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  1. That's funny, that's exactly what my Tinder profile says
  2. Updated to add pictures of LeafGreen #4 and Ruby, update the player's guide serial number production estimates for LeafGreen as I have more data now, and update some manual date codes and stuff. Interesting things: now I found player's guide serial number splits for each LeafGreen print, they seem to confirm something the population data indicated - production quantities for prints #3 and later differ between FireRed and LeafGreen. Basically, FireRed sold better, so they printed more copies of the later prints of it. LeafGreen #3 and #4 are less common (and hence harder to find) than Fire
  3. I'm not that big on sealed games, but I am getting super interested in the oddball "PLAYS ON DS*" prints, especially of Pokemon games. And I couldn't find a CIB copy of this. So:
  4. I'm just really curious to see what happens to the market when the flood of SUPER RARE GRADED COPIES really starts to hit in the next few weeks... (Ditto for trading cards. Vice had an article on that yesterday -https://www.vice.com/en/article/7kv9a9/pokemon-cards-psa-cgc-bgs-turnaround-times - which while interesting, didn't seem to examine the inherent contradiction in the grading service for things that are valuable because they're "rare" being flooded with over half a million submissions every week...)
  5. What I think might ultimately be the case here is, high rollers care, but they want the information on a plate - they're not interested in doing the research, or even reading through a thread like this - and they seem to believe whatever Heritage Auctions tells them. And yeah, they don't like it if the answer is "we can tell what the first print is, but only by opening the box" (and neither does HA, so they aren't going to talk about it very loudly). Which is the case, pretty significantly, for Pokemon Yellow. Blue "Red text" and Yellow 990729 are probably the least common definitely iden
  6. Cool, thanks for all the info / confirmations! I may not have mentioned it in the thread but I've seen two other location codes - H/ for Hong Kong, and on exactly one thing (the infamous "POKEMON STADIUM MARCH 2000" ad), J/ for Japan. For that ad, the version with no location prefix is printed in the US. I would love to know how they decided which location got the non-prefixed code, because I can't come up with a theory that makes sense beyond "almost but apparently not quite always Japan". I did find another list around the ESRB white-black transition somewhere, and now I can't remembe
  7. yeah, I saw the same but still figured I'd double check.
  8. VGA just put copyright/initial release date on their tags, AFAICT. They make no attempt at all to figure out or communicate when the actual print in the case was sold.
  9. Hey @DrMario- is https://www.ebay.com/itm/373567290118 you, or just someone stealing your pics? edit: and did you have it up before as item #373508280392 ? Seems to have expired from eBay's site, but the cached item description I have sounds similar.
  10. I don't think you're quite right there. I don't know the details of who ultimately processes payments for eBay, but regardless, eBay does do its own issue resolution to some degree, it does not just farm it all off to someone else. I know this because I recently bought a game via eBay's global shipping service that got lost in the mail; when I asked the seller to check on the tracking, eBay actually jumped in, investigated, found the item was lost and gave me a full refund. I talked to the seller later, and the money did not come from the seller, nor did eBay ding the seller in any other way f
  11. Well, eBay shows two PS2 Linux kits sold in the last few months, one claimed to be complete except for the mouse and one claimed to be complete except for the hard disk, so you could've put those together, I guess...they went for $300-$400 each...
  12. oh hey, more eBay gold today. Check the stones on this person: https://www.ebay.com/itm/184737432911?nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true - bought a CIB Pokemon Emerald for $420, condition claimed "good" (even that was a stretch) https://www.ebay.com/itm/303983195414 - now reselling it for $690, condition now claimed "very good", didn't even retake the pictures
  13. You're kinda right on the brink of what's worth grading and selling through a "premium" service there, basically, which is why you're finding it hard to know what to do. If you have a $50k game it's a no brainer: mail it off to HA and wait for the check. If you have a $50 game it's a no-brainer too: stick it up on eBay or a classified site ungraded. Around $500 is kinda right on the brink. So, there's no absolutely clear answer as to what "the best" thing to do is. If you want a definite payday right now, sell it ungraded here or through eBay. If you go through grading you're basically gamblin
  14. To fit in with the Pawn Stars / WATA / HA way of doing business, my best friend who actually owns a 50% share in the game. This will be disclosed in the end credits, in 4pt font that scrolls off the screen in half a second.
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