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Beginning to think nobody cares



Ever since I began making Game Boy games, I've found that hardly anyone cares about them. Is it because my games are bad? I don't know. I keep wishing for feedback, but I'm pretty much pessimistic at this point. I've made five levels of this game, but it apparently doesn't matter if nobody except me looks at them. I made a whole bunch of changes and bug fixes. I found that if you die on level 5, there's a small chance the game will crash. I've found that on my Frank the Fruit Fly game too. I wonder what causes that.


I think I may have solved it. I tried dying a bunch on level 5 but I can't trigger it any more. But it really doesn't matter.

The ants returned to my bathroom. I figured it was because I left a cup of melted Cherry Freeze from Taco Bell (it's like an Icee) that was almost empty in there? An ant's nose must be real powerful if they could smell that. I keep hearing thuds outside. I don't know why. It's been real noisy out there. Airplanes, loud cars. I guess all the people come out and do stuff when the sun comes out, even though it's only 60 degrees. I keep waking up at 1 p.m. and going to sleep at 1 a.m. So I'm asleep almost all of morning. It's like I don't serve a purpose, like an ant. And no one will care if I ever get to die.

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I've always liked seeing your updates, but I wasn't sure if you were looking for feedback or not. If you want it I'm sure I can make a point of commenting. 

If it's any consolation at all, I do read every update you make and have enjoyed seeing everything you've worked on. 

I don't think you're an ant. 

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As a Game Gear / Game Boy fan I always enjoy seeing what you're working on.  I just wish I could give 'em a play!

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I like the updates! When I'm working on stuff, I get tired of uninformed feedback from people who don't actually care about helping, so I guess I leaned toward keeping quiet. But I love GB homebrew stuff, and I follow lots of it and back it on Kickstarter, etc.

This game is great, I've played through all the levels (so far) a few times now, and I didn't have any crashes or major issues, even when trying to mess the game up. It plays like a good old GB game, where it entices you to jump the gun and finish the level sooner, but at the cost of safety, and time if you fail. So the levels are designed well. Hit boxes are good. The The key level (4) is interesting, I'd say I was expecting the key to vanish from my inventory, or at least for the lock to vanish after I unlocked it. There are no sound effects at picking up the key or opening the door, and I think there needs to be more feedback there.

There's also an interesting effect when you pause the game... the background music is muted, but it keeps "playing" in the background, and when you unpause you hear where it got to while it was muted. It doesn't pause, it just mutes. It's not a big deal, and I don't know if the average player would notice or care. But if you're not keeping track, it feels like the song just picks up from a random place. But it's better than restarting the music every time you pause, so I'll take it!

If you pause the game right as you get hit by underwear, you can get the music to stop playing altogether. Die again to fix it. Also, pausing makes the key disappear until you unpause, whether it's in your inventory or on the playing field.

I look forward to future updates!

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Thanks for the feedback! I like it. I'll add a sound to getting the key.

I wondered what I should do about the music when the game is paused. I think it worked out rather well too.

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Hey man, I'll mention that I do skim your work because I do find Homebrew making fascinating and it's something I'd like to do but is super-low on a priority list.

I say I skim because since I rarely play old license games, I just like to keep up and see your progress, even though I might not download your games, though I might now just to take a look.

Anyway, I know this site has a blog feature, and there's nothing wrong with using it, but I think the people on this site have probably (like me) settled into our ways of engaging this place.  A different approach you could take for engagement is to create a new thread over in the Homebrew section for each game.  Then, as you add levels and make updates you can make a long string of posts that people can interact with.

In general, I think most of us come here and look at the "What's New" page and skim the new posts that have been made since we were last hear.   Seeing your various GB and GG games pop up under that same headers from time to time might get a bit more interaction.  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I tend to just read the blog posts that are made by you or others and see them more as "articles", intended to be consumed and not engaged.  Forum threads, however, work better for back-and-forth community interaction because of how they are integrated into the site.

Just my $.02.  And I will try to comment more too. 🙂

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Yep, I know what it's like feeling unappreciated. No one here really appreciates my efforts either (I've known this since the NintendoAge days), and I'm usually either ignored or I get complaints. I've been on YouTube since 2006 and made over 500 videos by myself, posted hundreds of pictures on social media sites and here on VGS, have made several blogs (some of which take days to complete), and am skilled at playing numerous games (such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash) and have posted several screenshots and videos (both here and on social media) to prove it only to be ignored. Yet I continue to make videos, take pictures, write blogs, travel to various places for inspiration, and play games skillfully even if no one cares, because I enjoy those things.

So, if you enjoy sharing your projects, then keep sharing them even if you think no one cares. Even if you don't get a single comment, there are probably a few people who at least read your blogs. And it looks like some people are giving your game a try.

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I think it's more about marketing tbh.  Just get someone to do some anime-style cover for it, slap in some vague/artsy cutscenes, profit.

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I check your blogs when I come across an update, but I don't really pay much attention to the blog section.  I really should, but it always just seems to fly under the radar. 

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