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Announcing Homebrew Charms and Database!


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Homebrew Team · Posted

The Homebrew Team and Staff are excited to announce the VGS debut of Homebrew Charms and the Homebrew Database!

Firstly, let's talk about the database.  The database is active now, but it is still in its infancy.  We have tested it, and entered some NES homebrew entries into it, but this will need to be a community effort.  Take a look at it.  Give us some feedback, both as the user and as the member entering data into it.  Make sure to enter as much data as you can.  Each entry has more data then what is shown on the list view.  Click one of the examples like ShmupSpeed or Neb's n' Debs to see what we are talking about.  There is also a section per entry to comment and review each homebrew.

Next the Homebrew Charms.  We have a series of charms now available, see the list below.  There are ones for both homebrew creators and homebrew collectors.  Make sure to post in the signup thread to request a charm(s).


Brewing Charms


Awarded to a Developer that has released a physical homebrew game


Graphic Artist
Awarded to a Graphic Artist who's contributions were used on a released physical homebrew game


Chip Tune Artist
Awarded to a Chip Tune Artist who's contributions were used on a released physical homebrew game


Awarded to a Publisher that has released a physical homebrew game



Brew Crew
Awarded to a Brew Crew member that has assisted on a physical homebrew game.  Member can be a beta-tester, parts supplier, or production art and support.


Homebrew Collection Charms

823830906_Homebrew1064x64.png.a8daedb7495893fa6ec2e434a154230e.png.56a22e234c31e952b4665f5e1b64a370.png  2028617919_Homebrew2564x64.png.ce13d4acd426d15eaf140f36ecc51762.png.02f2230c8be68ebaf75e8e43ca329104.png  254437831_Homebrew5064x64.png.40ed343e2ebc64a58f6f6af46b2b5375.png.7bd917e6d56976b74fc19235e1e882cf.png  66879916_Homebrew10064x64.png.3d05946c3dd176e6c4ba4518b60936b8.png.96c7cbdc943402464067a16888170a14.png

Homebrew Game Collection
Awarded for homebrew collections of 10, 25, 50, or 100+.  Games can be from any system, sign up at the designated thread!



Music Cart Collection
Awarded for music cart collections of 10 or more music carts.  Music carts can be from any system, sign up at the designated thread!

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