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Music Debate #103: R.E.M.

Reed Rothchild

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  1. 1. Rate based on your own personal preferences, NOT HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE

    • 10/10 - One of your very favorite artists of all time.
    • 9/10 - Killer fucking band. Or artist.
    • 8/10 - Great sound, great songs, great albums.
    • 7/10 - Very good, but not quite great.
    • 6/10 - Pretty good. More than a few songs you like. You'd entertain the thought of seeing them live if they were in the area. Or still alive.
    • 5/10 - They're okay, but maybe not something you'll go out of your way to listen to.
    • 4/10 - Meh. There may be a song or two, or an album that you dig, but you'd rather listen to other stuff.
    • 3/10 - Not very good. You will more likely than not turn the station if they come on the radio.
    • 2/10 - Not your cup of tea at all. Some people might like this, but you are not one of them.
    • 1/10 - Horrible in every way.
    • 0/10 - In the running for worst artist/musician of all time. You would rather take a cheese grater to your face than listen to this.

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Not a song of theirs is on the brackets (though it may show up?) but I'm glad to see the Athens, GA representation!

Sadly when I lived in the area, I never had a personal Michael Stipe siting, but after living in the area for 6 years, most people.had by that amount of time.

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1 hour ago, PII said:

I'm a little nostalgic for Monster, was a very good, highly stylized and unique album.  The earlier stuff just ran it's course for me at some point though...

There was a meme series about literal album titles going around awhile back that titled Monster as "Pete bought a distortion pedal." I still love that album, though.

Not s big fan of "Losing My Religion," but most of their other stuff is all right.

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