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  1. Nice pickups! I always wondered if anyone had a complete gamecube demo disc set... Many of them have eluded me. I love that Y90P! Those are super rare for sure, there's a few on ebay right now but they don't come up often and once the ones on ebay are gone I doubt we will see many again. Also I always wondered why people hide the numbers for their distributions. Do they mean something? I've posted at least one of my distribution's numbers...
  2. Oh wow, that's super frustrating... I'd be thoroughly pissed off about that. Always sucks to see a rarity destroyed like this.
  3. ^I honestly haven’t seen any more come up for sale and haven’t acquired any new ones. I still have that ranger demo though!
  4. View Listing Rare Pokemon Distribution Cartridges and more NFR I'm looking to trade/sell some of my nfrs and pokemon distribution cartridges including the rare NTR-Y90P-EUR cartridge (Shiny creation trio in generation V games, <30 known to still exist. Pic attached). For Trade/Sale NTR-Y90P-EUR (pokemon distribution cartridge) NTR-Y8PE-USA (pokemon distribution cartridge) NTR-Y49E-USA (Professor Layton and the Curious Village nfr) NTR-Y49P-EUR (Professor Layton and th
  5. oof. I felt like I was overpaying at $100 not too long ago... Here's a copy not too far above $150 for buy it now https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fire-Emblem-Path-Of-Radiance-Nintendo-GameCube-Excellent-Condition/264624675871?hash=item3d9cdc1c1f:g:C2QAAOSwkoleOzqm The price increase may have something to do with the newest fire emblem game on switch being reviewed and received very well, selling well and probably adding new fans to the serious and attracting more attention to the older games. also related, is the release of another fire emblem character in smash bros. The serious gets a dec
  6. Mail day! These were stuck in customs over the holidays I think. The collection is really starting to come along.
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