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  1. I ranked it so high because it can also play 2600 games. If I were judging on the 7800 library alone it might be a 4... My true love is 2600, so getting to play those games plus a few awesome 7800 titles like Food Fight is a bonus. It's a shame too... if they had released it as soon as it was developed, they could have beaten the NES to market... Build out a bigger, more robust library, get away from just making everything be arcade ports. Include a better sound chip and console history might have turned out different.
  2. all this bantering is getting me hyped up for the new season! Shocking secrets will be revealed: was I really hiding my super sick gaming skillz? Was playing like someone who'd never touched a controller before all an act?! Find out next time..... on Survivor.
  3. George is 72 and definitely not immortal. His last few books each took him 5-10 years to write. Assuming Winds of Winter comes out in 2021. Will he be able to wrap it up in just one last book? That is optimistic. (Brandon Sanderson ended up needing 3 books to wrap up wheel of time.) Will George still be as active and capable of writing in his 80s?
  4. Gamecube was one I never really played much at all. I know everyone gets Nintendo consoles for the 1st party games, but this was during a period of time where every 3rd party game for it would also come out for PS2 ... even some of those capcom "exclusives"
  5. You should try the romhack that adds those levels back in. The sequence goes: ramps, rivets, elevators, and conveyors, and then repeats.
  6. I think the big difference is that the NES 8-bit pixel art aesthetic has come back in style as a retro/nostalgia thing. Low-res 3d with blurry textures or basic shading, and tons of of fog to hide the draw distance hasn't enjoyed that same resurgence, except among a very devoted niche.
  7. It's pretty much a Pac-man clone. The arcade/claymation version is incredible!
  8. I think the aesthetic is definitely a part of it. I really liked the look of those Macintosh games... even the DOS ports of them. Dark Castle in particular has a lot of personality. I love how the prisoners shake their heads no when you walk under the booby-trapped key.
  9. I have a fondness for Dark Castle, even though the game was absolutely brutal and impossible to control.
  10. Anyone still watching the Walking Dead? I just watched the Season 10 Finale (which was delayed 6 months from the penultimate episode). Now they announced that the season will get 6 more episodes in early 2021, rather than start season 11 (The final season)... kind of strange decision considering episode 10.16 wrapped things up for the most part. Episode spoiler thoughts: -They really telegraphed it when Daryl says "not all of us are going to make it" and then they have a bunch of main characters and no-name girl getting coated in blood to go out into the horde. She might as well ha
  11. The Goonies was really the prototype for "a group of kids go on an adventure" movies. For that, it gets a lot of credit with me. Especially considering I made a comic book which followed that same model. The parts I found most interesting: kids doing Indiana Jones-style exploring, only took up a relatively small portion of the movie. The subplot about the mafia family chasing the kids I enjoyed less.
  12. I love Battletoads. It is a TMNT ripoff, but somehow it still manages to carve out its own identity. The NES game is an amazing but flawed game. Levels 10 and 11 both have game breaking glitches. The 2 player experience is pretty bad (they shouldn't stop the game if someone dies, friendly fire is really hard to avoid on certain levels, and on level 11 the second player simply can't play). The extreme difficulty level is perhaps exaggerated. Yes, it IS incredibly difficult, but this is par for the course for a ton of NES games that people don't seem to complain about so much. Put it this w
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