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  1. Let's go Dodgers! To bad Don Mattingly isn't the coach still.
  2. I'll be honest, I wanted them to beat the Rays.
  3. Sacrifice bunt to move both runners into scoring position. Then a single brings them both in. I like Dusty Baker. My wife and son are both rooting for the Astros. I'll admit I like their style of play too. They have a very balanced lineup and approach. I really, really like Framber. He reminds me alot of Andy Pettite with that curveball.
  4. Good for the Rays. They deserved to win. It's never a good sign when you have to bring your closer into a tie game in the 7th inning. The Yankees bats fell short tonight. The Ray's have like 5 different pitchers that throw close to a hundred miles an hour. It's pretty ridiculous.
  5. Let's go jankeez! Gerrit Cole time baby! Time to put up or shut up.
  6. My 10 year old said they should call Shane Bieber "Shame Bieber" after getting lit up last night. I almost shed a tear.
  7. You have an exciting team to watch. I'm hoping I get to see them play. Eloy, Robert, Andersen, Abreu. You guys are stacked.
  8. @Bearcat-Doug The reds might be in? I guess I'll have to root for them in the NL. Although I typically root for any team managed by Donnie baseball if the Yankees aren't playing them.
  9. @Ausden might be white Sox Yankees. Come at me bro. ️
  10. To each their own, but I consider the boxed repro/hack stuff a novelty at best. I had a couple timewalk games and resold them for what I deemed to be ridiculous prices. I can appreciate all the work someone does to make a rom hack, translation etc.. But I would rather play them on a flashcart. Those companies just profit off other people's work. I also didn't like how at the end of timewalks run they pulled the it was just a hobby and it got to big bullshit. If your making money hand over fist, and Nintendo has to reel your shit in with legal threats, it was a business motherfucker, not a hobb
  11. Flashback was right behind timewalk and IIRC they might've even overlapped. I remember when the guy from the company introduced himself on NA. https://www.shopflashbackgames.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=75_67
  12. Lol, yeah that shit is ancient history at this point. You can't compare these two franchises anymore. Don't hold your breathe waiting for the Knicks to be competitive any time soon.
  13. I am a Knicks fan unfortunately. They all hate the owner man. The first chance this guy gets, his ass will leave the team. The owner had Charles Oakley physically thrown out of msg a few years ago and that was the nail in the coffin. Nobody wants to come to the Knicks. They would rather go to brooklyn with jayz.
  14. @docile tapeworm if you put it on Ebay I'm gonna totally bid it up and not pay you.
  15. Very cool, the only problem is that he's on the Knicks. So that's pretty much the kiss of death for his career. You should sell that shit right now!
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