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Another Fake Hagane on Ebay

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hagane the final conflict snes | eBay


I love the comments from the seller:

"Don't know much about this game, I found it in mine and brother's old collection.seems to be in very good condition."

"I don't know if this is authentic or not. I found it while cleaning out my garage and decided to sell since it seems like it's in pretty good condition. I added pictures from all angles so you can see."


This guy knows it's a fake.



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47 minutes ago, GPX said:

I like how the seller, in his other listing, can confirm the Mario/Duck Hunt cart is “authentic”. Then with the Hagane cart, “unsure if it’s authentic”. 

Assuming the story about finding it in a box of stuff is legitimate, I would say that it's a case of "I remember owning this one, but not this one."  That said, it does seem pretty sketchy.  The back label definitely looks wrong with the lack of a production stamp, but there is a bit of wear on the front label that may be consistent with his story.  Not gonna take a $450+ gamble to find out the truth though.

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6 hours ago, Tanooki said:

I'd like to know more before throwing him under the bus.  I will say the rear sticker seems suspect, don't see a stamp code.

The label is 100% fake... it has the picture from the box/manual which is slightly different than the picture on the authentic cart. The back label is also fake as there is no product code, the text is noticeably crooked, and the print quality is washed out. Even from the picture you can tell the plastic is low quality with that 'soapy' quality. I'm certain this is fake and I'm 99.9% sure this guy knows it too and it simply throwing that line in there to cover his ass and put the onus on the buyer. Scummy.

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53 minutes ago, cma2032 said:

It blows my mind that people who would bid this so high wouldn't also be the type of person to know how to spot a fake 

It reminds me of the people that would bid hundreds of dollars on obviously fake baseball cards that the sellers claim they found in "grandpa's attic", but couldn't guarantee that they were authentic.

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