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  1. I've got the white arcade and the arcade seat but that's it. I'd really like to catalog all the pinball machines and other arcade-ish stuff sometime if you don't mind @Astor Reinhardt. I'll let you know if I come across anything that might interest you. I do have the big blockbuster style bubblegum machine.
  2. I just have one that I kept for myself. I know I sent @Bubbapauls one and I think @Penguin possibly and maybe @NintendoTwizer. It's been so long I can't remember. To me they just looked like something that was glued on to some other random Pepsi/Mario Christmas display. I think I had maybe 5-10 of them total and every one of them had marks on the back where they looked like they were glued to something and pulled off.
  3. I got them all from an ex-NoA employee. They were mixed in with a bunch of promo buttons. No idea what they actually came off of.
  4. I'm loving it so far. Really only get to play at night since I am an essential worker in the pharmacy world and we're working 12 hour shifts of 2 on, 2 off atm. Anyone create their island in the southern hemisphere? I'd love to come visit to bug hunt and fish.
  5. I love me some employee buttons. Especially the lenticular ones. I still need to grab a Nintendo Power Lightning lenticular
  6. Some junk arrived at the pharmacy I work at on this pallet. I was so tempted to bring it home.
  7. It really depends how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. You also get into label variants like gun.smoke, blue/black untouchables, MTPO vs PO, silver/yellow Metroid, game revisions like tecmo bowl and tecmo NBA basketball where they actually took characters out or added new characters, the 4 different variants of Wayne Gretzky, then you also have some games like Hollywood squares where there's a blue and a black box but no different cart and flying dragon that has variant manual and boxes but not carts. I can try and find my list for you this weekend if you don't get one before. There's also a couple label variants for unlicensed tengen Pac-Man.
  8. I've looked at these a few times while passing by in Sam's Club. Always wondered how they stacked up. I've been tempted by them but I really want a 4 player MAME cabinet instead of just 2. One of these days I'll probably just build a nice 4 player cabinet, just no time right now.
  9. We probably need a Mahomes hair emoticon for this thread... One of my coworkers lived in the same condos as Kelce and would see him all the time, definitely not the brightest guy from the stories he's told me.
  10. Running it down the Chiefs' throat worked extremely well for Henry and the Titans ;-)... I just hope that defense shows up and not the defense from the early part of the season.
  11. I'll have to take pics of some of the other stuff I have but this skateboarding Pikachu is one of my favorite.
  12. I've pretty much completed my living Pokedex including all the male/female variants that actually look different. Only thing I'm missing are mew, type null, and the shield legendary. Currently working on all the Alcremie variants but that's going to be a never ending process. I still need to grab about half the gigantamax Pokemon, too. If anyone needs any breedable Pokemon to complete their Pokedex just let me know.
  13. @ZeldaFreak it's was perfect! It's really what I needed to get motivated and start finishing off unlicensed games.
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