (*) Biohazard Zero Trial Edition Dairantou Smash Brothers DX Event-you Demo (indigo art) Dairantou Smash Brothers DX Kiosk Demo (retail art, green luigi sticker) DreamMix TV World Fighters Trial Disc (Kiosk) E-Catalog Spring 2003 115 interactive disc catalog (Pack in with Pokémon box / Rune II, Family Stadium 2003, pink) E-Catalog Summer 2003 116 interactive disc catalog (Enjoy Plus: came with console and GB Player,blue) E-Catalog 2004 (Club Nintendo, gold) Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo Discs (Interactive Multi-Game, Store kiosk) D28J - 2002.4.4 -2002.5.1 -2002.6.1 -2002.7.1 -2002.7.10 D37J - 2002.8.1 - 2002.11.1 (Disc A and B) D44J - 2002.12.1 (2 discs) - 2003.1.1 (Disc A and B) D52J - 2003.5.1 D54J - 2003.6.1 - 2003.7.1 - 2003.8.1 (Disc B) D63J - 2003.9.1 D64J - 2003.10.1 D65J - 2003.11.1 (2 discs) - 2003.12.1 (Disc A and B) - 2004.1.1 - 2004.2.1 D75J - 2004.3.1 - 2004.5.1 - 2004.7.1 D93J - 2005.1.1 D94J - 2005.3.1 D95J - 2005.3.1 D96J - 2005.4.1 2005.5.1 (not sure on serial) D98J - 2005.6.1 2005.7.1 (not sure on serial) E22J - 2005.8.1 E23J - 2005.9.1 - 2005.10.1 - 2005.11.1 [2 variants, one orange disc, one green disc] E26J - 2005.12.1 - 2006.2.1 - 2006.3.1 - 2006.4.1 E33J - 2006.5.1 - 2006.9.1 Game Taikai Yuushou Kinen: Tokusei Smash Bros DX Movie Disc (Japan Smash Bros tournament winners, gold art) Homeland Trial Version (Pre-release lottery, winners were able to preorder homeland w/broadband adapter and this disc) Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senshitachi no Kiseki Special Disc Luigi's Mansion Kiosk Demo Mario Party 4 Event Disc (Mini-game mode only, Pink art) Mario Special Disc July 2002 (E3 Mario Sunshine demo) Metal Gear Special Disc (bonus disc from premium edition of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes) Naruto collection Tomy special disk Pacman Vs. Club Nintendo (*) Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Trial Edition Pikmin Kiosk Demo Pokémon Colosseum Tokusei Bonus Disc (Celebi, Video Previews) Pokémon Colosseum Kakuchou Bonus Disc (Celebi, Pokemon Channel demo) Pokémon Channel: Bangumi Kakuchou Pack bonus disc Rune II Demo Disc (Nintendo Dream Magazine) SD Gundam Gashapon Wars Trial version Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II Kiosk Demo(*) Tower of Druga, The (pre-order bonus for Baten Kaitos) WWE Wrestlemania X8 Trial Version (slim CD jewel case) KEY: (Region-Console) indicates game may not be an exclusive, but not released for GCN in North America. * = Released in the US either in a different form or with differences worth noting. Compiled November 2019, a labor of by drxandy for videogamesage.com Thanks: craigly1234, Galdius, MegaMan52, UBG, Nintendo4Life87, spacepup
  6. Noticed a lack of PS2 info here (and on the internet in general) and thought this might be a good place to collaborate with other PS2 collectors to finally compile a definite PS2 list. I've been working on this list for a few years now, flushing out variants and oddities along with the standard "black label" and Greatest Hits sets. I've been working with a few people over the years.....MurdockEx, Supernintender, and a few other people (chime in below if you're here!) to try to compile this list, and I'm still finding variants, so this list is fluid. I will try to keep it updated and edit it to reflect the change and the date changes were made. PLEASE, if you see anything you think is incorrect, let me know so I can look into it. I have been collecting photos of everything on this list, but that doesn't mean something I've found isn't fake. Also, we can argue about the placement in the list of the .dot Hack games and the Disney Games later.... Things to Keep in Mind - (This is a work in progress!) "Black Label" Games What I consider "Black Label" may not be the true "first release" - For instance, any game that came with a movie ticket (having a callout on the front art for that ticket) may in fact be the first release, as they probably came out right before or while that movie was still in theaters. When that movie left theaters they reprinted the art without that "movie ticket" callout on front and removed the ticket. Therefore the "plain" art without the callout on front is actually the variant to the original "movie ticket" version To keep things simple, however, we consider any game without a callout on the front as the "black label" version, and any version that has an added callout on the front for something included with the game as the "black label variant". Greatest Hits Greatest Hits games can be found in 2 versions, Official released GH games and "Sticker" GH games. From my understanding (Supernintener can probably help me clear this up), at some point when a game was set to be released as a GH title, Sony sent out Greatest Hits stickers to place at the top on the backstock of black label titles to help them sell that inventory before they received their shipment of the GH version of those titles. As a result there are certain game that have both official and sticker GH versions. Then there are some games where there only seem to be a few sticker GH versions found, no official release. The thought is that some retailers may have placed those GH stickers on games that were not set to get an official GH release, mainly to be able to mark those games at GH prices and sell them cheaper. On the Greatest Hits page I will work on listing any "Sticker" Greatest Hits Games that have been found, but if they have no official GH release we do not count them towards the total number of GH games released. Variants Variants refer to any version of the game besides the normal Black Label release (see above). This includes everything below. In the case of Part of Set/NFR games they are included on the variant list as well as the "Multi-Game Sets list". This is done so you know that you need to watch out for these games that came as a part of a set, as they often get separated from the larger set and resold individually in the secondary market. Variant Terms/Naming: Art Variant (any major change to the artwork besides adding a "bonus" callout to the front) Movie Ticket Variant/Cover Callout (free movie ticket inside added) Bonus Item Variant/Cover Callout (free comic book or guide book or other bonus callout on the front or back) Error Variant (Artwork with an error that was later fixed) Magazine Variant (Free magazine subscription callout, usually on back) Rental Store Variant (Movie store rental art that is different then the actual released art) Not For Resale/NFR (Games marked NFR on the front, not to be confused with the NFR/Part of set - see below) Part of a Set/NFR Variant (Games that came as part of a set - usually marked as NFR- Part of set on the back) Publisher Variant (Games that changed publishers and have versions with altered/changed publisher logos) Bonus Disk Variant (Games that came with a free CD/DVD/Demo disc) Collectors/Special Edition (Games that came in a special edition with different art/bonuses) UPC Variant (games that have multiple UPC versions) SLUS/SKUS Variant (Games with multiple/errors to the SLUS/SKUS number) Canadian Variant (NTSC Games that have a Canadian Version, usually bilingual) Disc Variant (Games where the art on the disc changed/disc went from Blue to silver) Lists will be below......(Stay tuned...)
