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Movie Debate #60: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Reed Rothchild

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This movie was basically the original Indiana Jones, but better. It manages to draw on all the strengths of the first movie without feeling like it's just rethreading it, and it adds memorable moments and characters, with Sean Connery's character of course standing out.

So many of the biggest Indiana Jones quotes to me ("It belongs in a museum", "no ticket", etc.) are from this movie, and honestly I still find it funny whenever I rewatch it.
The scene(s) where Indy and Henry try to escape in a plane as Henry accidentally shoots their own rudder to pieces, followed by the escape where the poor nazi pilot is sent zooming towards his death through a tunnel, is probably my favourite moment of the entire franchise, and just sums up the tone and style of the movies perfectly.


9/10 but honestly a 10/10 wouldn't have been off.

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One of the first few movies I ever saw in the theater, and despite how much I liked the others, especially Raiders, this one may top it, gave it a 10.  I've had a big thing for Bond movies over the years, the older ones at least, especially Connery, so having him and Ford in one movie and it an Indy movie, that just put it into like the 11/10 category.  Incredible writing, characters, set pieces, actual locations, the whole run of it was just stunning.  It's hard to pull a fault from this one even more than Raiders and that's saying something.

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