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  1. I suspect I would actually like this a lot more now than when it was released since I can now appreciate the camp. That being said, it's been too long for me to give it a fair rating, so I'll pass this week.
  2. Sorry! Maybe you'll love the combat? Maybe? In its defense, it is at least 100 times better than Sticker Star.
  3. Looks like claiming a code earlier does hold your place in line. When I go to the website, I've still got a code and one pin set in my cart. Unfortunately, I still can't check out. I either get a never ending loading symbol or my credit card gets rejected.
  4. I have to respectively disagree and offer an alternative viewpoint. First, the good: The story is entertaining, the graphics and animation are colorful & inventive, the writing is consistently excellent and funny, and the overall atmosphere is fantastic. Now the bad: The combat is UNBELIEVABLY BAD. It starts out bad and continues to be bad for the entirety of the game. Each battle is a puzzle in only the loosest sense of the word and there is zero satisfaction and minimal reward for "solving" them correctly. The bosses switch the formula up a bit, but not enough to make them int
  5. Welp, I'm getting ready to drive home from work. I'll check again later tonight when the store comes back up and let you guys know if "claimed" codes are still valid after the disaster that we just experienced. Hopefully tomorrow's Xbox preorders go better than this. Ugh.
  6. Congrats dude! I got there about 20 minutes early and hit the brick wall at checkout. I suppose it's possible I've already "claimed" mine, so I will be able to checkout when the website recovers, but I'm not holding my breath. As @RH said, I'm much more annoyed at the usual Nintendo incompetence than I am about not getting a little trinket.
  7. I'm sitting here with 8 of them in my cart (not on purpose), but it still shows available for purchase when I go to the pins.
  8. Seeing lots of reports of people being able to checkout, but so far this has been worse than PS5 preorders for me. Still no luck.
  9. Claims open early! Go Go Go! And of course, in classic Nintendo style, there is a $5 shipping charge. "Free pins"
  10. Microsoft to Buy Bethesda for $7.5 Billion to Boost Xbox Holy. Shit. Quake. Doom. Dishonored. Wolfenstein. The Elder Scrolls. Fallout. Prey. The Evil Within. Etc. Etc. Etc. Welp, I guess I'm never gonna let that Game Pass subscription lapse now.
  11. Resealed. Hopefully you didn't pay too much for these.
  12. The mission to purchase Super Mario 3D is now marked as complete for me and the page says I can claim a reward code soon. According to the updated site, codes for pins will be available on 9/21/20 at 12p PDT/3PM EDT. The claims process has not been detailed, but expect a code to be provided on the rewards page. Based on other Nintendo Rewards, you may have to pay $5 shipping, but I will update when I know.
  13. I guess 2020 isn't all bad. 1 like = 1 prayer that PS5 and Xbox don't explode on initial boot up
  14. Inverted for flying games and normal for everything else.
  15. Man, that looks so awesome. One of the top five games/series of the generation for me.
  16. Welcome! I'm sure you'll find plenty of good discussion here.
  17. I actually got the stickers with my online order. Word on the street was that the GameStop and Target bonuses are only given for in-store pickup so I didn't even bother with those. Also, for some reason Amazon refunded me $10. I never saw them drop the price during the preorder period. Not sure if they price matched Walmart at the last moment before release or what. Either way, I'm not complaining.
  18. Just a reminder to everyone getting your physical copy today: Don't forget to register your cart so you can earn gold coins and receive credit for the mission. It's not a particularly intuitive process, but directions are here: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22312/kw/Register games/p/989 Basically you need to press the + or - button when the game is inserted and the icon is highlighted on the home screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu, highlight My Nintendo Rewards Program, and click through until you get credit. You WILL NOT receive cre
  19. The VAT is certainly part of it, but sales tax in the US varies from 0-10% depending on the state. So we're talking $70-77. Still nowhere near the ridiculous $95 Europeans will be paying (or the unbelievable prices in South America).
  20. Okay, I briefly loaded up SM64 and it seems pretty good. The graphics are very sharp and colorful. Maybe a bit too sharp, losing a little of that fuzzy N64 charm. No new camera controls. Everything else seems about as expected. I'll be interested in hearing the opinions of people who actually know these games better than I do.
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