  7. Here's a little something I threw together.... please add / subtract / whatever is needed to finalize the list for all. Publishers covered are Bradygames, Nintendo, Prima, and Versus Books. Gamecube Strategy Guide List by Publisher Publisher Comments Bradygames Baten Kaitos Batman: Dark Tomorrow Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu Batman: Vengeance Beyond Good and Evil Bill Hatcher and the Giant Egg Bloody Roar Primal Fury Defender Dr. Muto Enter the Matrix Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Gotcha Force Gun Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Hulk Killer 7 Mario Party 4 Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Megaman Network Transmission Metroid Prime Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Narnia P.N.03 Pokemon Colosseum Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Resident Evil Resident Evil 2 / Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil Zero Shark Tale Soul Caliber II Spartan Total Warrior Spider-Man Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man, Ultimate Spy Hunter Starfox Adventures Super Smash Bros Melee Tak: The Great JuJu Tales of Symphonia Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Tony Hawk's Underground Tony Hawk's Underground 2 True Crime: NYC True Crime: Streets of LA Viewtiful Joe WWE Day of Reckoning 2 WWE WrestleMania X8 X-Men III X-Men Legends X-Men Legends II Zelda: Windwaker Zelda: Windwaker (Toys R Us exclusive stickers cover) Nintendo Animal Crossing Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Luigi's Mansion Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Player's Choice Variant) Pikmin Pikmin 2 Pokémon Colosseum Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness Star Fox Adventures Star Fox Assault Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Super Mario Sunshine Super Smash Bros. Melee The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (Player's Choice Variant) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Prima 007: Everything or Nothing 007: From Russia with Love 007: Nightfire Animal Crossing Batman Begins BloodRayne Catwoman Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Dead to Rights Def Jam Vendetta Die Hard Vendetta DragonBall Z: Budokai Fight Night: Round 2 Freedom Fighters Gamecube Collection: Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros Melee, Pikmin, Waverace Bluestorm Gauntlet Dark Legacy Geist Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde GoldenEye Rogue Agent Hobbit Legends of Wrestling Lego Star Wars II Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Lost Kingdoms Luigi's Mansion Madden 2003 Madden 2004 Madden 2006 Mario Kart Double Dash Mario Party 5 Medal of Honor: European Assault Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Metroid Prime (w/ Metroid Fusion) NBA Live 06 NBA Street Vol 02 NCAA Football 2003 Need for Speed Underground 2 Pac-Man World 2 Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution Pikmin Pokemon Colosseum Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (EB Games cover) Red Faction Resident Evil Resident Evil 2 / Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Robotech Battlecry Sims 2: Pets Skies of Arcadia Legends Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Spyro: A Hero's Tail Spyro: Enter the Dragon SSX 3 Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Star Wars: Clone Wars Starfox Adventures Super Mario Sunshine Super Monkey Ball 2 Super Smash Bros Melee Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams Tak: The Power of JuJu Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Time Splitters 2 Turok Evolution Urbz, Sims in the City Vex Warioworld WWE Day of Reckoning WWE Wrestlemania X8 WWE WrestleMania XIX Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Falsebound Kingdom Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Gamestop exclusive cover) Zelda: Twilight Princess Zelda: Windwaker Versus Books Evolution Worlds Luigi's Mansion Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (covers Sonic Advance as well) Star Wars: Jedi Knight II Outcast Starfox Adventures Super Mario Sunshine Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Other / Random EGM Guides Volume 01 - Super Mario Sunshine Robotech Battlecry Hint Book by Prima (pack in to game) Die Hard Vendetta Hint Book by Prima (pack in to game) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Hint Book by Bradygames (pack in to game)
  8. This weeks list is the confirmed CHN list. All the games in the list are for Hong Kong area DMG 101 CHN Super Mario Land DMG 102 CHN Dr. Mario DMG 103 CHN F1 Race DMG 104 CHN Tetris DMG 105 CHN Yakuman DMG 106 CHN Tennis DMG 107 CHN Ganso!! Yancha Maru DMG 108 CHN Ninja Spirit DMG 109 CHN Match-Mania DMG 110 CHN R-Type II DMG 111 CHN Milon's Secret Castle DMG 112 CHN Adventure Island II: Aliens in Paradise DMG 113 CHN Bomber Boy DMG 114 CHN Daruman Busters DMG 115 CHN Blaster Master Jr. DMG 116 CHN Sagaia DMG 117 CHN Elevator Action DMG 118 CHN Bubble Bobble DMG 119 CHN Chase H.Q. DMG 120 CHN Solar Striker DMG 121 CHN Genki Bakuhatsu Gambaruger DMG 122 CHN Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh DMG 123 CHN Zoids Densetsu DMG 124 CHN Miracle Adventure Esparks DMG 125 CHN Solomon's Club DMG 126 CHN NINJA GAIDEN SHADOW DMG 127 CHN Parasol Henbee DMG 128 CHN Lock'n'chase DMG 129 CHN Burgertime Deluxe DMG 130 CHN Super Chinese Land DMG 131 CHN Flying Dragon Cuff DMG 132 CHN MARIO & YOSHI DMG 133 CHN Bubble Bobble Junior DMG 134 CHN Side Pocket DMG 201 CHN Gargoyle's Quest (The Demon Darkness) DMG 202 CHN Bionic Commando DMG 203 CHN Mega Man II DMG 204 CHN Gb Genjin(Bonk's Adventure) DMG 205 CHN Kirby's Dream Land DMG 206 CHN Metroid II DMG 207 CHN Carpenter Genzo: Robot Empire DMG 208 CHN Carpenter Genzo: Ghost Kingdom DMG 209 CHN The Three Kingdoms DMG 210 CHN Yu Yu Hakusho DMG 211 CHN Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-2-dan - Ankoku Bujutsukai DMG 212 CHN Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-3-Dan - Makai No Tobirahen DMG 213 CHN Yu Yu Hakusho Dai-4-Dan - Makai Touitsu DMG 214 CHN Super Chinese Land 3 DMG 215 CHN GB Genjin Land DMG 216 CHN Takahashi Masato Adventure Island 3 DMG 217 CHN Bomber Man Gb 2 DMG 218 CHN GB Genjin 2 DMG 401 CHN Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins DMG 402 CHN Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land DMG 403 CHN Donkey Kong DMG 404 CHN World Heroes 2 Jet DMG 405 CHN Nettou Garou Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai DMG 406 CHN Nettou Samurai Spirits DMG 407 CHN The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DMG 408 CHN Sd Flying Dragon Cuff DMG 601 CHN 4-In-1: Nintendo DMG 602 CHN 4-In-1: Taito DMG 603 CHN 4-In-1: Tomy DMG 604 CHN 4-In-1: Irem DMG 605 CHN 4-In-1: Hudson
  9. I found this list a while back. It was originally on the Sega website. It looks like it is not there any longer. I had also found it on CyberiaPC but I can no longer access that either. I wanted to put it here in case anybody needed or wanted it. The list contains 248 Sega Dreamcast games, and unless I am mistaken is a list released by Sega themselves. DC checklist.pdf
  10. Challenger [Asian] Unlicensed NESA-P-CG Nintendo Challenger Unlicensed Circus Charlie Unlicensed Nintendo Clu Clu Land Licensed Nintendo Cobra Triangle Licensed NES-CU-ASI Nintendo Donkey Kong Licensed Nintendo Donkey Kong 3 Licensed Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr. Licensed NES-JR-ASI Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr. Math Licensed Nintendo Duck Hunt Licensed Nintendo Excite Bike Licensed Nintendo Golf Licensed NES-GF-ASI Nintendo Gum Shoe Licensed NES-GS-ASI Nintendo Hi-Q SPICA Unlicensed Hogan's Alley Licensed NES-HA-ASI Nintendo Ice Climber Licensed Nintendo Ice Hockey Licensed NES-HY-ASI Nintendo Kid Icarus Licensed NES-KI-ASI Nintendo Kung Fu Licensed NES-SX-ASI Nintendo Legend of Zelda, The Licensed NES-ZL-ASI Nintendo Mach Rider Licensed Nintendo Mario Bros., The Original Licensed Nintendo Metroid Licensed NES-MT-ASI Nintendo Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!Licensed NES-PT-ASI Nintendo New Ghostbusters II Unlicensed NES-QD-ASI HAL Pinball Licensed Nintendo Popeye Licensed Nintendo "Pro Wrestling" Licensed Nintendo R.C. Pro-Am Licensed NES-PM-ASI Nintendo Rad Racer Licensed Nintendo Soccer Licensed Nintendo "Super Mario Bros." Licensed NES-SM-ASI Nintendo Super Mario Bros. - Duck Hunt Licensed NES-MH-ASI Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 2 Licensed NES-MW-ASI Nintendo Super Mario Bros. II Unlicensed ASI Nintendo Tennis Licensed NESA-P-TE Nintendo Tetris Licensed NES-EI-ASI Nintendo Volleyball Licensed Nintendo Wild Gunman Licensed Nintendo Wrecking Crew Licensed Nintendo Zelda II - The Adventure of Link Licensed NES-AL-ASI Nintendo
