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  1. I've seen some screenshots recently that people with graded games have posted which show the current population of the same game in the same grade. It seems to be info WATA makes available to the person getting the game graded, possibly only if you pay for the additional report. Are you the one who graded the game, and if so, did you buy that report?
  2. He's shipping it flattened. Buyer just has to fold it back out again. Saves a ton on shipping!
  3. I mean, logically speaking, capital gains tax can never contribute to anyone getting "burned", because you only pay it if you make a gain.
  4. Thanks @MiamiSlice! I think we're covered for pics of that print in the thread, though. nice grab, I saw a few second prints show up lately but I'm like ehhh, kinda want a first
  5. This is ridiculous. That card is clearly a WOOOOOOOOOOW at best.
  6. Nobody is expecting a population report to actually reflect how many sealed copies of each game or variant or whatever exist. But. When someone is paying $1.5m for a 9.8/A++ Super Mario 64 - wouldn't it be kinda useful to know whether another one exists already? Or another two? Or another ten? Wouldn't it be useful to know how many sticker sealed SMBs WATA has graded, and in what grades, when people are spending crazy money on those? When people are dropping over $100k on a 9.4/A++ Pokemon Red "Sandshrew", do you think it'd be useful to know how many of those there are? And whether there are any 9.6s or 9.8s?
  7. The most interesting thing in that article for me was that HA actually wants WATA to release pop reports. At least that's what they said on the record to a journalist.
  8. Nope. I predicted everything under top tier stuff would kinda tank at the HA signature, so shows what I know. From now on I'm just gonna stick my underpants on my head, go LALALALALALA and enjoy the craziness.
  9. Do you have any kind of source for this, or are you just making wild assertions?
  10. I'll haul that garbage away for you if you like!
  11. @DarkTonesince no-one mentioned the SM64 yet, that one's fairly simple. If it's a US copy and it doesn't have a giant Player's Choice logo on the front, it's the "first print". There are two variants of the Player's Choice print, apparently, though I dunno what the difference is. But AFAIK there's no variants of the pre-PC US box. In general, as others said, this varies a lot between games and you really should do your research. There are general patterns, like Player's Choice / Greatest Hits prints are almost always worth less, but there's often more detailed print differences for individual games that aren't easily summarized. Or alternatively if you're just trying to make a quick buck, bet on whatever you like and hope you find another idiot fast, because a lot of people right now don't do their research and stuff that really shouldn't sell for much is going for thousands, like @DefaultGen said...
  12. So CU now owns both an auction house and a grader that's allegedly had a nice cozy relationship with a different auction house? This should be interesting...
  13. VGA have definitely graded fakes as real, multiple times. I haven't seen a case of WATA doing this yet, but someone else might have.
  14. This is definitely a sensible market where everyone knows what they're doing.
  15. well, that, but also - property prices in some areas have gone nuts. People who bought a modest family home in some places 20 years ago and just finished paying off the mortgage are comfortably paper millionaires at this point.
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