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Fight Like a Girl 2020


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Events Team · Posted

Treta Championship and I are hosting a Street Fighter V tournament aimed to introduce fighting games to women and help strengthen the female fighting games scene in the country;
The Fight Like a Girl tournament will an offline tournament hosted in Curitiba, Brazil and will take place on January 25th. There will be prize money and trophies for the top 3.
Women of all skill levels around the city have been invited to participate. With luck, we will have some off state players too.


It will be streamed live at Treta's twitch channel. I will be helping run the tournament and commentating the matches:


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Events Team · Posted
Just now, JamesRobot said:

That's fantastic, Bea.  Very happy for you.  So will this be an annual event? 😉

Next one will happen in March.

I will do it once every two months and bring it to other cities too. Till we get women playing FGs comfortably and being respected by their local scene.

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