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SNES Classic Mini - Anyone notice controller lag?

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Well, I hate to knit-pick but there probably is no input lag. There’s essentially output lag. If what you see on screen was processed within the emulator 2-3 frame before it appears on the screen, you’re going to have trouble.

I only point this out because if some of you feel it’s horrible and others feel no lag at all, then something about you guys setups is different.

I’d be curious to know if you guys with no lag hacked your consoles.  Maybe you are using a more optimized emulator. If that’s not it, I guess there’s a chance that your TV takes the signal, processes it and it drops a frame or two. I can’t see that really being the case unless the NES/SNES Minis are outputting a resolution that doesn’t play nice with the internal scalars of your TVs, but that’s just a guess.

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Some guy on reddit did some extensive latency tests. Cliff notes of what he says is:


-All tv tests are done in game mode.. Non-game mode adds ~40-60ms latency
-NES w/CRT latency is ~32ms
-SNES w/CRT latency is ~50ms
-On modern Samsung flatscreens, all systems (original and mini’s) have 95+ms latency
-On some older flatscreens, latency can be as low as 83ms
-On some PC monitor displays latency can be as low as 73ms
-NES inherently has less latency than SNES

-SNES mini inherently has less latency than NES mini  


Based on this sounds like the thing to do is use a low latency PC monitor. Then your only 23ms slower than an SNES on a CRT.

I tried to cite his link, but it displays the entire website in my post..😓
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