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I've decided to give up childish video games and do more grownup sophisticated hobbies like coins and stamps.


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So I just recently turned 44 about a week ago and I've been doing a lot of thinking about what direction I want to go in my life.  I suppose that's to be expected...perhaps this is an example of mid-life crisis or something?  But lately I've gotten to thinking that I've gotten way too old for childish things like video games and baseball cards and that I should concentrate on more sophisticated grownup sorts of hobbies like coins and stamps.  After all look at all the great leaders and important figures in history like FDR who were avid coin and/or stamp collectors.  I don't recall even one great historical figure who had a video game or a baseball card collection.  I already did get started doing coins just under two years ago (inspired by the Penny Collection episode of the early 60s Dennis the Menace sitcom) and just last year I got into stamp collecting.  Therefore I decided to sell all my video games and baseball cards and other silly childish things so that I can focus on my coin and stamp collections.  As someone who is now in his mid-40s it's time I grow up and be a true adult with more adult, age appropriate and more time tested hobbies. 

My email (and where you send Paypal payments) is estilrumage@hotmail.com if you have any questions or if you wish to purchase anything.  Here's a video I made showing the games and cards I have for sale:



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2 hours ago, Aguy said:

Nah, he would just slap it with his hands like everyone else playing Track and Field.

I love the Power Pad...it's so bad.  And did they ever use Side A for anything?

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