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I had heard that SegaAge might go the same way as NintendoAge, so I decided to join up here as well. But that's not to say I only do Sega stuff. I have every Nintendo console ever released, including Virtual Boy and Pokemon Mini. I also have a ton of other stuff as well, like Atari, Intellivision, and Channel F stuff. I also have a complete Odyssey 2 library. You may know me well on AtariAge as atari2600land. So I just thought I might as well join you guys.

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There I was thinking you were a new recruit from South Africa. Welcome!

The aspiration for VGS is that it encompasses all video game platforms, old and new. The conversation is likely to be Nintendo heavy to start just because of where VGS has it's origins, but the more folk like you that come aboard, the more diverse the topics will become. Good to have you here.

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