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The Ugly, Uppity Umpire



For a long time, I thought that the Lynx/Windows game "Chip's Challenge" would be a perfect fit for the Game Boy. Years went by and nobody attempted to do it. Well, I took it upon myself to try my hand at it. My attempt is called "Ugly, Uppity Umpire." Why? I like video game titles that begin with the letter U. Must be because I don't have very many. Uniracers, Up 'n' Down and... well.

Anyway, here is a screenshot of level 1.


I attempted a second time drawing a pair of underwear. My first one wasn't very good. I think this attempt is a lot better. So Ulysses, the ugly uppity umpire, needs to collect the umbrellas while avoiding the underwear. After all umbrellas are collected and the umbrella counter reaches 0, Ulysses needs to go to the target square to end the level.

Now, normally, a new level would come up, but I haven't got very far. And I'm also wondering if I should put a save feature in the game to keep track of how far Ulysses and you can get in the game. It'd be similar to the Frank the Fruit Fly saving except there'd be one variable to keep track of: The level #. I also need to take into account how many levels the game has. I'm not sure I can create that many levels in a 10x8 grid. I want at least 50, but who knows? Now that I know how to bankswitch, I can put in as many as I want.

If you'd like to try the game, you can download the game at its official website: http://atari2600land.com/gameboy/uuu.html

For those wondering about Frank the Fruit Fly, I got kinda bored with it. I'll come back to it later and finish it up. I just needed a change of pace.



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