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Platinumfungi, flying in!

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Hey everyone! Platinumfungi here¬†ūüėÄ. I made an account a few months ago, but didn't have time to be active until now. I thought I'd introduce myself.

I've been a member of many of the retro gaming forums for ages (some since the early 2000s), but usually I'm mostly a lurker and don't post very often. I was on Nintendo Age for years, and had quite a few transactions through the marketplace (100+ from what I recall...?), but hadn't been active in awhile. One day I went to log in and found out about the downfall and subsequent migration of most of the members over to this community - I'm happy this site exists, and to have found it!

I'm an artist, maker, and retro gamer. Besides playing a lot of retro games, I try and create fun new things to bring to the retro gaming community. Sometimes it's custom and/or backlit NES systems, other times props or costumes, and occasionally I plan and host retro gaming digital events (like the "Nintendo Power Scavenger Hunt" in the summer of 2018). Life has kept me busy with other endeavors for some time now, but I'm finally working on some new custom NES systems and it's gotten me excited to be more active in the retro community again.

Do we have a "Tech Support / Modding / Customizing" sub-forum of sorts here? For years, I helped compile useful repair/customizing information and tried to help troubleshoot individual's hardware problems. Unfortunately, as some of those forums died out, or massive changes took place, that information either disappeared or isn't as accessible.  For example, the www.pcenginefx.com forums went READ ONLY in early 2019. At one time I was compiling lots of useful hardware repair information for that community, but now I can't add any more. (Here's an example of a repair chart I made for the Turbo Duo/PCE Duo systems.) If we have, or had, such a forum I'd love to help create resources to help everyone!

Thanks for making this site and creating a place for us retro lovers to hang out! I'm looking forward to chatting with you all.

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Thank you for the welcome everyone!

Any thoughts on a "Tech Support" type forum here? Any recommendations on who to talk to help make it happen? Any info is greatly appreciated - I'd love for VGS to be the main site/forum that I upload all my repair info to if people would have interest in such a resource.

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Welcome to the forums! I'm glad we have another place like NA to keep the community alive.

I also think a Tech Support/ modding sub-forum would be a good idea, especially since our consoles are not getting any younger, and I would love to see pics of your custom consoles, it's really cool that there are still people that are breathing new life into 20+ year old hardware.

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