  11. Good day all, I wanted to start a manual list for a very long time but was not sure on where to start this. With the demise of NA and the pain of working a website myself, i think VGS is the place i will start and see what this will become. for now i will only include the US variants for DMG games. other List will be working as time goes on. someone tell me how to make this a table..... DMG-AE-USA-1-M Aerostar (Sunsoft Label) DMG-A9-USA-1-M Alien vs. Predator: The Last of His Clan DMG-AW-USA-1-M Alleyway DMG-AW-USA-2-M Alleyway DMG-PN-USA-1-M Amazing Penguin DMG-AMCE-USA-G-M Arcade Classics #1: Asteroids / Missile Command (Super Game Boy Booklet) DMG-ACPE-USA-1-M Arcade Classics #2: Centipede / Millipede DMG-ACPE-USA-G-M Arcade Classics #2: Centipede / Millipede (Super Game Boy Booklet) DMG-BS-USA-1-M Baseball DMG-BR-USA-1-M Battle Bull DMG-UB-USA-2-M Blades of Steel DMG-UB-USA-1-M Blades of Steel (Konami Label) DMG-GL-USA-1-M Boggle Plus (Manual) DMG-GK-USA-2-M Bonk's Adventure DMG-B2-USA-1-M Bubble Bobble (Natsume Label) DMG-LX-USA-1-M Bubble Bobble: Part 2 (Natsume Label) DMG-BY-USA-2-M Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 , The DMG-BY-USA-1-M Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 , The (Player's Choice) DMG-BB-USA-1-M Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, The (Player's Choice) DMG-AG-USA-1-M Buster Bros. DMG-YS-USA-1-M Daffy Duck DMG-YS-USA-2-M Daffy Duck DMG-DC-USA-1-M Darkwing Duck (Sunsoft Label) DMG-LD-USA-2-M Disney's The Little Mermaid DMG-QD-USA-2-M Donkey Kong DMG-QD-USA-1-M Donkey Kong (Player's Choice) DMG-QD-USA-G-M Donkey Kong (Super Game Boy Booklet) DMG-YT-USA-2-M Donkey Kong Land (Player's Choice, Rated E) DMG-ADDE-USA-1-M Donkey Kong Land 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (NFR) DMG-ZS-USA-1-M Donkey Kong Land 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (Player's Choice) DMG-ADDE-USA-2-M Donkey Kong Land 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (Player's Choice) DMG-D2-USA-BW-M Double Dragon II (BW Manuel) DMG-VU-USA-2-M Dr. Mario (Player's Choice, Rated E) DMG-DL-USA-1-M Dragon's Lair: The Legend (Ubisoft Label) DMG-DT-USA-1-M DuckTales DMG-DT-USA-2-M DuckTales DMG-EA-USA-1-M Elevator Action (Natsume Label) DMG-C6-USA-1-M Felix the Cat (Electro-Brain Label) DMG-FF-USA-1-M Final Fantasy Adventure (Sunsoft Label) DMG-S2-USA-1-M Final Fantasy Legend II (Sunsoft Label) DMG-OS-USA-1-M Final Fantasy Legend III (Sunsoft Label) DMG-HK-USA-1-M Fist of the North Star DMG-AGAE-USA-2-M Game & Watch Gallery DMG-GB-USA-2-M Ghostbusters II DMG-GO-USA-2-M Golf DMG-GO-USA-3-M Golf DMG-GR-USA-1-M Gremlins 2: The New Batch DMG-AH-USA-1-M Home Alone II: Lost in New York DMG-HF-USA-1-M Hunt For Red October, The DMG-DW-USA-1-M Hyperdunk DMG-JP-USA-2-M Jeopardy! DMG-JP-USA-3-M Jeopardy! DMG-J7-USA-2-M Jungle Book, The DMG-DF-USA-1-M Kid Dracula (Alt Konami Logo Label) DMG-KY-USA-1-M Kirby's Dream Land DMG-AKBE-USA-2-M Kirby's Dream Land 2 DMG-AKBE-USA-G-M Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Super Game Boy Booklet) DMG-K9-USA-1-M Kirby's Pinball Land DMG-ZL-USA-1-M Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, The @0xDEAFC0DE DMG-ZL-USA-2-M Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, The DMG-ZL-USA-3-M Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, The @0xDEAFC0DE DMG-ZL-USA-4-M Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, The (Ice Blue Gameboy Pocket) @0xDEAFC0DE DMG-ALNE-USA-1-M Lion King, The (THQ Label) DMG-LN-USA-1-M Looney Tunes DMG-MB-USA-1-M Marble Madness DMG-APCE-USA-G-M Mario's Picross (Super Game Boy Booklet) DMG-W2-USA-1-M Mega Man II (Player's Choice) DMG-RW-USA-1-M Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Player's Choice) DMG-ME-USA-2-M Metroid II: Return of Samus DMG-ME-USA-3-M Metroid II: Return of Samus DMG-MC-USA-2-M Mickey's Dangerous Chase DMG-MC-USA-1-M Mickey's Dangerous Chase DMG-M8-USA-2-M Milon's Secret Castle DMG-M8-USA-1-M Milon's Secret Castle (Electro-Brain) DMG-LY-USA-1-M Monopoly DMG-C9-USA-1-M Mortal Kombat DMG-AMKE-USA-1-M Mortal Kombat II DMG-MH-USA-1-M Mouse Trap Hotel DMG-GP-USA-1-M Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise (Electro Brain) DMG-N4-USA-1-M Ms. Pac Man DMG-NM-USA-BW-M Nemesis (BW Manual) DMG-UP-USA-1-M Ninja Taro DMG-NY-USA-1-M Nobunaga's Ambition DMG-MP-USA-1-M Paperboy DMG-PW-USA-1-M Penguin Wars DMG-D8-USA-1-M Pinball Dreams DMG-APEE-USA-1-M Pokémon Blue Version DMG-APAE-USA-2-M Pokémon Red Version DMG-QT-USA-1-M Q*Bert DMG-RV-USA-1-M Race Drivin DMG-RM-USA-1-M Radar Mission DMG-SS-USA-1-M Solar Striker DMG-SP-USA-3-M Space Invaders DMG-SP-USA-G-M Space Invaders (Super Game Boy Booklet) DMG-SP-USA-1-M Space Invaders: The Arcade Game DMG-SP-USA-2-M Space Invaders: The Arcade Game DMG-LM-USA-1-M Spanky's Quest DMG-G6-USA-1-M Speedy Gonzales DMG-NU-USA-1-M Star Trek: The Next Generation DMG-WS-USA-2-M Star Wars DMG-WS-USA-1-M Star Wars DMG-EB-USA-1-M Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, The (Ubisoft Label) DMG-ASFE-USA-2-M Street Fighter II DMG-N6-USA-1-M Super Battletank DMG-ML-USA-1-M Super Mario Land DMG-ML-USA-4-M Super Mario Land DMG-ML-USA-5-M Super Mario Land DMG-ML-USA-7-M Super Mario Land DMG-ML-USA-2-M Super Mario Land DMG-MQ-USA-3-M Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins DMG-MQ-USA-4-M Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins DMG-RC-USA-1-M Super R.C. Pro-Am Racing DMG-LS-USA-1-M Tale Spin (Sunsoft Label) DMG-ZT-USA-1-M Taz-Mania DMG-ZT-USA-2-M Tazmanian Devil Island Chase - Looney Tunes 2 DMG-TL-USA-1-M Tecmo Bowl (No Football Label) DMG-TN-USA-1-M Tennis DMG-TR-USA-3-M Tetris DMG-TR-USA-4-M Tetris DMG-TR-USA-6-M Tetris DMG-TR-USA-1-M Tetris DMG-TR-USA-2-M Tetris DMG-EH-USA-G-M Tetris 2 (Super Game Boy Booklet) DMG-EH-USA-1-M Tetris 2 DMG-ATRE-USA-2-M Tetris Plus DMG-TX-USA-1-M Tiny Toon Adventures: Bab's Big Break DMG-UR-USA-2-M Turn and Burn: The F-14 Dogfight Simulator DMG-EE-USA-1-M Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! DMG-WJ-USA-1-M Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 DMG-WA-USA-2-M Wave Race DMG-WA-USA-3-M Wave Race DMG-WA-USA-4-M Wave Race DMG-WF-USA-4-M Wheel of Fortune DMG-WZ-USA-1-M Word Zap DMG-YG-USA-1-M Yogi Bear in Yogi Bear's Goldrush DMG-YO-USA-1-M Yoshi DMG-YO-USA-2-M Yoshi
  12. I guess I'll start. I've been collecting complete NES games since the late 90's and I've always been picky about making sure the games are as close to brand new as possible. Meaning I like them to have all the original items that were included when they were brand new. I definitely feel like I am in the Top 10 OCD collector's when it comes to this but I wouldn't be surprised if others are worse off than me. Also note that this information mostly applies to licensed games. Alright, down the rabbit hole we go: BACK LABEL (Gold) Label 1 - Summer 1987 - Spring 1988 Label 2 - Spring 1988 - Summer 1988 (rare) Label 3 - Summer 1988 - Winter 1988/89 Label 4 - Winter 1988/89 - Summer 1992 Label 5 - Summer 1992 - Winter 1993/94 Label 6 - Winter 1993/94 - Winter 1994/95 Label 7 - January 1993 ("Overlord" only) (Special thanks to OxDEAFC0DE for finding about this one) BOXES There are only 3 different styles of the regular sized boxes: 1. Paperboard which is used for the majoroty of games. 2. Cheaper white Paperboard is used for games not manufactured in Japan as well as Unlicensed games. These are more flimsy and are more susceptible to damage. 3. Athletic World Round Seal with flap on bottom. There are 5 different games that came in big boxes: 1. Arkanoid 2. Gyromite 3. Miracle Piano Teaching System 4. Stack-Up 5. Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? FOLD OUT POSTERS/PAMPHLETS All Nintendo published NES games came with a poster, fold out, pamphlet, whatever you want to call it showing the more popular games that you were able to buy at the store. 1985 - R.O.B. Poster (The Nintendo Game Plan) Lasted from Fall 1985 to about Summer of 1986 1986 - R.O.B. Poster (The Nintendo Game Plan) Lasted from Summer 1986 to about Fall of 1987 1987 - R.O.B. Poster (Now You're Playing With Power.) Lasted from Fall 1987 to about Summer 1988 1988 - (Now You're Playing With Power!) Lasted from Summer 1988 to about Fall of 1989 1989 - (Now You're Playing With Power!) Lasted from Fall 1989 to about Summer of 1990 1990 - 4PL-NES-USA (4 Player Game) Lasted from Summer to about Fall - 4PL-NES-USA-1 (4 Player Game) Lasted from Fall to about Winter - GP-NES-USA (Now You're Playing With Power) Lasted from Summer 1990 to about Summer 1992 1992 - GP-NES-USA-1 (Classic Action Classic Challenges) Lasted from Summer 1992 to about Summer of 1993 1993 - GP-NES-USA-2 (Classic Action Classic Challenges) Lasted from Summer 1993 to Winter 1994 NINTENDO POWER SUBSCRIPTION INSERTS All officially licensed games came with a Nintendo Power subscription insert starting in 1988 and would vary from year to year. 1987 - Nintendo Fun Club (Free Membership!) Lasted from Summer to about Winter - Nintendo Fun Club REV-1 (Free Membership!) Lasted from Winter 1987 to about Summer 1988 1988 - PMG-US (Introducing Nintendo Power) Lasted from Summer 1988 to about Spring 1989 1989 - PMG-PT-USA (Super Mario Bros 2.) - PMG-QU-USA (Castlevania II) - PMG-VR-USA (Track & Field II) - PMG-MW-USA (Zelda II) All 4 inserts are random and lasted from Spring 1989 to about Spring of 1990 1990 - PMG-AA-USA (Becky Delong) - PMG-BB-USA (Jamie Clark) - PMG-CC-USA (Jeff Benson) - PMG-DD-USA (Marty Ramirez) All 4 inserts are random and lasted from Spring 1990 to about Summer 1990 - PMG-USA (Nintendo Power Dude) Lasted from Summer 1990 to about Spring 1991 1991 - PMG-USA-1 (Danger!!!) Lasted from Spring 1991 to about Spring 1992 1992 - GP-NES-USA (Ultimate One-Up!) Lasted from Spring 1992 to about Summer 1993 1993 - GP-NES-USA-1 (Woah!) Lasted from Summer 1993 to Winter 1994 PLASTIC BAGS As far as I know there are only 4 different plastic bag designs: 1. Standard design with small hole in the middle 2. Standard design with bigger hole in the middle 3. Special design bag with huge hole in it which was exclusive to both gold cart Zelda games. This was so the gold would shine through the shrinkwrap better. 4. Cheaper quality bag with small ridges on the top that came with games not manufactured in Japan. Acclaim, LJN, Virgin, etc. PRECAUTION BOOKLETS Most games released between 1992-1994 came with a fold out Precaution Booklet: 1. NES-USA/CAN-1 (1992-1993) First prints of these were actually stapled. 