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Ugly Uppity Umpire - level 6



I'd like to thank all the people who read this blog and like what I'm doing. I had no idea there were any. I thought I was just writing this for my own amusement and detail to myself what happened and when.

I think I fixed what was wrong with the umpire game and tested it out. Earlier today, if I didn't move and let the game play, it froze after a bit. I don't think it does that any more. I made a sixth level. I had this idea: Have a level be like a race-like scenario for part of the level, where not moving would mean death. So I put that in there.


I still don't really understand what happened and why the game was glitching, but I found help on Discord (after Discord's new ad-bombing campaign where it border-line forces you to pay $20. I'm not gonna pay $20 for Discord! Just like how I don't pay for my e-mail!)

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