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Project Blue on Kickstarter

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Our new game is currently on Kickstarter:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nesgame/project-blue

The game itself is done except for some minor level design tweaks as we do play-testing. 

There is a demo available in one of the updates if you want to give a try. 

Thanks for checking it out!

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1 hour ago, avatar! said:

We're so close to the enamel pins!

Seriously, this looks like the best homebrew game in a long time! 

Five days left... and I wonder what's next? Perhaps, a Metroidvania style game (do it 🙂 

The pins look cool, I will definitely be happy to see that goal reached. 

There seem to be a few quality games with looming releases around the corner. A few in the  Metroidvania camp, Orange Island (kickstarter is finished but should be given a normal release according to the developer), or check the Halcyon thread here! 

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6 hours ago, toggle switch said:

The album is just digital files. 

I would love to put it on minidisc in particular, or pressed to vinyl... but i doubt the market for either items would justify the manufacturing cost🤷‍♂️

CD production is extremely cost effective these days. Especially if you choose to do a simple cardboard sleeve, I imagine mini disc really wouldn’t be much more. If you really want that to happen I would urge you to look into the costs, it may be cheaper than you think 😉 


Vinyl pressings are going to be expensive at the outset because you’ll have to pay for the pressing plates to be made. As well, lp jackets tend to be really expensive In small runs. If you’re doing a limited run of say 100-200 lps it’s cheaper to actually print 500 jackets and sit on the extras than it is to do the 100-200 required. That way, since you have the plates made already, you could do a second pressing using existing jackets for much much cheaper. 

CD’s you can usually order 100-200 shrink wrapped in jackets for maybe $400. Works out to like $1 or $2 per unit. The margin is really high. 

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yeah, not mini CDs, common mistake.

there is one place that does minidiscs in britain, they accept very small runs (i think like, 10 is the minimum) and a few vaporwave labels that do releases. i'm sure if waveshaper did a run of 50-100 they would sell out in a day. i've even considered contacting him and telling him that. 

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