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  1. Oh my.... sorry for not responding to all of this sooner! I'm not a daily visitor here and there usually isn't a ton of movement on this thread. As others have mentioned, we aren't handling this release, so I can't help you directly unfortunately. That said, if you aren't able to get in touch with First Press to resolve this, let me know and I will give them a nudge. Sorry for the hassle, and I hope you get it sorted!
  2. i've begun putting copies together! it's going to take a bit, but the process has begun! in the meantime... here's some game genie codes for those of you who find the game to be too difficult: SZXAPGVG - Infinite Lives ZEVEGLGE - Start with 5 hearts of health on a new life (instead of 2)
  3. Totally slipped my mind to check in here amidst the chaos of a new release! Thanks for the support everybody, we really appreciate it. @dvertov i think i may release some game genie codes soon that should help out poor folks like you . it would be very easy to start with 99 lives for example, probably extra hearts each life would be an easy add as well.
  4. digital rewards sent out 2 e-mail addresses we got were garbage, i'll try to track y'all down.
  5. vinyl pre-order: https://shiptoshoremedia.com/products/project-blue-lp also there may be a special edition CD in the works, after all. stay tuned!
  6. I've posted an update to our Kickstarter, which includes a progress report on fulfilling our campaign. It also contains exciting news that I've been struggling to keep quiet for the past few weeks, which is that the soundtrack to Project Blue will be released on vinyl and cassette (no CD, sorry!) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nesgame/project-blue/posts/2685610
  7. for a beginner, i strongly suggest using a simple method consisting of 4x4 metatiles, each one made up of 4 2x2 metatiles. 4x4 metatiles are wonderful to work with as a programmer because they vastly simplify the process of setting up palette data. additionally, each 4x4 metatile takes 2 bytes to define and defines 17 bytes within your nametable, leading to a better than 87.5% reduction in data. of course, there is overhead to consider, but it's actually fairly minimal - the amount of space it takes to define all the 2x2 and 4x4 structures is roughly equivalent to a few screens of uncompressed data.
  8. yeah, not mini CDs, common mistake. there is one place that does minidiscs in britain, they accept very small runs (i think like, 10 is the minimum) and a few vaporwave labels that do releases. i'm sure if waveshaper did a run of 50-100 they would sell out in a day. i've even considered contacting him and telling him that.
  9. The album is just digital files. I would love to put it on minidisc in particular, or pressed to vinyl... but i doubt the market for either items would justify the manufacturing cost
  10. if you're just getting started, i strongly suggest checking out NESICIDE and it's included "hello world" program. this'll give everything you need to get started programming. it uses CA65. people often say that CA65 takes a bit of work to set up, but NESICIDE takes care of all of that for you (at least at a beginner's level) so you can work on learning how to program without having to jump through hoops first.
  11. those graphics look beautiful. i was not happy about providing #$2D support to project blue, but ellen convinced me to anyhow, and i agree that it's important to have access to as many colors as we can, given the limitations that we're forced to work with.
  12. as somebody who programmed my own game out of nearly 20,000 lines of pure assembly and wrote other tools in java to assist in level creation, i'm strictly opposed to requiring an NESMaker label. let's allow games to stand on their own merits. that said, i think if somebody takes the time to make an incredible NESMaker game, then advertising it as such would be a good thing - both for the NESMaker community, and to show the rest of us what can be done with it. somewhere along the line, making an NES game by yourself is basically impossible - you're going to use a compiler that somebody else made, an emulator that somebody else made, probably famitracker and an NES audio engine like famitone or GGSound, etc etc. literally nobody has ever done all of this stuff on their own. nobody. so instead of creating divisions and castes of developers, i suggest we look at a developer's output and just judge its value on gameplay and other tangibles. we are, all of us, standing on the shoulders of giants to make this hobby a real possibility. EDIT - i would just like to add, i didn't always feel this way - i was really concerned when NESMaker came out that shovelware would flood the scene and that by the time project blue was released people would be over the idea of new NES games. honestly i feel like i was completely wrong about that - instead a year later i feel like NESMaker has done a lot to invigorate the scene and you can see that just in the kickstarter returns for various projects - things are trending upwards, not downwards.
  13. Our new game is currently on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nesgame/project-blue The game itself is done except for some minor level design tweaks as we do play-testing. There is a demo available in one of the updates if you want to give a try. Thanks for checking it out!
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