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PS3 games for retro gamers


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So it’s about time that I get a PS3. People have finally started selling them on Craigslist at a price that I’m willing to pay.

I am kind of stubborn and only really like games in retro genres, like sidescrolling platformers, rpg’s and shootem ups.

These are the games I’ve identified that I’m pretty interested in getting:

-Castlevania: Harmony of Despair


-Hard Corps: Uprising (Contra series) 



-Strider Hiryu



-3d dot heroes



-Double Dragon Neon



What else should I be going for?



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Kind of curious what your price was that got you interested?  For me it was the last great Playstation as 4 was just a colossal let down.  Truth be told I'm dumping stuff, including my ps3 super slim, so I'm trying to find a happy medium to sell it for both sides would be happy with. 😄

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I have trouble getting into PS3 games. But here are some of popular names for the genres you like.

Platformers -

Duck Tales Remastered

Theres a couple of Rayman games. They aren't as good as the original and use a wide angle, but they are platformers.


People like Caladrius Blaze, it wasn't for me. 

I hear good things about Under Defeat


There's Odinsphere and Dragon's Crown. Odinsphere didn't grab me when I played but am going to give it another go. 




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Administrator · Posted

If you want to play literal retro games on PS3, there are a ton of compilations and otherwise straight ports. Too many to list here.

Here's my suggestions for a shortlist based on what you've said you're interested in

  1. 3d Dot Game Heroes
    1. You already listed this, but yes - definitely get this
  2. Costume Quest
    1. A surprisingly decent halloween themed RPG; looks kinda childish but it's pretty fun
  3. Digger HD
    1. Remake of the PC game from the 80s, similar to Dig Dug
  4. Braid
    1. Puzzle Platformer with an interesting story/message to it
  5. Little Big Planet 1 & 2
    1. Both excellent games, highly recommend, especially if you can play w/ a friend/family locally
  6. Catherine
    1. Puzzle game with an interesting story and some really fun/challenging puzzle challenges post-game
  7. Back to the Future, Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island
    1. If you're into point and click I suggest all of these very highly
  8. Any Telltale game series, Jurassic Park: The Survivors
    1. If you're into point and click but don't like actually solving puzzles, these are far more story driven and very enjoyable
  9. Mega Man 10
    1. If you're into that sorta thing
  10. Ico & Shadow of the Colossus
    1. Both are available on PS3 and if you've not played them on PS2, these are straight ports with just a resolution bump, well worth playing
  11. House of the Dead games
    1. If you're into arcade light gun games HotD 3, 4, and Overkill are all enjoyable and available on PS3; they also support the Move controller if you pick one up, otherwise you can use a controller to move the reticle around the screen
  12. Outland
    1. Platformer with a polarize system similar to Ikaruga
  13. Penny Arcade Adventures
    1. If you're into the web comic, they made an RPG, and it's pretty good
  14. Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends
    1. Really great Rayman games
  15. Ni No Kuni
    1. RPG; I didn't like it but a lot of people love it, so you might
  16. Dragon Fantasy
    1. Series of RPGs, retro styled but with some modern accoutrements
  17. Retro City Rampage
    1. Parody of retro games and 80s/90s media, in the style of the original Grand Theft Auto (on PS1)
  18. Double Dragon Neon
    1. I'm not into beat em ups, but if you are you might enjoy it
  19. Guacamelee
    1. Metroidvania, but you're a Mexican wrestler
  20. Trine
    1. Action/platformer/puzzle game(s)
  21. Pixeljunk series
    1. Literally any of them, they made an array of games in different genres, all decent
  22. South Park: The Stick of Truth
    1. Pretty decent RPG that actually does kinda feel like you're IN an episode of SP
  23. Rogue Legacy
    1. Rogue-like platformer, really fun/addicting
  24. Hotline Miami 1 & 2
    1. Twin-stick shooters, but with an 80's vibe; VERY gory, and can be difficult at times. Shoutout to one of THE BEST soundtracks ever, across both games
  25. Ultratron
    1. It's what it sounds like - a modern Robotron
  26. Lone Survivor
    1. Pixel graphics horror game, actually really good
  27. The Swindle
    1. Really good platformer with some rogue-like elements
  28. Thomas was alone
    1. Platformer with a story about a... square.
  29. Dragon's Crown
    1. Beat-em-up with a cool graphics style
  30. Spelunky
    1. Rogue-like platformer



If there's a game in particular not listed here you'd like an opinion on feel free to hit me up. I've actually played a majority of the PS3 catalog. 

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2 hours ago, Estil said:

Oh don't tell me PS3 (or 7th gen in general) already counts as retro! 😞 

I didn't read every post, but I don't think anyone is saying that.  The thread is about PS3 games that would be fun for people who mostly paly retro games.  Whether that be collections of actual retro games on the PS3, or games that just play very similar to retro games , or even spiritual successors to retro games.  I would also include modern games with retro styled graphics, but for the most part, those didn't become popular until the PS4/8th generation.  

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