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  1. haha I've looked at that title many times and never noticed it before
  2. Sorry but this reads like an obvious LARP. Looks like everyone on Twitter is eating it up though.
  3. Those look absolutely disgusting lmao.
  4. All of those games are also mold damaged. Is it possible the red is to signify mold?
  5. 9/10. Highlight of the series for me and one of my favorite games during that gen. The hunt for the achievement to reach 1,000,000 points without dying was insane at the time and I logged a stupid amount of hours before I got it. I felt the sequels were strong but both of them had design decisions I didn’t really agree with and dragged down my overall enjoyment with them.
  6. Looks questionable to me but I'm by no means an expert. It's not just dirt near the barcode though, you can see wear on the cover artwork on the bottom of the spine as well as on the front under the ESRB rating. Maybe even some dirt to the cover artwork on the top left hand corner on the back as well, hard to tell from the photos though. There's quite a few places that can make convincing looking Y folds now a days. There's a seller on Mercari who's been pumping out Y fold resealed copies of popular 1st party Wii titles, including this title, for months now.
  7. Am I missing something here? Seems like he bought it from you in attempt to flip it. I don't approve of listing before you actually have the item in hand or reusing pictures since it could always get damaged in transit but assuming it doesn't it's a non-issue. Why are you calling him a scammer and going through the trouble of having it returned via returned to sender?
  8. Hope he didn't ship that in a small flat rate box like the auction says he will.
  9. That was for the steelbook only, no game inside.
  10. Thanks for the help to everyone who answered. Looks like you cant easily submit through the VGA website for the time being due to Flash support ending but when I do go through the process and get my games back I'll be sure to post here!
  11. Hey guys I own a few VGA graded games that I've picked up over the years but I've never sent in my own submission until now. At the beginning of the submission they ask which case style I'd prefer, classic or clear view. I just want the same standard case style as 99.9% VGA graded games I see, which based on the description sounds like clear view? If someone could clarify that for me I'd appreciate it.
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