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Legend of Zelda Hand Drawn Game Guides


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There's an artist that made a physical strategy guide for the original Legend of Zelda on the NES using his own artwork.

Judging by some of the pictures I saw on twitter, it looks pretty cool. The physical guide sells for $25, or you could buy a digital version for $1. There's also digital versions of the original Ninja Gaiden and Contra games he did guides for.

They are being sold here: https://gumroad.com/handdrawngameguides

The artist that made them has a twitter account here: https://twitter.com/heyphilsummers

I thought some NES enthusiasts might be interested in this.

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30 minutes ago, Jfreakofkorn said:

Looks pretty cool 

Could anyone that bought a copy share some of the images of artwork . Video provided , looked pretty cool . . . 

Digital copy is 1$.. I can tell you it's very well done and beautiful!

Can't wait to see SNES games guide from the same guy!

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The digital version of the Zelda guide is free today. The author seems overjoyed by the response so far, so go help yourself if you don't have it yet.


Direct link: https://gumroad.com/l/BqyRn/35thcelebration

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