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  1. Yeah even the common ones are expensive now! At some point I want to do the manaphy egg hunt. I have a ranger cart which still has the manaphy egg, but the daunting task of actually doing it is crazy. I hate to say it, but I don't think a distribution cart exists of this specific distribution. Very few (well, only 1 as far as I know of) japanese distribution cartridges have ever leaked into collectors hands. Looking at the NTR data list, I don't think that specific cart exists in the (semi) mass produced fashion, but there a lot more japanese distribution carts that hypothetically exist.
  2. Wow, just wow. Insane collection, great pick up and congrats on owning your grail!
  3. I'm excited to see what it might be! I still don’t have my holy grail nfr but there’s certainly a few things that qualify as holy grails for nfr collectors.
  4. Finally added one of these, slowly adding another to my ds pokemon nfr collection. Not sure if @Skorpis till keeping track of the sales on these but of course mine was bought off eBay so I would assume he caught the sale if he is still tracking them. No back label, not sure if any of the dash nfrs are known to have that, or if more then 12 exist that we previously knew.
  5. Good luck with your hunt! I’m in the middle of a transaction with one of my carts right now. These carts are really rare and expensive but really fun to collect (at least in my opinion!). And although the North American/European sets of these cartridges aren’t very large (about 16 for North America and about 11 for Europe), the sheer rarity and uncommonness of some of these items makes them very hard to collect, but fun overall!
  6. I think @KokiriChild tagged me! I would love to get back into werewolf but not this game, I’ll be without cell service for too long coming up soon. Maybe next round! I appreciate for the nudge though, and this makes me want to play next time it makes sense for me
  7. The buyer paid 4,500 for Arceus US?! Wow. it was relisted three times, the auctions were definately shill bid, so I'm not convinced its truly worth that much (certainly worth far less), but the fact that someone still paid that much does show... these can get to the level of MTG cards or sealed games or the like (though the niche is too small IMO). I remember the days I listed a secret egg for $55 and it would not sell, I had to unlist it! I do often see other people messaging me asking for other distribution cartridges too, but I still have to wonder how niche it is, when people buy those fake "ultimate" distribution carts that are flash carts or just hack the events on, and its functionally no different to owning the real cartridges. Regretably I still am missing Dragonite (I have one thats damaged but that's all) and Arceus EU (yikes, that will be expensive). People never seem to want to trade these cartridges. Whoever that shill bidder was on the USA Arceus (def was the seller himself, in my estimation), certainly just caused a huge price spike. And since Arceus (even Arceus USA) comes up so rarely, buyers may be stuck with that long term, not just short term. EDIT: I used the wayback machine to archive the $1,500 Secret Key cart that (I thought) went for a crazy price. Should I archive the recent USA Arceus sales? Might be useful to look back at the phony shill bids and price points, if it so happens that another auctions comes up publically.
  8. DS download station sets! Both for Europe and USA. Also included the dsi video set.
  9. These are all great points, and condition is definately king. Its too bad that some of these carts are so hard to come by, undamaged at least. As a collector I wish I had an undamaged dragonite cartridge, as I own all the rest undamaged (well all of the ones I own are undamaged, I'm still missing one or two). Secret Key is definately a hard one to find, but you are right about it being one of the more rare ones to find undamaged. Shaymin/Regigigas is another of those that I think I've hardly ever seen undamaged. All of the distribution carts have definately been slowly going up, but it had been a while since we've see an auction for some of the undamaged carts. I have a feeling it would be hard to estimate the values of many of these carts now, but obviously the multiplier for an undamaged cartridge matters quite a lot for collectors.
  10. https://web.archive.org/web/20220609032324/https://www.ebay.com/itm/115410529488?nma=true&si=xBYHmaR5GtOVSQerlWsztDXRLKg%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I've been following the pokemon distribution cartridge scene for years and years, but does this not seem like a crazy price jump? I know this cartridge is super rare, but certainly not the rarest distribtion cartridge there is (however it might be one of the more useless distributions, at least in my opinion). I'm not sure why there was such a premium on this cartridge, maybe its just because of its the first mint, undamage version of it to appear in a while, but considering the "restored" versions have been selling for just a little over $100 USD, this seems like a crazy premium. This must be one of the most expensive distribution cartridge sales. I know whenever Michina (EUR) Arceus shows up, it sells for more, and the Japanese Strongest cartridge sold for more, but even the Victini Liberty Garden cartridge which rarely comes up, usually sells for a little less then this, and the Y90P cartridge (one of the last discovered distribtuion cartriges, with some of the fewest known to have survived to present day) sells for less (albeit Y90P has two semi-equivolent cartridges, with another european version of the shiny creation trio, and an american version of the shiny creation trio). This particular sale just seemed kinda crazy to me. What are the values of each of these cartridges? It feels like of the 27 or so cartridges from North America and Europe, almost half of them are too rare to value.
  11. I'm in the same boat as you for dragonite. I believe I've seen 2 undamaged ones for sale and I didn't pull the trigger either time, regretting that now (one might not have had the back label iirc? They were both years ago). There's also a photo of an undamaged one with kurtori's watermark on the ninendemos site, so assuming that wasn't one of the two sold, we know of 3 undamaged (although maybe not fully complete since the back label may have been missing on one). The "restored" ones drive me crazy, its barely even the original anything anymore. Just the original board, but repro donor cartridge. At that point you could stick and R4 card in there and just switch the label... Its not like people are often opening up DS games to make sure the board is legit. Also most of the damage carts don't need repro cartridges, you can bend them back into place (or even they don't need to bend at all in some cases). I know my dragonite cartridge is a little but of a tight fit, but it does work fine in my consoles. Personally I am also trying to complete the EUR distribution set, I still need EUR Arceus (oof). Sometimes I wish their was more interest in NFR collecting, but then again its already so scarse that it would honestly make it sooo much harder and more expensive to collect.
  12. Cool! Thanks for the info. So we know 12 pokemon dash NFR exist, which put it on par with some of the rarest ditribution cartridges (I think Euro Arcues has about 9 known, tho surely there are more in a few hoarders collections. Also not sure how many dragonite cartridges exist but they are certainly nearly impossible to find undamaged, and still very uncommon damaged/refurbished. And of course the japanese distribution cart is still 1/1). I'm a little surprised someone bought a niche nfr like this just to resell, but I guess that's the current state of collecting.
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