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I suck at titling things - an introduction

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Hey you guys!  I have been collecting off and on since the early 2000's.  I did a mass sell of of my collection around 2013 or so and have picked it back up the last couple of years.  I enjoy collecting.  It is fun. 

Ok Ok introductions ... man I really am terrible at this.  I've managed to reach middle age.  My gaming skills have deteriorated since marriage\kids.  I still enjoy playing but I am not really good anymore.  I do IT work and am looking forward to getting a game room setup.  Since marriage gaming has turned into a family affair.  My kids, all young really enjoy playing the Wii and are absolutely Mario crazy.  My wife enjoys gaming as well although she is hesitant to admit it for some reason.  I've been gaming since I can remember.

Anyway I am looking forward to enjoying the community, talking about games/collecting, and making friends.

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I also had to sell of my collection around 2013 and have gotten back into collecting. It’s probably the worst time to collect right now, but it’s been fun and challenging. Challenge accepted 😁

Maybe we can do some wheelin’ and dealing here at VGS and get each other some deals.

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