2. NES-USA/CAN-2 (1993-1994) 3. NES-USA/CAN-3 (1994) PRINT DATES Starting sometime in 1988, boxes and manuals now had what's known as print dates. They appear on the right tab of the box as well as the last page of the manual in the bottom right corner. These consist of 5 digit numbers which translate to: Y/MM/DD so for example 81222 means it was printed on 1988 December 22. Also for chip dates most are printed as a four digit code. So for example 9017 translates into 1990 Week 17. There are 52 weeks in a year so week 17 would be April 23rd - 29th. Some chips however are more cryptic and require some work to translate. (Special thanks to the VGS members for finding out about this one.) SEAL OF QUALITY There are two different Nintendo Seal of Quality seals: 1. Original first print games from October 1985 - February 1989 had the Round Seal 2. Games from March 1989 - December 1994 had the Oval Seal. SHRINKWRAP At least 3 styles of shrinkwrap: 1. Almost all officially licensed games have what's known as a y-fold horizontal seam on the back. 2. Very few third party games are known to not have the traditional horizontal seam. 3. Cheaper made shrinkwrap for games not manufactured in Japan. Has a vertical overlap seal as well as seams all around the box. SLEEVES All Nintendo published games had the Nintendo sleeve. All third party licensed games had a plain black sleeve. It's possible some other companies may have used Nintendo sleeves as well but we need more info on this. There are actually 3 different types of sleeves for both Nintendo and Third Party: 1. Nintendo sleeve with smooth cracked design (All games released between 1985-1990) 2. Nintendo sleeve with a textured design (All games released between 1990-1993) 3. Nintendo sleeve with a textured design but the logo is shiny (All games released between 1993-1994) 1. Black sleeve with smooth cracked design (All games released between 1986-1991) 2. Black sleeve with a textured design (All games released between 1991-1994) 3. Black sleeve with a very rough texture and cheap feel to it. These came with the few licensed games not manufactured in Japan by Nintendo like Overlord, Wizards & Warriors III, and Terminator 2 for example. (1991-1993?) Need help with these releases dates. The sleeves got thinner and softer each year as well. For example the original Black Box games sleeves from 1985 feel hard and stiff compared to later ones. I've been doing this for so long now I can almost tell which sleeve goes to which year just by the feel of it. STICKER SEALS There are at least two different sticker seals: 1. Original first print Black Box games had a matte sticker seal 2. Later print Black Box games had a glossy sticker seal STYROFOAM PIECES There are at least 5 different types of Styrofoam pieces: 1. Original design which used bigger polystyrene beads 2. Original design which used smaller polystyrene beads 3. Cheaper design with a very rough texture feel to it. These came with the few licensed games not manufactured in Japan. 4. Much thinner and is slightly blue looking in color (All games that came with the tall SNES style manuals) 5. Custom sized one for Monster in my Pocket so that the included figure could fit. Also did you know there is a correct way to insert the styrofoam? Look for the side that has marks that look like a n or u design. Turn it to where it looks like a n, then flip it upside down and slide it into the box. That mark is caused by the two tabs at the bottom of the box. (I told you I was OCD with this) 6. It is now confirmed that some games like Captain Planet actually came with a hollowed out cardboard piece instead of styrofoam. Not much is known about this and needs more research. WARNING SHEETS Most games starting around 1989 started coming with warning sheets, there are: 1. Gray Epilepsy Sheet - NES-DOC-USA (1989) 2. Pink Caution Sheet - Not a whole lot is known about these yet as they were available for a very brief time. (1989-1990?) 3. Yellow Rear Projector TV Sheet - NES-RPTV-USA (1990) 4. Gray Epilepsy Sheet - same as 1989 (1991) 5. Gray Epilepsy Sheet - same as 1989 (1992) 6. Gray Epilepsy Sheet - NES-DOC-USA/CAN (1993) I'm not sure why some games have this and some have the Precaution Booklet. MISC. SIDE NOTES 1. Most first print Nintendo published games from 1988 did not have the seal of quality on the cart label. 2. Most games from 1990 and after seem to have a matching 5 digit number on the right tab of the box and on the last page of the manual. 3. All boxes that say Rev. A indicate that the game is a 3 screw or 3 security bit type. 4. Just like the Nintendo Power inserts, some of these items listed above would carry over to the early next year. 5. Some games had multiple variants and include a -1,-2, or * next to the game code. 6. All games released during and after summer 1992 now had a new back label which was now in English and French with the code NES-USA/CAN. 7. Most games from 93-94 used what appear to be galvanized screws instead of nickel plated screws to hold the cart together. I think that about covers it for now. If I am missing some things please let me know. *All of the information provided in this guide may not be reproduced, displayed on any website, or distributed publicly under any circumstance without my permission*
  13. Here is a link to what Myself and @goldenpp72 were using as our "complete" series award list. It may be different now, because I never update it (goldenpp72 does all the work, I just created the initial sheet). VGS Complete series Spreadsheet We may use it for awards in the future. Open to discussion and comments
  14. NEWLY ADDED GAMES AS OF NOVEMBER 16TH 2016 Tingles Rosy Rupeeland Retro Game Challenge This is meant to be a list of hidden DS gems that most people have not heard about, yet are really good. Feel free to let me know what you think of this list. I hope some of you look these games up and track them down and play them! Please share the love and spread the word to your friends about these great DS gems. I will be updating this list once or twice a year as I play more games in the library. I've listed a brief (or sometimes in depth) summary for each game, the average price you can get each game for, other games that are similar to these hidden gems, and some screenshots from each game. About half of these hidden gems will cost you only $10 for just the cart. The other ones are a little pricier, but are totally worth it. The lower price for each game usually reflects the price for just the cart, while the higher price is usually the price for a complete (but not sealed) copy. Here are the best hidden gems on the Nintendo DS that I've come across so far: 1) Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 1 and 2 - (I'm lumping these together too) If you love pokemon or digimon, these games are for you! Go buy these games now! They're both cheap and very fun and even pretty long unlike most pokemon games. I actually think these games are better than pokemon, and dragon quest monsters joker 1 is one, if not my favorite DS game. Psssst, check out the dragon warrior remake for the Japanese 3DS called Terry's No Wonderland 3D...IT'S AWESOME!!! Similar games to this: Pokemon, digimon world ds, digimon world dawn, digimon world dusk. Price for these games: $5-25 2) Digimon world DS This really is one of my top 10 games of all time and I highly recommend anyone to get it and play it. It has dragon quest monster features and pokemon features, but with a totally new system for training monsters that is different from any other games I've played. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF BUYING FAKES OF THIS GAME! Similar games to this: Dragon quest monsters joker, and pokemon (kind of but not really). Price for this: $20-45 3) Digimon world dusk, and digimon world dawn - (I'm just lumping these 2 together. They're very similar to digimon world ds since they are the sequel to that game, and they're both very good). If you like digimon world ds, you'll love these. DO NOT GET Digimon world championship though! THAT GAME SUCKS!! PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF BUYING FAKES OF THESE GAMES! Similar games to this: Dragon quest monsters joker, and pokemon (kind of but not really). Price for these games: $20-45 each 4) Drone Tactics In this game, you control these bug robot things that they call drones, and you can have a maximum of 9 units per battle. All of your units gain experience from each battle, and level up just like units in Fire Emblem level up. Each unit has different movement values, some can fly, and some have different strengths in the weapons categories which are guns, melee, and canons. The snail unit is your base, where you can dock your other drones and heal them. You get to equip 1 weapon for each of the three weapon categories, and these can do anything from adding HP, to strengthening your weapon, to adding movement value. The main difference from Fire Emblem is that once your units die, they're permanently dead for that battle, but you can use them in future battles. There are also these cards that have different effects such as making your attacks stronger or healing your units, and these cards certainly add another strategic element to the game. The story is kinda just okay, but if you can get over that and the bug factor, then you'll love this game. There's another cool aspect which is called "The badlands". If you've played advance wars dual strike, it's similar to the war room, where you can play on levels that aren't part of the main story. The badlands is a useful thing to gain experience and cards. I highly recommend this