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NES: Battle kid 2 in 1 homebrew promo pack (reserve thread)


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Hi everyone 

Here a fun promo project i’ve done with the authorization of Jordan Ordorica.

I will package 20x battle kid 2 in 1 (fortress of peril and mountain of torment), you have a menu to choose the game. It will come with a big box, a cart and a manual. This release is not perfect, its just a fun project for those interested.

The price is $60 usd, shipping will be from canada and depend where you live.

You can reserve your number here:

1. reserved (shipped)

2. reserved (ready to ship)

3. reserved (shipped)

4. Megatank (shipped)

5. Spacemanspiff (shipped)

6. Murray (shipped)

7. Ferris b (shipped)

8. Regularguygamer (shipped)

9. Spacepup (shipped)

10. Neodolphino (shipped)

11. Link (shipped)

12. Nsmatney (shipped)

13. Defaultgen (shipped)

14. Sumez (shipped)

15. Californication (pending)

16. CT (shipped)

17. (shipped)

18. (Shipped)

19. (Shipped)

20. (shipped)


game will ship in approx 2 week



Ps: you can add $40 another big box release, contact me






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Wow, you guys gave him the third degree!

If you'd kept up with his (Gotchy!) releases, he has been reaching out to homebrewers and getting permission for the Weak Genius set. Which, yes, makes some of them variants of Aftermarket games for those who are in to that sort of thing. And they've all been very reasonably priced. Fun projects that have been enjoyable to watch develop over the past year or so.

Put me down for a two-in-one and thanks to Sivak for letting him put this together.


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