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  1. Sorry for the double post. So I did hook up my top loader and the game played much better no freezing or anything for about 20 minutes. I’ll still wait for a replacement because the rep said it should play fine on the AVS. As for what’s wrong I’m not really sure, maybe different batches flashed the game differently? Someone else can probably speak to that better than me.
  2. My rep didn’t say if it was limited to just the AVS and I am far to lazy to break out a toaster.
  3. The rep told me that I had been added to a list so I'm guessing there are some good and some bad. edit: I was on the beta 1.4 version 4 and rolled back to 1.30 but still the same issue. It was actually worse I didn't even make it into playing the game before it froze.
  4. @WaverBoy maybe you can have her reference this ticket (138855):
  5. They are replacing mine free of cost but they said it will take like two weeks to ship out. What’s another couple weeks on top of the 10-11 months I already waited. @WaverBoy
  6. All the Nick toons (Rugrats, Doug, Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Rockos Modern Life), Clarissa explains it all, Are you Afraid of the dark, Boy meets world, salute your shorts, hey dude, all that, Double dare, Not all cartoons but great shows off the top of my head from when I was a kid
  7. I didn’t score a damn single point on level 15
  8. Geist? Jesus even eternal darkness is up over $40 loose. All the first party Nintendo titles are stupid expensive and you are better off with the PS2 versions of the games. I’d probably steer clear of GC as a buyer at the moment. edit: here are the exclusives if you didn’t already have them: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:GameCube-only_games
  9. The bricks fall so fast, is it possible to have a casual league and a pro league?
  10. Haha ok retro connects to the interwebz via a modem box
  11. If you shipped priority it comes with $50 insurance but since the item says delivered USPS will probably not pay that out. As it’s been said eBay pretty much always sides with a buyer unless they have a track history of making these types of claims. You can add signature confirmation in the future to avoid this but it’s like $3 a package
  12. Loose carts have a habit of getting beat up. You might be better off looking for carts that have a box that might be a little beat up which means the game should be in good shape. With today’s prices though you could end up paying ~$100 or so for even a beat up CB
  13. Today I learned Biz Markie has another song besides Just a Friend
  14. Retro don’t connect to that there interwebs
  15. The loose average price cost seems to be off its listed at $128 but there are only a few sales over $100 and only one above $130....
  16. I can barely walk outside anymore because people know I’ve got Nintendo tapes in my basement.
  17. a3quit4s

    NWC #103

    Fuck it I’m in at $25k, PM sent.
  18. a3quit4s

    NWC #103

    Normally I wouldn’t say this but with all the extra items you have with this cart.... Heritage Auctions. edit: if a boxed super Mario Bros was their highest selling video game item, an actual rare game....limitless
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