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With Great power


With Great Power  

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  1. 1. Which would you use your power for?

    • Good
    • Evil

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I chose good but I'll be honest, I wouldn't be motivated to do much good, but certainly nothing evil.  Is "nothing" an option?

Which power you have is also important.  I mean, if I had super strength, I'm not going to go work... at a construction site?  Flying--well that would be fun but what am I going to use it for other than having fun?  X-ray vision--eh, let's not go there.  That would be torment.

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Editorials Team · Posted

Dude, every time I read up on Russia/Ukraine, for whatever reason I keep wishing I had superpowers so I could go and do something about it. Why does my brain do that every time?

I wouldn't intentionally do evil stuff with my superpowers, but my "good" might be others' "evil." If I magically assassinated Putin, would Russians consider me a great superhero?

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Good, of course! I only ever do good, the rest of you guys are a bunch of maladjusted social rejects especially @Gloves!

My first act of good in the world would be to smite each and every one of you, for your many and wicked transgressions, mostly against me! Especially @Gloves!

After that, I'd set up a system of worship to honour me, for being so HEROIC, punishing severely and mercilessly those who refuse to comply. This is for the sake of a greater social cohesion, which would obviously improve the world immensely, and solidify my role as humanity's saviour.

I would be a kick ASS Jesus, honestly, maybe I should just start now? 😇

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Events Team · Posted

Completely depends on the nature of the superpowers. I'd definitely help as many people as I could if possible.

...Buuut I'd also utilize them to try and make money in any way I could, so I suppose you could consider that mildly evil on account of it being selfish, haha. I'd definitely be tempted to rob a bank or something.

I voted good though, since I'd definitely do as much good as I reasonably could. How much good I could realistically do would be directly correlated to which superpowers I had though.

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