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  1. I haven't ever tried shrooms, acid, ecstasy, or cocaine but I'm a bit curious. I feel like probably I missed my chance with that stuff, back when I was younger and going out to concerts and hanging out with friends. Now I'm a middle-aged dad, what the hell am I going to do? Wait til my kids go to bed and trip out while sitting on my couch watching TV?
  2. If I ever upgrade to a 4k tv, I might consider getting a small collection of 4k discs, but really there's not that many I'd really want to own. Does Fury Road look so much better in 4k (upscaled from 2k) to justify repurchasing it when I already have it on Blu-ray? I might buy Blade Runner again for the 3rd time. (and get 2049 while I'm at it). beyond that, I'm not sure... do I go for movies you've seen a lot already, like They Live? or do I go for a movie I've been meaning to watch, like Tenet?
  3. If I were to put together a C-list Captain N squad, it would include Rodney Dangerpunk from Skate or Die Kool Kat from T&C Surf Xemn from Legacy of the Wizard Kickle (Cubicle) Blobert (Boy and his blob)
  4. dyslexia literacy instruction, assistive technology, co-teaching, inclusive practices... I also help with things like the state's technology plan, and revising the alternative assessments for special education.
  5. I nominate: All You Need is Kill This was the source material for that Tom Cruise movie, Edge of Tomorrow
  6. I provide training to schools for the Virginia Dept. of Education. I make comics and do magic shows on the side.
  7. Drinking a cup of tea has become my new nighttime ritual. These ones taste really good:
  8. I'll keep chipping away at this even though the contest is over. I really want to break 100k...
  9. I realized way too late that you don't want to clear them a row at a time... it's far better to pick 1 off each row and cycle through them. Less likely to regenerate that way.
  10. I wish I had time to have played more of this.. been too busy. But here's a score..
  11. 1 Tron https://archive.org/details/arcade_tron 2 Joust https://archive.org/details/arcade_joust 3 Q*bert https://archive.org/details/arcade_qbert 4 Millipede https://www.retrogames.cc/arcade-games/millipede.html 5 Tapper https://archive.org/details/arcade_tapper 6 Frostbite http://www.virtualatari.org/soft.php?soft=Frostbite 7 Smash TV https://archive.org/details/arcade_smashtv 8 Strike Force (Defender 3) https://archive.org/details/arcade_strkforc 9 Trog https://archive.org/details/arcade_trog 10 Bubbles https://archive.org/details/arcade_bubbles
  12. I play a lot on emulators. For arcade, Mame is the way to go. Archive.org has a lot of these available online. https://archive.org/details/internetarcade
  13. I'm referring to the original arcade games for most of these, but the 2600 has outstanding ports of Tapper, Joust, and Millipede. The NES Trog is a fun game in its own right, but it doesn't have the claymation, so it really is its own thing.
  14. you forgot to mention that after dedicating half a day to a game and submitting a score you feel somewhat okay about, you see that two other people have already submitted scores that are currently double the current Twin Galaxies record.
  15. I would also like to point out that @North's choice of screen name has NOTHING to do with the Elijah Wood movie about an unappreciated boy who travels the world in search of better parents.
  16. it will be fun to finally play along side people, instead of just posting scores all alone in the the Atari scoreboard thread.
  17. This was at a time when most games were coming out for xbox/ps2/gamecube all at the same time, so there really isn't much to differentiate it, other than the ridiculously massive controller and the image it had as being the console of choice for frat-bro's with layered polos, popped collars, and socks with sandals.
  18. The timing on this one wasn't great... right on the heels of botched execution on the 32x and Saturn, faith and goodwill in SEGA was already running low. A lot of people were unwilling to give it a chance, because they were afraid to be stuck backing another losing horse. Dreamcast had the potential to be their next winner, but unfortunately it was soon overshadowed by the juggernaut that was the PS2. More than a few killer games on here though: a flawless SoulCalibur port, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, and a lot of cult favorites like Shenmue, Seaman, Space Channel 5... it was just really the ti
  19. I always loved this movie. My friend, who was a Indy fanatic (wrote fanfic/ dressed as Indy for halloween) always championed Temple as the best one and his arguments probably imprinted on me.
  20. This is the second bubble from the comics/sports card world looking for the next thing. The first bubble was nostalgia collectors and it ran from 2010 to 2018 (probably peaking in 2016). This second bubble will run its course too, and then outside of "key" games, things will drop off considerably.
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