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Lightning Round TIE-BREAKER vote: WINNER = GOLDEN GANONS!!! Everyone's a winner! ;)


Golden Gloves or Purple Ganons  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. Golden Gloves or Purple Ganons

    • The Golden Gloves
    • The Purple Ganons

This poll is closed to new votes

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Okay, so you IDIOTS didn't choose the OPTY'S by a landslide as I expected... UNCOOL!!! 馃槥

Even WORSE, the other two lame ass names got 12 votes a piece after a full month of voting, which means there was no clear winner. Thus, it is time for the tiebreaker lightning round vote!!!

7 days ONLY, the vote will close on July 26th.

And, if it REMAINS a tie, we're going with the OPTY'S.聽馃槢

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Golden Gloves sounds more respectable, but it also seems way more generic and a lot like some sort of shameless pandering to the current owner/administrater of the site.聽 Purple Ganons may sound silly, but it's also an inside joke that all "true" long-running members of this community will be in on and can fondly remember, a distinction for those two words in that order that you aren't going to find just anywhere.

So........... PURPLE GANONS聽 IT IS!!!!!!

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I voted for Golden Gloves but I don't even really know what this is for or about really haha.

I understand the Purple Ganon reference but sorta feel it had its time and prefer to leave it back in the NA days.聽 Oh well, just my opinion.

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It is understood that some people may have different feelings about the name Purple Ganon, given the origins of the phrase.

However, I feel it is right for the community to be able to choose collectively the name we want, and clearly the phrase remains relevant to a lot of us here, and can be a force for good in the future! 馃檪

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Leave the fauxmosexual troll joke in the history books. Read that thread now, it鈥檚 cringe.聽

I don鈥檛 like Golden Gloves either for reasons Dr. Morbis stated.聽

We can do better, as someone did for the new site name.聽

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