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Greetings from Iowa!

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Hello everyone!

I, like many others here, am a refugee from NA, I had the same screen name over there, BootleggersDeluxe.  Call me Boot.

I like games. And Donkey Kong. And Metroid.  Here's a few shots of my game room.

















I have been collecting since childhood, but sold off half my collection to fund a new house. I recently just finished my full run Licensed NES set, they are in the clear clamshell cases, I'm in the single digits on unlicensed games that I'm still looking for.  I also just finished my full run Wii U set, and I decided to begin rebuilding my SNES and Gamecube sets, as well as getting more serious about collecting for Game Boy systems.  I lucked out by finding this place while searching for a full run Gamecube list.

Can't wait to get back into the forum life!

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