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Pricing for Switch Zelda Remasters


How would you buy Zelda Remasters on Switch  

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  1. 1. How would you buy Zelda Remasters on Switch

    • Twilight Princess and Windwaker on a single cart - $60
    • Two individual games: Twilight Princess - $40. Windwaker - $40
    • Twilight Princess only $40. No Windwaker
    • Windwaker only $40. No Twilight Princess
    • I’m not buying Zelda remasters

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7 minutes ago, Reed Rothchild said:

I'd do the same thing I do with every first party release: buy it when it's on sale for $30 or $40.

MSRP is mostly irrelevant to me.

Also, your choices leave a lot of gaps.

I added “not buying” option.
What other options do you want to see

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I would love an HD combo pack on switch. It would be a very quick buy. If they were separate releases, maybe not as much.

I do want the HD ones for Wii U, but the prices are out of range for me unless I get lucky and find them out in the wild. I'll be sticking with my GameCube copies in the meantime.

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3 hours ago, Splain said:

I don't know if I ever actually finished either one of these games on GC. I'd love me some Wind Wakey HD on switch but it would make the Wii U community hopping mad.

Do Wii U people have so few exclusives that they hold a freaking rerelease as a precious exclusive, lmao

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