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Hi, game forumers 🙂 

I'm BattySalem (if you couldn't read my username before that introduction), aptly named after my trash bat *ahem* I mean, cat. I'm really EXTREMELY new to gaming, forums, and this whole friendship concept I've been hearing about lately.

Some of you may or may not know or at least maybe heard of ZeldaFan. If you haven't, I don't blame you. I wish I could say the same....but instead I have the pleasure of being his ball and chain. 

Anywhooooo...nice to meet you all!


XOXOHappy I Love You GIF by pikaole

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Events Helper · Posted
1 hour ago, drxandy said:

Welcome!! See ya on game night!

Edit: I guess I am bad with words but I swear I saw ya last night on smash, see ya next time maybe?

haha, poor Andy, so you did, and hope the latter as well!

Hello and welcome Batty.  @ZeldaFan042 @ZeldaFreak both confuse us a lot when they do stuff like werewolf and game night.  Then there is this Richie guy...... 🙄  so confusing sheesh...

So, welcome and enjoy VGS!

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