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Hello Sages!

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Hello and Good evening everyone!

It is really exciting to find this forum and community!! 🙂

I'm mostly playing a lot of BRs (Apex, Fortnite, Warzones, PUBG) on a PS4 Slim [GT: joeyfateH8]. Catch me on my New Horizons Island or inking it up in Splatoon when I'm on my Switch [FC: 8155-0225-0240].

My main focus in 2020 is exploring the homebrew scene and unlicensed games for the NES. I've added a good amount of titles this year but plan on continuing forth as the year progresses.

I'm a pretty active user, so I'm sure many of you will see me around the forum. You may recognize me from Reddit as I was pretty active there the past few years. 


Say whats up if we have traded before, and I look forward to getting to know new People/Sages!! 🙂 

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Thanks for the welcome everyone!


For Apex I'm very unfamiliar with X-Platforming, I've seen my brothers squad up on FN pretty easy which I'm pretty jelous of tbh.

Some track records:

- Destiny- 550 Hrs

- Splatoon- 950 hrs

- Apex- ~350 hrs

- Fornite- ~150 hrs 

My favorite game to speedrun is Pikmin, very familiar game and I aim for less than 30 hrs, same with any Pkmn Fire, Blue, Yellow or any iteration therof of the Kanto Region.

Again thanks for the welcome all :))

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