game, especially if you like Fire Emblem, advance wars, luminous arc, or other strategy games. Similar games to this: Fire Emblem, Luminous Arc, Advance Wars Dual Strike Price for this game - $5-50 5) Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland What a great and unique game this is. It is much lengthier of a game than you would expect for something that was only given away as a Club Nintendo reward. In order to play this game, you'll need to buy a copy from someone probably in Europe since the U.S' club nintendo never got this reward. There are English versions of this game that were given out in Europe through club nintendo. I believe you can play it in one of 6 languages. The European cart WILL work on ANY DS or 3DS. Anywho, onto the game itself. You play this game as Tingle. Yes, that goofy guy from Zelda. This game is very unique in that your currency is also your health. You lose rupees slowly in battle, you obviously have to pay for stuff, and you lose and spend rupees in various ways throughout the game. Characters will often ask you how many rupees you want, as a reward, but if you are too greedy, they won't give you ANYTHING! For this reason, this game is most fun to play without looking up cheats for the maximum amount each person will give you. The world is pretty vast, the amount of items you can create through recipes is vast, there are lots of different enemies, lots of levels, lots of sidekick characters that help you throughout the game, and lots of humor. It's a really good game. The only downside is some people might think it's too long, and there is one part where you need to dig for stuff in a desert if I recall correctly. For that part, I HIGHLY recommend looking at a guide online. Other than that, there's really nothing to complain about. The battle system isn't complex, but it doesn't need to be. You just walk up to a monster and the more you tap the screen, the more damage you do. Even though it's pricey, this game is worth every penny. Some of the images below (the lesser quality ones) are images that I myself took. As you can see, there are some interesting bosses and humor. Similar games to this: Well it does have elements of Zelda in it. Also Paper Mario to some extent Price for this: - $40-70 6) Geometry wars galaxies This too is really great game. It gets insanely fast paced on some levels and you can forget getting a gold rank on some levels. You shoot a lot of enemies and are free to move around in an enclosed area. Sometimes virtually the whole area will be filled with enemies. Lots of replay value, lots of levels, and if you have the wii version, there are bonus levels you can get. Similar games to this: Not many...This is one crazy SHMUP Price for this - $4-10 7) Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales Just think of this as a mix up of mario party mini games, with a little flavor of yu-gi-oh dueling, but not really. Mix in a fun little chocobo birdy guy as who you play as, and you've got one extremely addicting game. Similar games to this: Like I said, a mix of mario party mini games with yu-gi-oh dueling. Price for this game: $7-25 8 ) Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime This is such a great spin off from the original dragon quest games. This is an insanely addicting and fun game and extremely fun in vs mode vs friends. Even if you don't like dragon warrior or dragon quest monster games, you HAVE TO TRY THIS! You play as a slime and have to free 100 other slimes, and you get to do all sorts of tank battles with all sorts of weapons that you create through mixing other items and weapons together. Similar games to this: Not many..... Price for this game: $13-35 9) Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution What a very hard game this is to master. I remember starting this game and not having a clue what to do. It takes quite a bit of learning to do well in this game, but deity mode is insanely fun. This game takes forever to do one game (sometimes 4-5hrs) but it is fun the whole time and makes for a perfect car ride game, or long night game. It's similar to age of empires, but not really the same. Similar games to this: Age of empires, advance wars dual strike Price for this game: $5-15 10) Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team DS A megaman game made the list?? Yes! Most people don't know about this game, because, well it's the same as the GBA version, except the one for the DS is a little updated and has both team colonel, and team protoman on it. What's even stranger is that megaman battle network 5 for the GBA was released in the US in June 2005. The DS version was released only 5 months later on November 1st. Megaman battle network 6 for the GBA was released in the US in June 2006, which is AFTER Megaman battle network 5 for the DS was released. Given all of this, the DS version didn't sell too well and most people don't know about it. If you're a fan of the megaman battle network series, you need to pick this game up! I also suggest you get this game even if you have played team colonel or team protoman on the GBA, because the DS version is a little different. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF BUYING FAKES OF THIS GAME! Similar games - Well, it's part of the megaman battle network series, so it's similar to megaman battle network 1-6. Price for this game: $15-25 11) Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over The Nexus Yes, I know this is a Yu-Gi-Oh game and that this is a well known franchise, but it deserves a spot here. Yu-Gi-Oh has definitely died down in popularity recently and many people might have missed this gem. I've played a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh games, but I have never put in 200+ hours into one of them, and I've never played one for 3 years straight except for this one. What makes this one different and worthy of this list is that the AI in this game is actually intelligent. This means that duels are MUCH tougher than in past Yu-Gi-Oh games. Your opponents also have VERY creative decks, with many being structured around a specific theme of monsters and this makes certain duelists very hard to beat. They have banned a lot of overly powerful cards that weren't banned in other games, which I actually think is a good thing because it makes you think more strategically and it makes the game more challenging. If you don't already know, Yu-Gi-Oh is a card game, a VERY strategic card game at that, so if you love strategy and card games, this is the game to pick up, more specifically, the best Yu-Gi-Oh game to pick up, and it has the most updated cards besides the latest 3DS Yu-Gi-Oh game that is still digital only. Similar games - Other Yu-Gi-Oh games Price for this game: $25-40 12) Retro Game Challenge Pretty solid game right here. If you've ever played NES remix for the 3DS or the Wii U, this is the same type of game. EXCEPT with retro game challenge, ALL of the mini games are made from scratch. Some games may remind you of popular titles like galaga, and rc pro am, but they're different, and some games have unfamiliar gameplay like this weird ninja game. All of the games have that 8 bit retro feel, and at first you'll be like, wait, are there some NES games I'm unaware of that these mini games are based off of? You go through different mini games trying to complete various challenges. It's pretty fun, and you can play each minigame individually after you beat the challenges for it. I really enjoyed star prince and the galaga styled mini games. Similar games - NES Remix Price for this game: $15-50 (The only place to find it for $15 cart only is at gamestop. Otherwise it's $30-35 loose online) 13) Super Robot Taisen: OG Saga I still haven't played this, but boy does it look good. I'm not quite sure it should be on here, seeing as how it is one of the most expensive DS games, which means a lot of people might already know about it. Having said that, I think it deserves to be on this list because it isn't a main series here in the U.S, and only 3 Super Robot games have ever been localized in the U.S (the other 2 being on the GBA). This game looks incredible. It's an RPG with a mix of humans and some robots, need I say more? PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF BUYING FAKES OF THIS GAME! Similar games - Other standard RPGs. This one looks different, and promising, and if the priciness of it is any indicator, it'll be a good game to finally get around to playing some day. Price for this game: $25-75 (Thats the price for loose copies and the price for complete copies without the bigger box and CD. A complete bigger box with the CD goes for $85+ and a sealed copy of that one goes for $110+) 14) Suikoden Tierkreis I also still haven't played this game. From what I've heard, this is some people's favorite DS game, and I haven't heard anything bad about it. It looks like an amazing RPG! Similar games - Other RPGS. Looks similar to your standard RPG, but still looks different enough. Again, I haven't heard anything bad about this one. Price for this game: $25-40 15) Black Sigil I still have not played this game yet either, and maybe it shouldn't be on the list since it's gotten some mixed reviews but it looks like a great RPG to me. Correct me if I'm wrong though guys. Until I play it, it'll stay up, unless a lot of people hate it. Similar games - Other RPGs. Looks similar to your standard RPG, but still looks different enough. Price for this game: $10-60 Let me know what you guys think and if you have anything to add! I'll be updating this every now and then, and may make more threads like this in the future!
