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Game Debate #61: Geometry Wars

Reed Rothchild

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  1. 1. Rate based on your own personal thoughts on playing it, NOT HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE

    • 10/10 - One of your very favorite games of all time.
    • 9/10 - Killer fucking game. Everyone should play it.
    • 8/10 - Great game. Easy to recommend.
    • 7/10 - Very good, but not quite great.
    • 6/10 - Pretty good. You might enjoy occasionally playing it.
    • 5/10 - It's okay, but maybe not something you'll go out of your way to play.
    • 4/10 - Meh. There's plenty of better alternatives to this.
    • 3/10 - Not very good.
    • 2/10 - Pretty crappy.
    • 1/10 - Horrible in every way.
    • 0/10 - The Desert Bus of painful experiences. You'd rather shove an icepick in your genitals than play this.
    • Never played it, but you're interested.
    • No interest in playing it.

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9/10. Highlight of the series for me and one of my favorite games during that gen. The hunt for the achievement to reach 1,000,000 points without dying was insane at the time and I logged a stupid amount of hours before I got it. I felt the sequels were strong but both of them had design decisions I didn’t really agree with and dragged down my overall enjoyment with them.

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Haven’t played it.  
Funnily enough I was recently gifted an XBox 360 that a buddy had picked up on his local buy nothing group and I’d heard these were good so I bought one of these to play on it.  It was for the xbone.  Damn you and grandma your annoyingly named systems Microsoft.

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Solid game, good fun, nice classic early 80s retro vector style thing going there too backed with equally great music and tight controls.  Problem is, ultimately, it's a mindless classic arcade point racking game and while it stands out, it's not THE stand out either.  I'd recommend trying it, but I wouldn't call it a must play or own either. (7)

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