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Finally finished my Nintendo Service Center binder set!


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Finally after many long years of collecting service center memorabilia,  I picked up the last binder that I was missing.  Big thanks to Brian Parker (bunnyboy) for hooking me up with the last one I needed, the Advertising and promotions manual.  Feels nice to finish this set!  I still need the workbooks they used for training but I can take or leave those.  Many of these binders are near impossible to find as Nintendo requested a lot of them back when the service centers closed, and many of them did not even need to order the binders, mainly if they did the power swap program, and they did not repair actual consoles and components.  In general only the stores that actually serviced items had many of the technical manuals and what not.  Some pics for your enjoyment! 






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34 minutes ago, jonebone said:

Congrats, I didn't even know this was a set and I can't imagine more than one or two other people have ever been able to say that!

I guess not really a set, but a set in a sense that these are all the ones that were made and that Have been attainable.  There’s a Policy manual as well, but Otto owns the only one that anyone has ever seen, and it’s similar to the Guidelines manual contents.  It’s interesting with these because over the years there were different revisions and update memos that no binder is alike.  I think the closest as far as seeing the same info in multiple binders I’ve seen would be the system tech manuals as most of the  info in there was static.

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11 minutes ago, acidjaguar said:

Awesome pieces Justin!  Glad you were able to track that final one down.... pretty interesting to see that 'supplement' to the Network News newsletters as well.  Thank you for sharing.  This is definitely quite the feat! 

Yeah first time I’ve seen supplemental newsletters, there were 2 in the binder along with a few other newsletters from 94/95.

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