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  1. I'm missing just the manual if you'd be interested in selling it separately.
  2. Looking to complete some of my titles, I don't need mint condition stuff but I'd like to avoid stuff with damage as well (tears, missing pages, water damage etc) For my base pricing I usually just look up sold ebay listings and average them together, then if the condition is above/below average I'll do a bit more/less than that. Some need a manual as well which I've noted. I would be open to trades as well, if anyone is interested in Rockman 1-6 CIB or other loose NES/famicom carts (anything on this list is possibly open for trade if I'm able to find a CIB copy somewhere) NES: A
  3. While I've never written one myself, I recently watched an amazing youtube series that goes through the entire development process of one
  4. Welcome to the forums! I'm glad we have another place like NA to keep the community alive. I also think a Tech Support/ modding sub-forum would be a good idea, especially since our consoles are not getting any younger, and I would love to see pics of your custom consoles, it's really cool that there are still people that are breathing new life into 20+ year old hardware.
  5. I'm also in need of famicom boxes as well, but every other console I'm looking for the full CIB package. I started picking up random NES carts from garage sales when I was in high school, soon I decided I wanted the manuals too, then boxed, then Japanese versions boxed hahaha. Since I started collecting NES/famicom first I have a ton of boxless carts and instructions, while my other consoles I started CIB right off the bat. Hit me up anytime you need help with moon runes I'd be glad to help!
  6. Just freelance (for now) I've thought about making a career out of it, but I'm not the best writer so I spend way too much time thinking of how I want to word things. Since I get paid per word not per hour I wouldn't make enough to support myself given my current speed, but I love to help the community out on smaller projects that come up.
  7. This. Except I sold my entire childhood collection for next to nothing to a local game store so I could buy some magic the gathering packs.
  8. I started in the first great wave of 2007 after watching this neat new show where a guy would play shitty games from my child hood and get angry. Then I moved to Japan in 2013 and after finding some amazing deals at local hardoffs started collecting Japanese counterparts for my collection.
  9. Anything with graphics that require you use your imagination to figure out what they are.
  10. I collect everything Nintendo, English and Japanese versions. I started out trying to get primarily CIB, but over time as price kept climbing and climbing I started doing just carts as well. I still would love to give my poor NES carts a home, so if anyone has any spare boxes they could part with let me know! I also freelance translate from Japanese if anyone ever needs help ;)
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