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Retron Jr?


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Looks like another emulator from Hyperkin, this time for Game Boy, GBC, and GBA. Basically a Retron 5 with only one slot.

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36 minutes ago, ifightdragons said:

And inside Hyperkin's products you'll find total, utter crap.

To be fair though, they're horrible emulation boxes that can't even accurately emulate the games.

Good take: https://www.retrorgb.com/hyperkin-raises-middle-finger-at-retro-gamers.html

Like I said, it is indeed what's on the inside that counts.

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I'm avoiding it.  If the Retron 5 build and performance is an example, unless you're that hard up for save anywhere on a legit game, it's a loser.  The only thing I think they've never screwed up was the new refresh of the Supaboy the S and SFC model.  You can throw any game at it period that the SD2SNES can handle including their made up MSU-1 stuff, and it works as intended with a SuperNT, accurate(bsnes) emulator, or real hardware and that's a strange accomplishment for those turd farmers.  I guess in time, no matter how much you're bad at stuff, eventually you have to get something right given the laws of probability.

For me I'll stick with SuperNT+Super GB cart & the GC2HDMI device sticking out of the back of Gamecube with GB Player.

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