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  1. I do. I love a good pump. I’d have issues if I was just following some workout program too. I much prefer just playing with different splits and rep schemes. If I had unlimited time I’d probably stick to a push/pull kind of deal but I’ve always had issues with those getting impractically long. I do like the frequency you hit the muscle groups though. I’m usually time crunched these days so I try to stick to major compound lifts to make the most of my time. Been trying to lose weight too so...yay cardio Drop sets at the end of an exercise are a favorite of mine. Sometime
  2. Ahh so you’re familiar with my investment strategy. Make sure you rant endlessly about what a gold mine you’re getting in on.
  3. Hypothetical? My man that boat has already sailed. There’s plenty of things I sat on for too long waiting for the Perfect deal. Now they are going for annoyingly high prices. Not unobtainable but it’s annoying that I’m gonna have to sell something to make it happen. I haven’t hunted rares no one knows about in a while so that’s not a problem. All dank here these days. Castlevania, Zelda II, Kung Fu, Valkyrie Profile, case and manual for my Klonoa (saw the damn thing for $50 once.). If only I wasn’t such a coward. friggin Dragon Warrior III. Oh I could kick myself for that one.
  4. So you’re saying I’m going to need some Bill boards
  5. Well that’s just patently untrue. I’m broke AF.
  6. Don’t bother. He’s not going to win you any Super Bowls. He might get his face smashed in by Myles Garrett in the super bowl though
  7. Purist Cheesesteaks are a waste of my time. If that sub doesn’t have mushrooms you can get that trash out of here.
  8. Yeah that’s the idea. We record our Jeopardy and watch at our leisure so I’m a bit behind. First episode I thought he had CTE or something but by episode 2 it became clear that he’s brilliant at it. A nice snarky successor. Though I haven’t seen Geordi yet.
  9. I can’t believe there’s not a successor to the electric boogaloo threads so here’s a thread for all those thoughts you want to get out that don’t belong someplace else and don’t deserve their own thread. Aaron Rodgers should retire from football and become the permanent host of Jeopardy.
  10. Im confused. There were games after sonic & knuckles?
  11. Oh don’t worry I fucked that up too. I sold it when it started moving back after it first hit 50. I’m pretty cowardly. I made a nice little profit on it at least. Got in initially at 13 I think. I’ve been really just pumping everything into ETH.
  12. My wife and I picked some up right as the GME insanity was crashing down. Like $30 a piece because well it’s a joke but she got in at .02 something and I did at .03 something. She’s still hodling. I thought I was pretty slick when ETC shot up to like 50. Then she showed me her returns. Oofah.
  13. Hey, how come all Japanese people are into tentacle porn? How do you think the Dutch feel about that?
  14. I quit smoking recently. Let’s see at almost a pack a day what was The Price of a pack of camels?
  15. My main supply comes from videogameboxprotectors but at least his eBay store really doesn’t have a lot of sizes that aren’t standard whatever System game boxes. Unusual size boxes come from Retro protection. I tried Kollector Protector once and I ordered NES and I got SNES. I didn’t really like how thick they were. I like the standard .3 that everyone else is using. They are also more expensive. I’ve ordered some from Buzz & Bingos moon circus too. Perfectly fine but I like the ease of folding and the clasp on vgbp better.
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