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  1. Why is the daily trading volume so high then? It shows the 24hr volume like almost 200 billion.
  2. The one guy I really, really, like on the Astros is Brantley. He would look good in a Yankees uniform .
  3. The "you're-a-racist" chants to gurriel are the best . The chanting comes across so clear with only like 10k fans. I don't think I've heard such passionate chanting, profanity and booing like this in a long time.
  4. Beats me. But just looking at the daily graph and the volume, that's what it looks like to a layman like myself. It has a set frequency almost. I just wonder if big institutions are getting in and out trading millions of coins at a time.
  5. Can somebody please explain tether to me? It's a stable coin that goes up and down about 1% 100 times a day. Do I have that right? Do people just buy and sell it all day to make the 1% gain over and over again?
  6. Odor was involved with the collision with the Astros catcher. He was also involved in the collision with Bautista's face.
  7. Yankees Astros. The fuck Altuve chants are fantastic. There was an awkward collision at the plate and it looked like the Astros catcher almost got knocked out.
  8. I think if she sought him out, and he advocated for you, that makes him a pretty good friend.
  9. We call it pennsyl-tucky.
  10. Didn't the creator of zelda even hate this game? Be honest with yourself, the true sequel of the legend of zelda is a link to the past. This game blows. I had one friend that liked this game as a kid and I'm pretty sure he's living in a van down by the river now. And probably drinks natty ice like @docile tapeworm And also has a neck beard with psoriasis like @docile tapeworm they all coincide with playing this game.
  11. This game shouldn't even be called zelda. It's NES rambo wearing a peter pan costume. Worst game EVER.
  12. Yeah and this was before flat screens/smart tvs. He probably could've hooked a nes up to it though.
  13. I knew someone in a maximum security prison that was allowed a small tv in their cell.
  14. I got him the new omega supreme a year or two ago and that was close to $200. That was testing my limits honestly.
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