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Special Music Debate: The NEW Song Bracket 1.7

Reed Rothchild

Choose the winners  

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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Stone Temple Pilots - "Plush"
    • R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion"
  2. 2. Choose one

    • Tears for Fears - "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
    • Talking Heads - "Burning Down the House"
  3. 3. Choose one

    • The Cranberries - "Zombie"
    • Fallout Boy - "This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race"
  4. 4. Choose one

    • Muse - "Knights of Cydonia"
    • Hall & Oates - "Out of Touch"

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Editorials Team · Posted
21 hours ago, Reed Rothchild said:

It killed me to not use the live version of Burning Down the House, but I wanted it apples to apples

The live version is great, I've always been annoyed by the weird vocal effect in the studio recording. Not necessary at all.

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1  L.M.R. is def. better but I can't stand it anymore, or much of any r.e.m. for that matter.  Guess you could say I lost my R.E.M.

2  Tears For Fears / Everybody... is the best of the whole bunch, great track.

3  Don't really care much for either here.

4  Like other Hall & Oates but this one is over produced and under composed and the Muse track/video is pretty rich.

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