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  1. Lmao! He should've stayed retired that bitch!
  2. Beats me. I looked into sending a few things a year or two ago before things went bonkers. I have no idea what the lead times are now.
  3. As a true Knicks fan, I can tell you this...I fucking hate Michael Jordan and I wouldn't use those cards to wipe my ass. The highlight of my young life was when John Starks dunked on him and Horace Grant. You can keep them all. Along with with the guy from the general car insurance commercials.
  4. Get it graded! It's like a lottery ticket. If it comes back a 10 you might have mega bucks.
  5. Yeah, I'll be sending it out next week. The condition is worth taking a shot. You never know, maybe I'll get lucky.
  6. Yeah I have the series one cards somewhere, I'm gonna have to search them out. I know I had a few of the series 1 holos as well. Definitely the cosmic spiderman off the top of my head. The series 2 and the Jim Lee x-men cards I have multiple complete sets that are preserved really well. I could definitely pull some PSA10s from those.
  7. When I searched marvel universe hologram sold listings this particular card has the highest value. For a card that was kept by a 10 year old, it's in really great shape. I'm guessing maybe a psa 7 or 8. I'm definitely gonna get it graded for shits and giggles. I'll post the results eventually.
  8. Lol I doubt it's a PSA10, but I'm gonna find out.
  9. Thank God I didn't send these cards to @docile tapeworm.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1992-Marvel-Universe-Hologram-Wolverine-H-3-PSA-10-GEM-MINT-/143948779373
  11. I better hurry up and see what I got then! The artwork on those marvel universe cards aren't even that great! The Jim Lee x-men cards looked 10x cooler he drew the whole set. And it looks like from what I've searched that they are not worth as much.
  12. I still have a case of the Jim Lee xmen cards I bought with my birthday money! From the case I was able to get 2 complete sets. One went straight from the packs into a binder and the 2nd set went straight into a clear plastic case. I was meticulous with how good I cared for my cards.
  13. Wait, wait, wait, hold up. The marvel universe cards are worth money now? I have sooo many of those cards from when I was a kid. Am I rich?
  14. He's the best thing that ever came outta Canada, I can tell you that.
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