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  1. This. Except I sold my entire childhood collection for next to nothing to a local game store so I could buy some magic the gathering packs.
  2. I started in the first great wave of 2007 after watching this neat new show where a guy would play shitty games from my child hood and get angry. Then I moved to Japan in 2013 and after finding some amazing deals at local hardoffs started collecting Japanese counterparts for my collection.
  3. Anything with graphics that require you use your imagination to figure out what they are.
  4. I collect everything Nintendo, English and Japanese versions. I started out trying to get primarily CIB, but over time as price kept climbing and climbing I started doing just carts as well. I still would love to give my poor NES carts a home, so if anyone has any spare boxes they could part with let me know! I also freelance translate from Japanese if anyone ever needs help ;)
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