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  1. I mean he appears in many crossovers that Ryu appear in, some games he appeared in without Ryu or Chun-Li. Both Sephiroth and Akuma are both villains who antagonize the main heroes. Initially, I thought Chun-Li was the Sephiroth of Street Fighter since she's also a Street Fighter character that appears in almost every crossover Ryu appears in. However, that's just me.
  2. I'm very grateful that you published this list on the forum. I tried to find it online again, however, nowadays, I cannot find that list anymore. I heard Nintendo took it down, which would not be surprising at all, but still very frustrating. However, in volume 270, you forgot to put that Star Fox 64 3D came with a bonus Pokémon DVD. Just to let you know.
  3. I was concern about this when the Complete Edition was announced because of the fact that sometimes newer editions of games can sometimes do remove certain content, for example the Ninja Gaiden Sigma series removed the blood from the original Xbox releases, and with COVID-19 being a thing, a lot of people do not want to be near each other. Can you please tell me down below, thank you.
  4. I think anyone who is familiar with Sonic knows the whole google search "[your name] the hedgehog".
  5. It makes sense that Sonic's character was inherently Japanese, but most of their systems do much better outside of Japan and their mascot is much more popular overseas. That's why while Westerners wished that they lived in Japan, I would much rather live in Eastern European countries like Poland because I assume that they would believe in freedom.
  6. I was thinking of the character as a whole. However, I do like the left one better.
  7. The character Sonic was obviously created by the Japanese, however I feel like the character is more popular in the West than its home country since it was designed to be popular in both territories, marketed as a freedom fighter, which Westerners can relate to, and even had a Sonic float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. I was thinking about how Japan has so many iconic fictional characters that could represent Japan, such as: Mario, Goku, Pikachu, Kenshiro, Hatsune Miku, Kirito, Saber, RX-78-2 Gundam, etc. Sonic is a popular character for sure, but not sure if he would fit as a Japanese ico
  8. Sorry for being unclear. I bought some imports, but just for Switch and PS4, and that's just to play the games, not to have a collection. I do not have any Japanese retro games. Now, I would rather trade if I happen to go to Japan, not go to there just to trade.
  9. I'm just asking because games that run on PS4 tend to look better than their Switch counterparts. I'm asking in terms of framerate, resolution, textures, changes, added content etc. However, if they look the exact same, like God Eater 3, then there's no point. I would like some feedback, thank you.
  10. Thanks, I have been thinking of getting into Japanese game collecting because I realized that the Western (specifically the US market) in general is a complete farce, people licking the Switch carts and COVID-19 prices were where I draw the line. The only good that US games are that they're good money if you get the right games at the right prices. However, I made an oath to not collect Japanese imports until I move to Asia because that makes more sense to me. However, my main question is that is there a way to trade-in any import to any JP game store as a foreigner? Now I do not want to
  11. Don’t forget #5, a game that is about to come out.
  12. I like thinking about who gets to be in Smash Bros., which is why I made this poll.
  13. I mean Japanese games that were released worldwide (including the North America). Plus, you can just give me your favorites.
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