  15. Rank A, S, and SS monster combinations/monster list. I can't find any synthesis guide for this game on the internet, so I decided it's time to create my own, especially since there is an English patch now. I'll be posting rank A, S and SS combinations since those are usually the harder to come by monsters. I will include pictures too when I can since just text can be confusing sometimes. Please please please add any combinations I don't already have in the comments section, or PM me. Hopefully the internet finds this thread useful. I will update this list over time. You can also email me your synthesis combinations (especially any SS combinations) at dqmjsynth@gmail.com EDIT: I did find a Japanese site with synthesis guides. While useful, it is still pretty confusing since the English names on the website don't quite match up to the names in the game. Anyways, here's the link to hopefully help you guys out! https://translate.google.com/tran... ***NOTE*** THESE ARE NOT ALL THE COMBINATIONS TO SYNTHESIZE THESE MONSTERS. SOME MONSTERS HAVE DOZENS OF COMBINATIONS FOR HOW YOU CAN CREATE THEM. Something else that might be useful towards the end game: After you beat snapped off, you'll get the sky riding ability, but the game doesn't tell you how to use it. You have to select and use the flight signal item from your item pouch. You can't just select empyrea to ride like you can with all the other monsters. Other useful information: You can find Spitnik in the fallen city in the center only during the day. You have to get to the very top of the center spire, then jump directly up as much as you can. That's where Spitnik will be. You won't be able to see him from the ground. In addition, he will not appear in the rain. He appears when it isn't raining, and also when it starts getting dark. Spitnik is very difficult to scout btw. After you scout Spitnik, you can immediately jump back up and fight and scout another Spitnik. The post game boss called Jormungandros is ridiculously difficult. He has a move called Scouter + which kills any monster in one hit, and it can target all monsters on the field at once. He's the hardest boss I've ever faced in a dragon warrior/quest monsters joker game. EDIT: I finally beat Jormungandros. The key to beating him is you have to blitz him and beat him within 10 turns I believe. If you don't beat him in 10 turns, he uses Scouter+ which destroys all your guys in one hit no matter what you do. You'll need some S ranked or higher monsters at higher levels as well as reviving items and just full on attack mode the whole battle if you want to win. No messing around with healing and whatnot. Go all out and blitz him. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Rank A Black Goyle = Metal King Slime + lots of stuff (such as small-fry). Blue Dragon = Minewt + Minewt Minewt = Coal slime + lots of stuff. Coal slimes can be found at Mt. Elpis. Dark Sabercat = Striking Sabercat + Dark Star Striking Sabercat = Pandora's Box + lots of stuff. OR King Slime + Mandrake Major Dark Skeleton = Skeleton soldier + dark star skeleton soldier = lots of combinations. Gigantis + lots of stuff is an easier combination. Dark star = spitnik + funky feta Funky feta = haardvark + spitegeist (both found in the wild.) Or demon cloud + whipped scream (both found in the wild.) Or lots of other combinations. Darkonium Slime = Hybird + lots of stuff. Darkwood Spirit = Sealamander + Mushroom mage. Both found in the wild. There are lots of other combinations to make Darkwood Spirit. Doom Groom = Equinox + lots of stuff. Drackyma = Drackmage + Lump mage Drackmage = Lump mage + Mushroom mage Equinox = (Snowbird + Snowbird) + (Firebird + Firebird). Both of these can be found in the wild. Equinox can also be found in the wild (when you use flight signal on the islands in the sky (spirit road) when you use the sky riding ability) after you beat snapped off the first time. Great Dragon = Liege Lizard + Elephant King Liege Lizard = Demon Cloud + lots of stuff like lively lizard (found in the wild) Elephant King = Leon Byblos + lots of stuff like haardvark (found in the wild) Gracos = Gracolyte + Mammon. Gracolyte is found under water at Mt elpis. Hybird = firebird + Mandrake monarch Both of these can be found at Mt. Elpis Ironclad Wartoise = Sealamander + Genie Sanguini. Both of these can be found in the wild. Jamirus = Gryphon + Demon Cloud Gryphon = Gigantis + lots of stuff Gigantis can be found in the wild inside the iron ark. Mammon = lots of stuff like slime + Sealamander. Both are found in the wild. Sealamander can be found in the sky when you use flight signal. Mechan-o-wyrm = Metal Dragon + Gold Slime. Metal Dragon can be found in the wild in the power plant. Gold Slime = Gold Golem + Metal Slime Gold Golem can be found by completing the challenge near the power plant when you fly up to the rock. Metal Slimes can be scouted in various places including the same path you go on to get gold golem, and also the place in the basement of the center building where you use the metal disk. Metal King Slime = 4 metal slimes to make 2 liquid metal slimes. You cannot make metal king slime using the liquid metal slime you get from the king Nochoro by trading in 30 mini medals. Mystic crusader = equinox + lots of stuff Royal Armoir = Pandora's Dresser + Mimic Wight King = (wight priest + wight priest) + (wight priest + wight priest). Wight priests are found in the wild in the cave at Mt. Elpis. Wyrtoise = Baron Knight + lots of stuff like lump wizard. Both of these can be found in the wild. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Rank S Azure Wyrm = Mandrake Master + Emperor Slime Belial = Balhib + Arch Demon Arch Demon = Lethal Armor + lots of stuff. Lethal armor can be found in the wild in the Iron ark. Black Dragon = Darkwood Spirit + Great Dragon Blight Armor = Lethal Armor + Doom Groom Calamity Blade Oren = (Dark Skeleton + Dark Skeleton) + (Dark Skeleton + Dark Skeleton) Crimson Wyrm = Mandrake Master + Darkonium Slime Dark Nebula = Mechan-o-wyrm + Doom Groom Deepdraco Gilgeesh = Wonder Wyrtle + Gaia Dragon Emperor Slime = (Darkonium Slime + Darkonium slime) + (Metal King Slime + Metal King Slime) Elysium Bird = Equinox + Garuda Garuda can be found in the wild (they're at the jail place during the daytime) Gaia Dragon = 4 Mandrake monarchs which can be found at Mt elpis Galbatross = Jamirus + Black Goyle Gem Slime = (Gold slime + Golden Pearl Slime) + (Gold Angel Slime + Gem Jamboree) Gold Slime = Gold Golem + Metal Slime (see mechan-o-wyrm for more details) Golden Pearl slime = Pearl slime + Gold slime Pearl slime = bad egg + lots of stuff Bad egg = truffle slime + ghost (both found in the wild). lots of other combinations too but this one is easy. Gold Angel Slime = Angel Slime + Gold slime Gem Jamboree = Slime stack + Gold Slime Godsteed = Equinox + Emperor Slime △ Hraesvel = Hybird + Doom Groom Jungle Guardian = Darkwood Spirit + Venus Guytrap Venus Guytrap = Equinox + Lethal Armour Jurassic Hell = Blue Dragon + Dark Sabercat Kabalna the Divine = Totem of Urubea + Empyrea. Totem of Urubea is found on the roof of Darkiron Bastille. Empyrea is given to you for free after you beat Snapped Off. Mandrake Master = Baron Knight + Mandrake Monarch (You can find both of these in the wild. Baron knight is in the darkiron bastille. Mandrake monarch is at Mt. Elpis) Moonlight Shogun = Calamity Blade Oren + Mandrake Master. Overkilling Machine = (Balhib + Balhib) + (Killing Machine + Killing Machine) Balhib = (dancing flame + frost flame) + (dancing flame + frost flame) Pazuzu = Batman drill + Doom groom Batmandrill = lots of stuff. An easy combination is frizzard + mangler. Mangler can be found in the wild when you create a disc using