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  1. I generally don't either, but it was actually a good time last time. Try it for me
  2. hmmmm...... I seem to have left tetris 99 off the second list, my bad for those who have already voted.
  3. Our buddy @FireHazard51 is working on a document that we can share here and let everyone add games they want to play or can play on it. Also a list of games that are commonly played on game night etc. Eventually he can share here and we can go from there. Kinda like an organization type deal.
  4. @Mega Tank @spacepup @ZeldaFreak @ChickenTendas @Deadeye @fox @Rooster @Vectrex28 @0xDEAFC0DE @DefaultGen @Gloves @imabadguy1 @SNESNESCUBE64 @drxandy @ZeldaFan042 @Rhapsody98 @andrew244 @Costmosis @darkchylde28 @KokiriChild @Reed Rothchild @RegularGuyGamer @MegaMan52 @Scrobins @neodolphino @FireHazard51 @SailorScoutMandy @Megamanfan @AverageOliver98 @nettenette @Famicuber @Sumez @Dimo @BattySalem @B.A. @Murray @Br81zad @a3quit4s Um, ya, so game night poll, late because maybe it will help you all remember to show up this time . Jk, but here ya go, game night 4/17 poll!!!!
  5. I will be setting up the poll today or tomorrow. I figure if I wait a bit u all will either. a. get worried b. actually show up
  6. @FireHazard51 ur fuggin' picture broke again, what the actual heck are you doin'? Might I suggest imgur and copy link address to share your pics?
  7. @NESfiend curse you for making me play this........ It is fun, but for the life of me I can't figure out why sometimes i barely touch a wall and explode and then other times i run full force nose first into the wall like so: and I don't explode.
  8. I'm working right now for the site I will put in at least a participation score some time this evening just for you buddy
  9. I would have had to think for a second had it been this version posted above
  10. Had you had it on there before I would have already have said this, but; Enjoy your day today buddy!!!!
  11. good question. u has internet only kid, but I can look into it soon if @SailorScoutMandy doesn't know
  12. that sux @SailorScoutMandy kuz even tho I hate pacman I was eyeing that yesterday
  13. hmmmm.....can't remember honestly, but u might be right. U can always check with splain tho.
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