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PuyoPuyo Tetris Question


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I decided to download the free demo for PuyoPuyo Tetris to give it a shot, and it's a good game, however, it has one MAJOR flaw, and it's with the Tetris part of the game. 

In every other Tetris I can recall playing. The next pieces always come from the bottom up, and go from left to right, similar to how you read. Left to right, then top to bottom for which piece comes next. Now in PuyoPuyo Tetris, it's the complete opposite. Your next piece is on the bottom right. Why? I have no clue because that's the farthest from your peripheral vision as possible and completely backwards from every other Tetris. It's really really throwing me off. 

So my question is, since this is the demo, is there a way in the full game to change this back to normal? Left to right, top to bottom. Also, is there a way to get rid of your opponents' screens so that you can see more than 3 pieces? Can your next pieces show up on the left side instead of the top? 

I'd love to know because I'm considering buying this game but only if you can customize how the next pieces appear.IMG_20200727_191244295.thumb.jpg.0c48aebd8f7efea23da1c11b695fa183.jpg

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