the phrase Big Kandor Sparkling Disc. *Note, you can only create disks (discs, however they're spelled) after you beat Snapped-Almighty Tactician Iddo = Mystic Crusader + Sealamander Mystic crusader = equinox + lots of stuff Equinox and Sealamander can be found in the wild (when you use flight signal on the islands in the sky (spirit road) when you use the sky riding ability) after you beat snapped off the first time. Tomahawk = Axesaurus + Geodraco Baugaia Axesaurus = Geodraco Baugaia + lots of stuff. Geodraco Baugaia = Leon Byblos + lots of stuff Leon Byblos can be found in the wild in the Core Depths. Wight Emperor = Wight King + Mystic Crusader Wight King = (wight priest + wight priest) + (wight priest + wight priest). Wight priests are found in the wild in the cave at Mt. Elpis. Wonder Wyrtle = Ironclad Wartoise + Wyrtoise ********************************************************************************************************************************************* ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Rank SS Battle Axesaur = Jurassic Hell + Tomahawk Belmud the Destroyer = Moonlight Shogun + Leon byblos. Leon byblos can be found in the wild in the core depths area kind of up in the ceiling at one part. Grancaesar = Black Dragon + Jungle Guardian Phantomount = Godsteed + Wonder Wyrtle Phoenix = Elysium Bird + Godsteed Platinum Slime = (Gem Slime + Gem Slime) + (Emperor Slime + Emperor Slime) Twilightmare = Empyrea + Godsteed All of the below information was sent to me from a mysterious guy named Terry. Thank you very much for all the new additions. I will organize these in due time. Here's what the mysterious guy named Terry had to say: When using the Metal or Shiny Disc, you can ride your monster to fly over the hill, finding even more rare metal monsters. After you got the Shiny Disc, you can find 1 Gem Slime every time you use the disc. The Gem Slime is on the very north, east, south or west hill. Beating the Gem Slime with fairy power x4 and the accessories "Bracelet of Happiness" (Exp Boost+) and "Pendant of Happiness" (Exp Boost SP) and the one time item "small lightbal" or "ball of light" results in 4.680.000 Exp for your monsters (with fairy power x8 it would be 9.360.000 Exp!). A Level 1 monster would be > level 50 afterwards. Having a monster with the trait "early bird" would guarantee you an attack on the Gem Slime before it could flee. Many S and SS rank monsters can be obtained as disc mission rewards. Do not waste your time trying to fusion all monsters. A fast way to get many S/SS monsters by mission disc rewards is to create your own discs, using the disc machine in Fallen City - Centre Building - B1. For Code #1 you could choose any word (gold sign is better than silver sign and silver sign is better than bronze sign), for Code #2 I used "Kandor" (gold sign), you should use a word of type "Collect" (or "Competition", see below). By choosing type "Collect", your mission will always be to collect 2 (with gold sign, 4 with silver sign and 6 with bronze sign) fairy powers in the world, but some of the worlds should be avoided since it can take a long time in those worlds to find both fairies. For Code #3 I used "Sparkling" or "Gorgeous" (both are gold signs), which give you a monster reward for fullfilling your mission. Gold sign will usually result in a rank SS monster, silver sign in a rank S monster and bronze sign in a rank A monster. If you have the money, make the disc level 100 right away, since your chances will be much higher that you get a monster after completing the mission (max. chance is 62,5%, usually 50%). For a high reward chance, you have to find the fairies fast, since you get a rank for your mission depending on the time you needed. A low mission rank will result in a very low chance to get your reward. The world in the disc is randomly chosen. Those words can be collected by doing certain things in the game, like putting 1000000 money on the bank in Fallen City - Central Building. There are 2 ways to make much gold fast. The first way requires luck, meaning it is possible to find gold harems or even gold golems in a world of a disc you created. Defeating them over and over again will get you a lot of money quickly (even more with accessories for gold boost). However, I have never encountered gold harems or gold golems in hundreds of discs I have created. Thus, the second way might be the way you wanna go: create a disc with gold reward: For Code #1 choose anything, for Code #2 choose a word of type "Competition" such as "Blue", "Rainy", "Stormy", "Genius" (all of them are gold signs) and for Code #3 choose a word of type gold reward, such as "Celebrity" or "Sparkly" (both are gold signs). Your mission will be to race through a few checkpoints as fast as you can. If you notice that your disc contains flying monsters, make a new one. Flying monsters are very annoying because often you cannot escape them and thus they will ruin your mission rank, since the clock is ticking. The race should take max. 1 minute (for S mission rank) and rewards you with 200000 gold. Almost complete synthesis list: Slime Family: Rank A: Darkonium Slime = Slimecicle + Coalslime Gem Jamboree = Slime Stack + Gold Slime Gold Angel Slime = Angel Slime + Gold Slime Metal King Slime = Metal Slime + Metal Slime + Metal Slime + Metal Slime Rank S: Gem Slime = Gold Slime + Golden Pearl Slime + Gold Angel Slime + Gem Jamboree Emperor Slime = Darkonium Slime + Darkonium Slime + Metal King Slime + Metal King Slime Rank SS: ???????????? (Unknown Rank S or SS Monster) ???????????? (Unknown Rank S or SS Monster) Platinum King = Emperor Slime + Emperor Slime + Gem Slime + Gem Slime Metal Goddess = Platinum King + Ultimate Weapon Dragon Family: Rank A: Geodraco Bauga = Mandrake Marshal + Mandrake Marshal + Mandrake Marshal + Mandrake Marshal Axesaurus = Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster] + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster] Ironclad Wartoise = Elder Dragro.. [BREAK Monster] + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monter] Little Burner = Baron Knight + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster] Wyrtoise = Trikaceratops + Ironclad Wartoise Blastoad = Expload + Expload + Expload + Expload Volcanic Dragr.. = Ironclad Wartoise + Axesaurus Blue Dragon = Minewt + Minewt Sealamander = Sillimander + Voodoo Doll Trikaceratops = Terrorceratops + Handsome Crab Tyranoliner.. = Red Dragon + Striking Saber Drakulurch = Terrorceratops + Sasquash Bongobrute = Dragurn + Mars Mug Great Dragon = Liege Lizard + Elephant King Rank S: Tomahawk Rex = Axesaurus + Geodraco Bauga Mandrake Master = Mandrake Monarch + Baron Knight Wonder Wyrtle = Wyrtoise + Ironclad Wartoise Gaia Dragon = Mandrake Monarch + Mandrake Monarch + Mandrake Monarch + Mandrake Monarch Black Dragon = Great Dragon + Darkwood Spirit Jurrassic Hell = Blue Dragon + Dark Sabrecat Drakulord = Trikaceratops + Yellow Bellow Crimson Wyrm = Mandrake Master + Darkonium Slime Azure Wyrm = Mandrake Master + Emperor Slime Gilded Wyrm = Mandrake Master + Gem Slime Deepdraco Gilg.. = Wonder Wyrtle + Gaia Dragon Pusugon the Mo.. = Bongobrute + Gem Slime Tactician Iddo.. = Mystic Crusade + Sealamander Valkeros of the.. = Deepdraco Gilg.. + Defender of the.. Rank SS: Battle Axesaur = Tomahawk Rex + Jurrassic Hell Grancaesar = Black Dragon + Jungle Guardian Black Wyrm = Crimson Wyrm + Azure Wyrm + Gilded Wyrm + Coalem Pusugon Awaken = Pusugon the Mo.. + Drakulord Illusionist Fa.. = Tactician Iddo.. + Enchantress Gr.. Dragonlord = Grancaesar + Black Wyrm Dragovian Lord = Dragonlord + Ramia Beast Family: Rank A: Spiked Clubber = Crabber Dabb.. [BREAK Monster] + Fightgeist Elephant King = Naumannborg + Naumannborg + Naumannborg + Naumannborg Black Goyle = Seasludge + Axesaurus Dark Sabrecat = Striking Saber + Dark Star Maniacal Mole = Mad Mole + Booming Thunde.. Jamirus = Gryphon + Demon Cloud Cat Liberio = Prism Puss.. + Prism Puss.. + Prism Puss.. + Prism Puss.. Eqinox = Tantamount + Mammon Drackyma = Drackmage + Lump Mage Prism Peacock = Cosmic Chimaera + Garuda Lunar Chimaera = Cosmic Chimaera + Lump Mage Hybird = Firebird + Mandrake Monarch Rank S: Bird of Terror = Lunar Chimaera + Garuda Yellow Bellow = Sasquash + Gold Cactiball Special Browni = Spiked Clubber + Dark Sabrecat Galbatross = Jamirus + Black Goyle Silver Haardvark = Haardvark + Haardvark + Liquid Metal Slime + Liquid Metal Slime Orc Chieftain = Orc King + Gold Slime Elysium Bird = Garuda + Equinox Godsteed = Equinox + Emperor Slime Empyrea = Elysium Bird + Bird of Terror + Astaroth + Target Boy Hraesvelgr = Hybird + Doom Groom Rank SS: Phantomount = Godsteed + Wonder Wyrtle Twilightmare = Godsteed + Empyrea Tyrant Basagra = Leon Byblos + Poseidon Phoenix = Elysium Bird + Godsteed Phantom Galray = Tyrant Basagra + Belmud the Destroyer Great Empyrea = Empyrea + Wulfspade Ace Ramia = Great Empyrea + Wildcard Nature Family: Rank A: Tentacular = Mimic + Fightgeist Handsome Crab = Tentacular + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster] Icicle Beatle = Spiked Clubber + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster] Darkwood Spirit = Leaf Sprite + Dark Star + Leaf Sprite + Mandragore Gracos = Gracolyte + Mammon Rank S: Stale Whale = Lleviathan + Darkwood Spirit Gracos V = Gracos + Gracos + Gracos + Gracos Dark Moth = Killer Moth + Darkwood Spirit Poseidon = War-rus + Tentacular Jungle Guardian = Darkwood Spirit + Venus Guytrap Arachnida the.. = Icicle Beatle + Dirty Bubble Rank SS: Pale Whale = Stale Whale + Defender of the.. Giestlord Geju = Arachnida the.. + Pusugon Awaken Devil Family: Rank A: Mystic Crusade = Little Burner + Axesaurus Terror Troll = Stout Troll + Mammon Double Hitter = Ba'al Zebub + Ba'al Zebub Baalzack = Spiked Clubber + Spiked Clubber Queen Ferz = Cyclops + Night Clubber Rank S: Dark Sanguini = Genie Sanguini + Special Browni Trollciopath = Terror Troll + Queen Ferz Pruslas = Special Browni + Special Browni Target Boy = Yellow Bellow + Silver Haardvark Belial = Archdemon + Balhib Pazuzu = Batmandrill + Doom Groom Atlas = Queen Ferz + Hammer Bammer Mystic Juliant = Cat Liberio + Dark Sabrecat Zaigas the Fiend = Pazuzu + Mandrake Master Kabalna the Divine = Totem of Urube.. + Empyrea Shaman Marline = Trollciopath + Pruslas Zexen the Devil = Zaigas the Fiend + Wight Emperor Dancer Pleshau = Mystic Juliant + Pusugon the Mo.. Rank SS: Affable Black = Pazuzu + Defender of the.. Ziggy the Wick.. = Zexen the Devil + Battle Axesaur Guardian Lazuv = Kabalna the Divine + Tyrant Basagra Belmud the Destroyer = Moonlight Shogun + Leon Byblos Enchantress Gr.. = Dancer Pleshau + Arachnida the.. Rinjara the Fi.. = Belmud the Destroyer + Twilightmare Devil Dog Bren.. = Shaman Marline + Belial Devil Dog Beli.. = Shaman Marline + Atlas Zeldorado = Illusionist Fa.. + Phantom Galray + Giestlord Geju + Devil Dog Beli.. Zombie Family: Rank A: Mammon = Scum Bubble + Scum Bubble + Scum Bubble + Scum Bubble Dark Skeleton = Skeleton Soldier + Dark Star Dragon Zombie = Mandrake Marshal + Healium Balloo Swooperior = Corpsebat + Mars Mug Mud Smith = Ghoul + Ba'al Zebub Wight King = Wight Priest + Wight Priest + Wight Priest + Wight Priest Rank S: Dirty Bubble = Mammon + Mammon + Mammon + Mammon Bones of Baram.. = Mandrake Monarch + Li'l Whizzer Wight Emperor = Wight King + Mystic Crusade Calamity Blade = Dark Skeleton + Dark Skeleton + Dark Skeleton + Dark Skeleton Moonlight Shogun = Calamity Blade + Mandrake Master Rank SS: None Material Family: Rank A: Baron Knight = Propane Man + Fightgeist Totem of Urube.. = Leaf Sprite + Fightgeist Seasludge = Gloomy Globe [BREAK Monster] + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster] Robo-Reaper = Type G + Type G Copper Column = Totem of Urube.. + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster] Doom Groom = Handsome Crab + Axesaurus Holy Baron = Bilhaw + Snowy Sanguini Emeraldon = Balhib + Little Burner Mechan-o-wyrm = Metal Dragon + Gold Slime Royal Armoir = Pandora's Dres.. + Mimic Rank S: Pandora's Box = None Astaroth = Emeraldon + Pink Sanguini Overkilling Machine = Balhib + Balhib + Killing Machine + Killing Machine Blight Armour = Lethal Armour + Doom Groom Dark Nebula = Mechan-o-wyrm + Doom Groom Droll Roller = Grinade + Grinade + Grinade + Grinade Coalem = Copper Column + Blight Armour Uberkilling Machine = Overkilling Machine + Blight Armour Defender of the.. = Doom Groom + Gracos V Trauminator = Overkilling Machine + Overkilling Machine + Dark Nebula + Dark Nebula Rank SS: Mazinger G.. = Uberkilling Machine + Uberkilling Machine + Gem Slime + Gem Slime Ultimate Weapon = Mazinger G.. + Trauminator BREAK Family: Rank A: Liege Lizard = None King Squid = None Voodoo Doll = ?????? + ?????? + ?????? + ?????? Skelegon = ?????? + ?????? + ?????? + ?????? Cosmic Chimaera = Hocus Chimaera [BREAK Monster] + Cosmic Chimaera King Crab = Crabber Dabb [BREAK Monster] + King Crab Gigantes = King Squid [BREAK Monster] + Gigantes Rank S: ???????????? (Unknown Rank A or Rank S Monster) Prism Peacock = None Volcanic Dra.. = Elder Dragro..[BREAK Monster] + Volcanic Dragr.. Mars Mug = Gloomy Globe [BREAK Monster] + Mars Mug War-rus = Maulrus [BREAK Monster] + War-rus Tentacular = King Squid [BREAK Monster] + Tentacular Rank SS: Gaia Dragon = Liege Lizard [BREAK Monster] + Gaia Dragon Dragon Zombie = Skelegon [BREAK Monster] + Dragon Zombie Mechan-o-wyrm = Metal Dragon [BREAK Monster] + Mechan-o-wyrm Atlas = Gigantes [BREAK Monster] + Atlas Archdemon = Prism Peacock [BREAK Monster] + Archdemon Lleviathan = Atlas [BREAK Monster] + Tentacular [BREAK Monster] + Mechan-o-wyrm [BREAK Monster] + Sancho Leon Byblos = Gaia Dragon [BREAK Monster] + Dragon Zombie [BREAK Monster] + Archdemon [BREAK Monster] + Sancho Boshock = Lleviathan [BREAK Monster] + Orc Chieftain Bundold = Leon Byblos [BREAK Monster] + Wight Emperor Azamook = Lleviathan [BREAK Monster] + Amodeus Itaburu = Leon Byblos [BREAK Monster] + Coalem Estark = None ??? Family: Rank A: None Rank S: None Rank SS: J3-Rebel Wing = None J3-Rebel Marin.. = None J3-Rebel Axel.. = None Sancho = None Great Nochoro = None Juggerwroth = Phantomount + Affable Black Dr Snapped = Boshock [BREAK Monster] + Bundold [BREAK Monster] + Azamook [BREAK Monster] + Itaburu [BREAK Monster] Snapped-off = Dr Snapped + Demonlord Mortamor Malroth = Pazuzu + Atlas + Belial + Archdemon [BREAK Monster] Archfiend Zoma = Phoenix + Bones of Baram.. Psaro the Mans.. = Pruslas + Poseidon + Atlas [BREAK Monster] + Mechan-o-wyrm [BREAK Monster] Grandmaster Nimzo = Mandrake Master + Astaroth Demonlord Mortamor = Galbatross + Gracos V + Guardian Lazuv + Rinjara the Fi.. Demonking Orgodemir = Valkeros of the.. + Ziggy the Wick.. Dark God Rhapt.. = Zeldorado + Juggerwroth ???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster) Corvus the Fallen = Dark God Rhapt.. + King Healslime ???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster) ???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster) Estark = Estark [BREAK Monster] + Wildcard Snapped-Almighty = Snapped-off + Wadatsumi Wadatsumi = Pale Whale + Poseidon Attihocc = ?????? Hoakari = Metal Goddess + Corvus the Fallen Shadroth = Malroth + Archfiend Zoma Disasterking = Shadroth + Estark Dark Hero Anlu.. = Disasterking + Hoakari ???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster) Snapped-Dragon = ?????? ???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster) Jormungandros = ??????
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