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2022 VGS NES Weekly Contest - Kung Fu!


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2 hours ago, docile tapeworm said:

did I come in last? Anyone who watched the gameplay footage could see I was the best. Hey hey hey keep watching the cheater videos on you tube. While your at it read some code.

Well it is puzzle week, but you've got the wrong dude... 😉

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9 hours ago, NESfiend said:

Never did post my best level 1 round 1 score. Here it is. On vacation, so Im revisiting some cobra triangle @mbd39. Whats the best route again to avoid ice berg stages best? 


Take the left exit on the first level and then the right exit on level 9. This will skip the second iceberg stage and you'll get logs and whirlpools instead.

Be sure to have force for level 22, the second waterfall. Activate it right after the first ramp and all the other ramps will line up and you can go straight to the finish.




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