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  1. @Tanooki good to hear form you ... let me know what you are after and I'll do they best I can for you one price... either way, message me your address and I will send you the Tengen sleeve.
  2. @a3quit4s here you go... I have a mannequin hand inside of the glove which gives it some shape and looks good for display purposes. I'll throw that in if you are interested.
  3. As a starting note: I know I am brand new to this forum but I have a very good, established rep on Pinside and KLOV under the same username. I am on ebay as RetroArcade77 as well if you wanted to review any of my profiles. And onto the meat of this thread... about a 6 weeks ago I decided to make a hard press to complete my NES collection (or at least get closer)... however, some recent events in life have me re-prioritizing and I've decided it's time to just fully move on. I have about 600 total carts with about 200 being either duplicates or ones that I don't consider high enough quality to be in my final collection (I like my games to be mint or as close to it) ... this weekend I plan to start going through everything and decide what type of Lots/Bundles make the most sense but I figured I would start a thread and gauge general interest to see if it dictates what I decide to prioritize photos for. I pulled a lot of it out last night (see pics) shoot me a message if there is anything below that you might be interested in. All from Smoke Free / Pet Free home. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING (US ONLY) Here are some of the rare, over $100 titles I have and I will have some very nice, pristine lots of carts too once I decide how to break them up. TENGEN LOT - 15 Titles Total (13 Unique Titles) - $110 Flintstones - Surprise at Dinosaur Peak (loose, near mint) -$1250 Bonks Adventure (loose, near mint) -$800 G.I. Joe (loose, near mint) - $125 TMNT Tournament Fighters (loose, near mint) - $200 Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (loose, near mint) - $100 The Last Starfighter (loose, near mint) - $50 Legend of Zelda (Gold cart, loose, neat mint) - $75 ( I know Zelda isn't a rare game but the one is a real beautiful condition cart) Here are some of the misc. hardware I will be posting. Nintendo Power Glove - (new open box, never worn. Compete contents but box is in rough shape) - $300 R.O.B. Robot in immaculate condition (complete robot which I just had on display and honestly never even powered on) - $200 Nes Advantage Joystick - (new, never used but box is very worn) - $50 Game Genie (open box - Camerica version / not Galloob version) - $125 NES Top Loader Console (working with one Dog bone controller, Mario / Duck Hunt and Zapper) - $150 NES Console (working with two controllers) - $100
  4. Bump for updated list...
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